The Most Boring Millionaire in New Zealand

Surely this is now a tie between Sam and Gareth Morgan.

Rod Drury has made more money for Sam Morgan than Sam made for himself.  We know because Sam told us so.

Sam, who still drives a Volkswagen Golf, has about 20 projects on the go in the developing world, mostly focused on alleviating poverty.

His father shares his taste for simple cars, driving a Toyota Yaris.


If you are going to be rich and drive a boring car then really the money is wasted on you. I view fast expensive cars as a positive externality and it is every stinking rich person’s duty to own and drive around as many as possible so we can see them on the streets.

“Most of life I think doesn’t really change, but anything to do with money . . . you sort of need to recognise that you don’t have the same level of problems as ordinary people do with mortgages and affording a holiday once a year or whatever, those become non-problems.

“But everything else is pretty much the same, you know. The dishwasher still doesn’t empty itself.”          Read more »

No poofters!

Matt Ford Contracting Ltd are on the hunt for some decent staff!

But they’re sick and tired of having their time wasted:

In previous ads we seem to get plenty of people that can’t read properly or have grossly warped opinions of themselves (and or) their abilites.

In an ad when we state things we want – that’s what we want. eg, if we say you need to be very fit, honest, reliable, and trustworthy we mean exactly that not fat, unfit, dishonest, unreliable and untrustworthy Pretty Simple really!

With this in mind read on or go read the womans weekly.

We are an agricultral spraying operation situated in North Canterbury and operate from Mid Canterbury to Marlbrough.

Our business is based on getting the job done quickly, efficently and completed to a very high standard i.e. Old School.

The job is best suited to the classic “get down to business Kiwi bloke” not the “pot smoking, drop kick, wissy teenage Kiwi joke”.   Read more »

Last Chance for Valentine’s Day Charity Auction

More than 10,000 people have viewed the auction. The auction closes tonight at 7:30pm.


Each week in New Zealand, 12 babies are born with broken hearts. This Valentine’s Day, you can help these little hearts, while sharing your own with the one you love, through this amazing charity auction!

It’s the $1k charity bouquet, 10 Dozen (120) premium grade NZ red roses that’s going, going, gone, starting at only a dollar reserve.

This exquisite bouquet (incl. Auckland delivery) is being donated by Market Flowers Auckland with all the proceeds from the auction going to @Heart, a wonderful organisation who focuses on those who are living with a childhood heart condition that has existed from conception or as a result of rheumatic fever, cardiomyopathy, or Kawasaki disease.

Childhood heart conditions hits close to home for a number of our staff here at Market Flowers Auckland which is why we’re all looking forward to raising as much money for @Heart as we can.  Read more »


I knew nuffink, I was just providing storage…bullshit

Billy Big Steps should get used to wearing orange

Billy Big Steps should get used to wearing orange

This is the standard defence of Kim Dotcom from his apologists and publicists and biographers…it goes something like this.

He is not storing the files, he is providing space with a set of rules to be used. The users of that space have a choice to follow the rules or not and store legitimate data or store illegal files etc.

He receives take down notices and acts on them. What else is he supposed to do?

Would you like Google to shut down as well?

Followed by this:

What do you mean by theft and copyright infringement? Do you also wish for the owners of YouTube to be lynched for providing a medium of copyright infringement? Or are you referring to the false accusations of years ago? About the trial that the US has delayed numerous times, assumingly because they have no real evidence against him after illegally stealing his property under no warrant after bribing Key? Again, I can tell your hearts are in the right place, but your government is the true enemy of the people. NZ, US, wherever. They’re all tyrannies, US especially.   Read more »


Buy Online or Buy Here…your choice

I need a new water bladder and cleaning  kit for my pack so I thought I’d check it out and see what prices were out there.

Here are my choices:

Trademe – NZ seller, buy online: Cost $69.95 for bladder, $44.95 for cleaning kit, Total cost = $114.90, shipping free




Bivouac – NZ Seller, buy online, Cost $69.90 for bladder, $39.90 for cleaning kit. Total cost = $109.80, plus shipping

Bivouac1 Bivouac2 Read more »

Pimping the Poor in Christchurch, something fishy about this

I see Fairfax has taken to pimping the poor in Christchurch.

Welfare groups are helping a Christchurch mother and her three children move into a tent in a public park because they cannot find the family a home.

From today, Maori wardens will stand guard 24 hours a day to provide Nellie Hunt and her children some security at their tent in Waltham Park.

The family was served with a 90-day eviction notice in September when their landlord decided to sell their Waltham rental home.

Today is day 90.

Over the past three months the agencies set up to protect people in difficult situations have exhausted all options and say Hunt has “fallen through the gaps”.

Hunt said: “In all my days I did not think it would come to this. I don’t know what we are going to do.

“I just want a home for me and my three babies and I feel like I have failed them badly. It is the worst feeling in the world.”  Read more »

Sounds like a standard night in Wainuiomata

A wild boar in Australia caused a ruckus in a campsite when the swine stole and drank 18 beers from a camper.

The pig then got the drunk munchies and rooted around various campsites for food, the Metro reports.

The pig apparently then decided to pick a fight with a nearby cow, however the fight didn’t turn out the way he probably imagined it would.

A camper said, “There were some other people camped right on the river and they saw him being chased around their vehicle by a cow.”

Authorities searched for the boar only to find him passed out under a tree, no doubt sleeping it off. – The Daily Caller

Gets pissed, starts fights and roots around….I wonder if it can ride a bike and scalp tickets on Trademe too.



No Affordable Homes? Rubbish, even Trade Me knows this is tosh

I just received an email from Trade Me about their property listings.

Even they know that it is spurious in the extreme the political sloganeering about affordable homes…as they say in their email there are literally  “thousands of homes under $500,000“.

™-property-affordable Read more »

Opportunity for a fresh start for Shearer

via the tipline

A reader emailed to say he had found the perfect opportunity for David Shearer to start again after he is rolled as leader of the Labour party.

Great Cafe in Hanmer Springs, Cafe with two bedroom accommodation.
six year plus lease
Increasing turnover and great profit.
Great place to live.   Read more »

Is the Pakeha Party a marketing scam? You decide [POLL]

A bit of a revelation has emerged  on the TradeMe message boards.



Turns out that the Pakeha Party may not be a genuine movement at all. You decide.

Here is the email exchange.  Between David Ruck, the seller of and its Facebook page, and Paul Harris, the potential buyer.

Hi Paul [Harris, aka stonemaster],

Please use david.ruck [AT] to correspond.
We have a *website being built with excellent features* – I will hand
this over and redirect to your domain name.

I will also *hand over admin to the Facebook page* and advise the
best way to introduce the best way to present your party to the strong
following on there (with some well constructed status updates).

This has been a *HUGE marketing campaign* that has been created for
you!!!!! ALL that *media exposure* and you get to take it all over!!!
You simply can’t get any better than this absolutely.

*$100, 000 and I hand it ALL over to you and [remainder of email cut off]


Paul then responds to David Ruck:


Dont know what to say…really dont.

Its a pity it was all a revenue collection thing.


David realises he’s come on too strong

It isn’t. If you guys don’t want it I’ll go forth with it. But because
you are trying to do a similar thing I thought I’d offer you the
opportunity to take it over


Paul isn’t buying this new explanation.  He’s actually coming from a genuine point of wanting to have a Pakeha Party himself.  He replies

Over four decades this team has been working on this. Not a facebook page
or a tv interview, but actually gathering evidence and research. Time

I havnt got the heart to mention it to them.

End of the day, you have 40,000 Kiwis you are going to trick, pay and
sign up.

Was telling a guy today that David Ruck will be remembered as the guy
that started the movement. I dare say I feel you will be remembered for
something a little different.

Real kick in the teeth for a bunch of people that have tirelessly worked
for years to gather the truth and the facts so that even your kids could
grow up as equal New Zealanders.


Yep.  Paul’s gutted.  His dream of a genuine 40,000 New Zealanders-strong Pakeha movement is nothing more than the dream it was the day before.

David isn’t quite done yet

 I’ve been speaking to them – they think it’s a great idea. I didn’t
realize you weren’t involved in that process – it’s maaaaarketing AND more
- every political party has to pay ALOT for marketing my friend. I will
deal directly with them.

Sorry for any mis-understandings Paul I think you are taking this the
wrong way.


At this stage Paul has lost all interest, and is no longer up for a fight

Yes, maybe I did take it the wrong way.

Good luck and all the best in the negotiations.

You did well David.



So, readers.  A little poll, below.

Based on what I've heard, seen and read to date, I believe that

  • The Pakeha Party is a money making scam (56%, 369 Votes)
  • I'm not sure. I'm going to watch this develop (33%, 220 Votes)
  • The Pakeha Party is a genuine political movement (11%, 73 Votes)

Total Voters: 662

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