Mystery face of the day


Today’s mystery face of the day is Rachael from Hamilton.

Screen shot 2015-01-31 at 6.40.40 PM

She is my mystery face of the day because of her ad on Trademe for something crazy awesome that she built.

As I type this post bidding has reached $200. The auction finishes Sunday 8th Feb 9pm.

Disclaimer: I do not know the creator of Noah’s Ark and am not receiving any form of reimbursement in the form of cold hard cash in brown paper bags or chocolate treats. I just spotted it on Trademe and thought it deserved a wider audience.

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Slowly strangling the golden goose

TradeMe is in the “Top 10″ worst performance New Zealand stocks.  And it’s gone all luke warm and sticky on the site itself

TradeMe will scrap the 55 cent fee it charges for photos on more of its gallery listings as it seeks to persuade people to buy and sell more often on its website.

The company has already scrapped the photo charge for some categories, such as clothing and “home and living”, and changed their format in an effort to make its auction site more visually appealing.

Chief executive Jon Macdonald said other categories, such as toys and sporting goods, were likely to be given the same treatment before Christmas.

“It is a change we are aiming to roll out progressively over the next few months, though it won’t be across the entire business by Christmas. We are aiming to provide a significantly better buying experience.”

TradeMe says it has been trading in line with expectations during the first few months of its new financial year, with annual revenue growth likely to be in the low single digits.

That is despite indications Kiwis’ obsession with the online powerhouse may be declining.

A Colmar Brunton poll out today said Trade Me had slipped nine places to be New Zealand’s “14th most-loved brand”. That pushed it behind Weet-Bix, Fisher & Paykel and Pak’nSave.


Greed and trying to use the golden goose to offset the rest of the Fairfax media empire’s dreadful balance sheets.   Read more »


For once I agree with Sam Morgan, but he’s a bludging hypocrite himself

Sam Morgan has taken a swipe at the Government’s ongoing corporate welfare via the Callaghan Fund and sparked a stoush with Steven Joyce the minister responsible for handing out the welfare.

TradeMe founder Sam Morgan has called the Government’s research and development policy a “subsidy for private investors” during a cut-and-thrust social media exchange with Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce.

The Government yesterday announced its Callaghan Innovation had awarded a further $32 million over three years to 22 high tech companies under the Research and Development Growth Grants scheme.

The latest companies come from a wide range of industries from aviation to horticulture and include two companies that floated in the past year – online travel software company Serko and software company GeoOp.

News of the grants prompted Morgan, an entrepreneur who has been involved with a number of grant recipients in the past, to take to social networking site Twitter and say taxpayers were “giving free money to publicly listed tech companies to benefit wealthy tech investors”.

“Serko. Good company. Just raised lots of money on NZX. No constraint on raising more capital. Successful grant recipient. Unnecessary,” Morgan said.    Read more »

TradeMe ad of the day

It’s the ad we all want to write.  Man, there are some time wasters out there


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Mr Cranley REALLY wanted this

Just a bit of light relief… imagine wanting this sooooo bad.

Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 11.26.45 AM

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Killer Cow training cell located

Our spies constantly comb the Internet for signs of adverse Cow intelligence.  And we found some yesterday:

Electric fences doesn't stop them

Electric fences doesn’t stop them


Mongrel mongrel cow.

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Another threat in Gaza exposed

Sometimes I visit the Political section of the Trademe message board to see what people are talking about.

Today I was astounded to find out about a new threat in Gaza.


Hummus, be afraid be very afraid....

Hummus, be afraid be very afraid….

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More good news

No matter how hard Labour tries to trash talk eh New Zealand economy, all indicators are showing the economy is recovering fast.

All regions across the country recorded growth in the number of jobs advertised on Trade Me Jobs according to an analysis of listings onsite in the April-June quarter.

Head of Trade Me Jobs, Peter Osborne, said the number of job listings nationwide was up 19% on the same period in 2013, continuing the healthy job market trend evident since the September quarter. “Growth in listings has been very strong, despite the potential handbrake effect of the unusual combination of Easter and Anzac Day holidays in March, and a Budget that had a cooling effect on the number of jobs advertised in May.”

Mr Osborne said most advertisers were upbeat. “We’re hearing plenty of optimistic reports from recruiters and employers, and the majority are planning to keep on hiring too.”

He said improved economic and employment opportunities in New Zealand also contributed to the lowest ever level of migration to Australia in May. “Kiwis are increasingly likely to stay in New Zealand which is good news for NZ Inc, and is also complemented by returning expats who have noticed things on the improve back here in New Zealand.”  Read more »

Public Service Notice: Charity Auction supporting Women’s Refuge for Mother’s Day


Auckland Market Flowers have a charity auction at Trademe with proceeds going towards the Women’s Refuge.

This auction is for a $100 bouquet from Market Flowers Auckland delivered to Mum every month for 12 months (The first delivery being Mother’s Day this Sunday). All proceeds from this auction will be donated to the Women’s Refuge to support the truly great work that they do.

This Mother’s Day, give Mum something a little bit different and extra special that she can enjoy for the whole year, make her smile each month with a beautiful bouquet of seasonal flowers, carefully crafted by our senior florist.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 3.32.20 pm

It’s a good cause, bid away at the auction and score some massive brownie points from the missus at the same time.


Is Labour politicising citizenship ceremonies?

via the tipline

A reader drew my attention to this comment on the Trademe message boards.

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