Trevor Mallard

Trevor Mallard reacts under pressure

As reported on Whaleoil, Chris Bishop is contesting Hutt South against Trevor Mallard and is doing so well that Trevor’s return to parliament next year is hardly a certainty.

A journo was rating various political figures’ Twitter habits and found that Bishop was one of the more entertaining, informing and effective communicators.

As part of that article, the journo reported Bishop’s tweet proving the NZ Labour party had petulantly blocked him, petulantly, from following their Twitter feed.

I know – it already sounds like lemon-sucking sore losers acting like kids. But, Trevor Mallard manages to up the ante:

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Is Mallard rooted? Part II

Who is taking who for a walk?

His own dog doesn’t even like him

Arts, Travel & Lifestyle blogger David Farrar gives some very high praise to Chris Bishop.

I am not sure I can recall a more active local MP than Chris Bishop. Every week his newsletter is full of the numerous activities he is doing around the electorate ranging from lobbying the Council on parking, to setting up youth awards, promoting businesses, supporting community groups etc.

There is no one in the National party with the institutional intelligence of Farrar, or the massive array of informal contacts throughout the party. For him to say this about Bishop means a lot, and is a very clear hint that Farrar, New Zealand’s best poller and predictor, is thinking that Bishop has an exceptionally good chance of winning the seat off Mallard.

If Chris can win Hutt South he will have confirmed his already-stellar parliamentary reputation.


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Is Mallard rooted?


The consensus candidate for the best new National backbencher, Chris Bishop, is doing the hard yards in Hutt South against Labour party veteran Trevor Mallard. Bishop has had a very, very impressive start to his parliamentary career, but winning in parliament is no substitute for proving you are actually electable.

Prime Minister John Key visited Wainuiomata  recently to open an office for  National List  MP  Chris Bishop.

The Hutt South electorate has never been held by National, nor were the electorates of Pencarrow or Petone that preceded it before MMP. Read more »

Labour’s List Problem

David Farrar had a very good post yesterday at Kiwiblog about Labour’s list problem.

In 2014 Labour got only five List MPs. Andrew Little only got in on special votes.

They are polling well below the level they were at three years ago. They normally lose support once an election campaign starts as minor parties get more attention. And already Winston is picking up support at their expense.

So at this stage it would be a brave person to predict they will lift their party vote from 2014, and hence their total number of MPs from 32.

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Disgusting defamatory smear on John Key via Twitter from Trevor Mallard

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.35.56 PM

Yesterday at 2:34pm Trevor Mallard made a tweet that didn’t just accuse John Key of being associated with tax evasion, it actually stated he was involved.

I have a screenshot, but the tweet has since been deleted, and I’m not going to repeat what it said.

Suffice to say it was highly defamatory and you would think that an Assistant Speaker of the House would know better than to use Twitter from inside the house to defame the Prime Minister.

But deleting the text doesn’t make the defamation any less.

Worse still he tweeted that during Question Time.

Recently the Privileges Committee issued recommendations on the use of social media by members during parliament.

We believe that our examination of this question of privilege provides a timely opportunity to remind members and others of some existing and relevant parliamentary rules and practices, as well as some significant issues that should be borne in mind when using social media. We recommend that these various rules and practices be compiled to form standalone guidance to be issued by the Speaker (Appendix C). In particular, we wish to clarify any misconception about comments made by members on social media, including comments made from the Chamber. Such comments are not part of parliamentary proceedings, nor are they published under the authority of the House. Therefore, they may not be protected by parliamentary privilege. Members should be aware that anything said on social media is potentially actionable in court. Members should also be careful not to disclose confidential select committee proceedings or reports through any means, including social media. The House may treat any such breach of confidentiality as a contempt. Another potential contempt that may be committed through social media is an adverse reflection on the character or conduct of a member (including the Speaker).

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Trevor Mallard finds someone just like him: a man without power

Trevor Mallard is kicking up a stink over a man allegedly left without power for two years.

Housing New Zealand is sending inspectors around to inspect blow-up paddling pools while ignoring a Petone man living in a grotty, mouldy flat without power for two years, says Hutt South Labour MP Trevor Mallard.

Mr Mallard accused the state-owned housing provider of flawed priorities in citing the case of the man, who has an intellectual disability, in his electorate.

“The tenants in the upstairs and neighbouring units have been relocated while they were done up, but his flat — which is in the worst condition — was ignored,” he said today.

Mr Mallard said that at the same time tenants needed permission from managers to set up blow-up paddling pools.

“Housing NZ is nanny state when it’s not needed and totally uncaring when they need to show compassion.

“Most case managers are now on phones at WINZ call centres and Housing NZ’s head office is focused on selling-off state houses instead of providing quality supported accommodation.”

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Claire “Red” Trevett happy to help Labour with a hit on Collins

Apparently, backing the troops is not on…according to the whinging of Trevor Mallard and Andrew Little.

Labour has criticised Police Minister Judith Collins for marching with police at the Pride Parade, saying it was “clear politicisation and totally inappropriate”.

Labour MP Trevor Mallard made the comment on Twitter after Ms Collins took part in the police contingent at the march. He later told NZME that while it was good the police took part in the parade, having the minister with them went “beyond the boundaries of what’s appropriate”.

“She’s not a police officer and constabulary independence is something that is very important. I think it was poor judgment to be part of a police march. It’s a matter of perception as well as fact, and being part of a public march as part of a police team undermines that.”   Read more »

Face of the day


Chloe Perovic, star of Heartland Wainuiomata with her iconic tiger slippers. John Nicholson

Today’s face of the day is a real sweetheart. I will never forget when I first saw her on television. She was a total original and happily showed Gary McCormick around her quirky home. It was fascinating viewing as Chloe was a very interesting person. I loved how she was confident enough to be herself and I was horrified when she was bullied and criticised after the the show aired.

“The show outraged residents who said it made the area look like the ‘slum of the Hutt Valley’, and Pencarrow MP Trevor Mallard lodged a formal complaint that it breached the Broadcasting Act’s good taste and balance provisions,” The Dominion reported in November 1994.

Mallard’s complaint was accompanied by 2300 signatures.

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Crim-hugging business as usual for MPs

Mr Mallard wrote the letter for a 24-year-old convicted and sentenced for racing another vehicle on State Highway 2.

The offender was also convicted on another charge of lying to the police. The MP’s letter urged the court to suspend the conviction on that offence, given that the offender had much potential and that could be negated by a conviction for lying to the police.

The Dominion Post reported that Judge Chris Tuohy instead convicted and discharged the man. He granted him permanent name suppression.

Mr Mallard said he knew the young man in question: “I have seen him at particular occasions in the past. I know a member of the family better, but not well, not friends or anything like that.”

He said MPs wrote hundreds of support letters, for everything from helping with letting agencies to banks. Writing one for someone before the courts was a more serious matter, and Mr Mallard estimated he would agree to do about one in every four requests.

He didn’t know if other MPs did the same, “but I’d be surprised if they didn’t”.

They’re more or less just form letters, especially if they come from an MP who doesn’t even know the person other than “knowing the family”.  If you’ve been an MP for 30-plus years, you should pretty much “know the family” of most of your constituents.   Read more »

This does my head in: name suppression AND political interference

A young driver caught speeding through Lower Hutt at 210kmh has been spared any further punishment after lying to police.

His name will also remain secret after a judge said he had “suffered a lot” from publicity about the case, stemming from the intervention of his behalf of MP Trevor Mallard.

The 24-year-old was convicted and sentenced earlier this month for racing another car on State Highway 2 in September.

What a great result!

Having an MP from the Crim-Hugging Party help you out doesn’t just get you help in a way that’s apparently OK (but not if you’re Maurice Williamson of course, then you have to resign), but you also get the benefit of name suppression due to the attention your case gets in the media because Trevor Mallard put his crim-hugging cape on and came to the rescue.  Read more »