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Some of my Labour sources disagree about my post on Annette King

A couple of my Labour sources have emailed and suggested I missed a few signals that Annette King’s continued candidacy sends.

Loved your post on Rongotai, but I wonder if you missed the steaming turd atop the turd-pile. This is being seen internally as a massive repudiation of Little. Handing him Rongotai — where he fucking lives! — would have been a vote of confidence in Little and the surest sign to date that the Grantistas have made peace with him as leader. By doing the opposite, it is clear they still regard him as a stopgap figure at best. This should be read as a sign that Little  is far more vulnerable than he appears.

Any word on coming polls? The Nats should top 50, surely.

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Mallard continues to show Labour are criminal-friendly

We’ve had Kelvin Davis running interference on behalf of the Corrections union smashing up Serco, then he went on to cuddle up to violent criminals, murderers and rapists in detention centres in Australia.

Andrew Little and Davis along with other Labour MPs have had a love in with Arthur Taylor at Paremoremo prison several times. They opposed legislation stopping criminals in prison from voting.

All this leads to the impression that Labour is criminal-friendly.

Now Trevor Mallard has shown the same inclination…sticking up for criminals.

Labour MP Trevor Mallard has asked the court to allow an illegal racer to escape conviction for lying to police.

The man, 24, was caught, and has been convicted, after illegally racing another car at speeds of up to 210kmh on State Highway 2, Lower Hutt, in September.

When police caught up with him later, he allegedly lied, telling them someone must have stolen his car.

His actions were described by the sentencing judge, Judge Chris Tuohy, as “the most serious of its type” and police called the racing “appalling”.

However, Hutt South MP Trevor Mallard still wrote a letter of support, under his official Labour Party letterhead, for the man.

In the letter, Mallard urged the court to suspend the man’s conviction for lying to the police.    Read more »

Wainuiomata ferals shooting at speed camera

Trevor Mallard’s feral mates in Wainuiomata are taking the law into their own hands and shooting up a speed camera.

A Wainuiomata speed camera may be the most hated in the country, attacked by everything from angle grinder to firearms as locals revolt against perceived unfair treatment.

In the latest incident, the camera at the top of Wainuiomata hill was left with several cracks after it was shot for the second time.

Long-time Wainuiomata resident Mark Sharp said speed cameras were a “sensitive topic” in the suburb after the hilltop camera was resurrected in December.

There were three cameras in the space of a few kilometres on the road leading into the Lower Hutt suburb, Sharp said: one on each side of the hill, and one at its top.

The camera was originally placed at the top of the hill around the same time as one was installed near the old Griffin’s factory on Wainuiomata Rd in September 2014, he said.

“I think some guy went up there with an angle grinder and ground the camera off.”    Read more »

No wonder Labour can’t refresh its caucus

David Farrar has a post on MP remuneration:


The Remuneration Authority has published its latest determination for . They no longer have discretion as to any increases – a law change saw it tagged to the average increase in the overall public sector. This has seen a 2.6% increase.   Read more »

The Pressure is on Chris Bishop

New National List MP Chris Bishop has been getting rave end of year reviews from all the media. Bishop is a brilliant speaker in the house, and very adept at getting on with the media. but quietly arrogant when amongst friends.

Back bencher of the Year. National’s Chris Bishop. It’s not easy for a rookie MP to rise above the rest but Bishop did. He is destined for bigger things in a future National government.

The problem for Bishop is he is a scum List MP and a second class citizen as a consequence.

He failed in his first test, beating Trevor Mallard in Hutt South, much to the disappointment of the Labour Party hierarchy (including neighbouring MP Chris Hipkins) who arranged for the Hutt South boundaries to be redrawn so Mallard would lose. In fact Mallard won by 709, following a relatively lacklustre campaign from Bishop.   Read more »

MP Expenses – A comparison between two MPs and a hippycrite

Gareth Hughes

The Media Party are going for the headlines in who spent the most where…but they are missing the comparisons when it comes to MP expenses.

Sure it makes for great headlines that Tim Groser had his sleeves shortened, or Gerry Brownlee staying in a hotel that cost $2100 a night. Most of those expenses are in the course of trade related visits. They certainly aren’t in the league of Clayton Cosgrove miraculously losing three items of luggage and having to get new suits each time. Whilst he might be the world’s most unluckiest Business Class traveller where they managed to lose priority luggage several times he certainly didn’t need to trough it up and get new suits…luggage turns up eventually.

However if you look at comparisons between similar MPs you get to see where the real troughing is.

Take National’s List and Wellington based MP Chris Bishop. Now I’m no big fan of Chris Bishop, but look at his expenses for the 91 days between 1 July and 30 September 2015.

His out of Wellington accommodation is $889 and his air travel is $4333 and his land travel costs were $2813 for a total of $8,036. This is $88 a day for accomodation and travel.

Sounds large, but let’s look at some other Wellington based MPs.   Read more »

Twitter clogged up with lefties swearing, study finds

We all know that Twitter is infested with lefty arseholes who just love the bully pulpit that Twitter has become.

Left-wingers are prone to swearing on Twitter while conservatives are more likely to talk about God, a study suggests.

In analysing nearly a million tweets from more than 10,000 users, researchers not only found left-leaning liberals to be potty-mouthed, but also found they used more individual words like ‘me’ while conservatives opted more for the group-oriented ‘us.’

While the data was based on followers of Republican or Democratic party accounts, it reinforced previous studies suggesting left-wingers (think Labour and Green Party supporters) have a greater sense of their own uniqueness, while right-wingers (that’s National and ACT Party voters) are more likely to emphasise group identity and consensus.

‘Sh–‘ and the f-bomb were among the top ten words used by lefties (after common words were removed).

Researchers believed swearing was associated with lefties using more emotionally expressive language than their political opponents.   Read more »


Audrey Young exposes Labour and the Greens on their flag opposition

Audrey Young lashes Labour and the Greens for their flag hypocrisy.

With the list of the final 40 just published, the debate has barely begun, apart from the objections by Opposition parties – two of which appear to be opposing the review for opposition’s sake.

Quite what Labour and the Greens will do when the debate gains momentum will present a conundrum for them. They cannot continue to attack the referendum process without indirectly attacking New Zealanders who are interested in it and want to be part of it.

They have ignored a basic principle in politics as in life: to thine own self be true, or the voters will see right through you.

It was understandable for the parties to rail against the Government asset sales programme last term – even though National won a mandate for it – because it was against Labour and Green policy.

But to rail against a review of the New Zealand flag – which National also promised at the last election – when it echoes your own party’s policy is simply dishonest and erodes trust in a party.

How can you trust a party that objects to its own policy?

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A Good Judge Nails a Feral Drunk Driver

Judge Tony Adeane, easily the best judge in the country, has taken a tough line with a feral described as New Zealand’s worst Drunk Driver.

A Hastings man, believed to be the country’s worst drink-driver, has been back in court, this time for damaging two holding cells while in custody.

Brian Mitchell Hart, 59, told police he did it because he wanted to go home to his kitten.

He pleaded guilty to two wilful damage charges in the Napier District Court yesterday, admitting he damaged cell-door windows while in custody at the Napier Police Station and at the court on June 28 and June 29 respectively.   Read more »

Worst Labour slogan ever…after Vote positive

Trevor Mallard posted the latest Labour social media “staring at goats” meme on Facebook.


Note we paid for it…the parliamentary crest tells us that.   Read more »