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Looks like it’s a please don’t talk about my bike ride with Andrea Vance and our subsequent crash

Reader’s might not know but early yesterday morning Trevor Mallard and Andrea Vance were out cycling when they had a little crash…and altercation with a vehicle. Vance ended up in hospital with a broken shoulder and sources confirm that Mallard was banged up with cuts and bruises.

Not that you will read this in any media, such is the wall of silence that has gone up around the issue of politicians an journalists fraternising.

You will note that other journalists are tweeting in sympathy but for some reason don’t think it is in the public interest to explain the circumstances of the injury.


There are plenty of other journalists crying tears of sympathy for Andrea, so why no reportage? Why the wall of silence from other media?

In fact it appears that there are smoke screens being quickly erected, here is Trevor Mallard in the Herald this morning defending Judith Collins! ¬† Read more »

Fumbling the relevance football

A reader emails about the Labour party.


Hi Team,

I’ve been thinking about Labour and all their dramas as aside from anything else, I believe that any successful democracy needs to have a strong opposition if nothing else, it keeps more of the population engaged in the outcome of the political process which can only be a good thing.

There’s been thousands of words written on the subject already but it dawned on me today that one of the critical areas that they are failing in is relevance.

Relevance to the people that matter in particular.

As an example, David Parker’s observations regarding the Police search of Nicky Hager’s home.. Instead of wading in boots and all, imagine for example if he had just said, “the matter is now in the hands of the Police and we’ll have no comment to make on the subject until that process is complete”. What Labour don’t get is that their opinion does not matter on things that simply do not affect middle New Zealand aka – the very people they need to appeal to regain the treasury.

I wonder at the number of times David Cunliffe had the opportunity to win over middle New Zealand, yet continuously fumbled the relevance football during his entire time as Leader.

Just one of the many times he could and should have stamped his mark as a Leader in waiting would have been immediately after his now infamous “holiday” during the campaign.¬† Read more »

Trevor Mallard thinks he’s got the answer to Labour’s election loss

All Labour need is more viral videos.

No, I’m not kidding. ¬†Check out Trevor Mallard here:


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Blast from the Past – Asset Sales

An astute reader highlights a Sledge of the Day I posted 2 years ago:

Just came across this video you posted ages ago Cam.

It’s¬†Trevor Mallard saying that national will be in opposition for 9 years¬†if they go ahead with asset sales (in 2012).¬† #Nostalgia

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Will the real Labour Party leader please step up?

He’s lacked the naked lust on display by Cunliffe and Robertson, but being an interim party leader is causing people to cast an eye over David Parker

David Parker is one of the nicest blokes in politics. Unfailingly polite, considered in his answers, almost a little too honest for his own good at times.

He can be stirred to anger over matters of high policy and is stubborn. He had a reputation among his officials as a minister who wouldn’t follow advice nearly willingly enough.

He surprised even himself with the strength of his live TV interview performances ahead of the election.

Nice? I wouldn’t call stealing the missus of a stroke victim particularly nice. I bet Not Given Lightly isn’t played very much these days.

By standing aside from the Labour leadership row and stepping up as acting leader, he is choosing more the role of kaumatua than rangatira, keeping the seat warm and tempers calm while Labour goes through whatever it’s going to go through now.

But what if Parker is part of the problem?

Or more specifically, some of the most cherished elements of the economic programme Parker has spent six years honing and which signally failed to ignite sufficient public support on election day?

The three biggest problems: a capital gains tax as the answer to the country’s misallocation of capital; raising the pension age to 67, and an electricity policy so complicated it left power company executives begging for price regulation instead. Read more »

Cunliffe’s wife writes new chapter for dirty politics


Generally political spouses do not enter the fray. There is an unwritten rule not to go after families.

That of course changes when the families go after you.

Then the gloves come off.

As I predicted the Labour leadership spill has got real nasty, and now Karen Price, Mrs Cunliffe for¬†those who don’t know, has entered the political fray jumping on Twitter to abuse those who oppose her husband.

The distraught wife of Labour leadership contender David Cunliffe is behind a Twitter account that anonymously took aim at his rivals and critics.

Karen Price, a high-flying environmental lawyer, is understood to have started the @TarnBabe67 account on Saturday, the day Cunliffe indicated he would resign as Labour leader.

The account first attacked a newspaper for running candid pictures of the New Lynn MP, and went on to criticise others in the media. But the worst barbs were saved for those said to be in the “Anyone But Cunliffe” leadership faction, naming his rival Grant Robertson and MPs Trevor Mallard and Clayton Cosgrove. ¬† Read more »

Mallard not shutting his gob

Trevor Mallard, fresh from a scare orchestrated by his own party int he boundary changes, won’t be told to shut up and neither will he shut up about his voting preference for the upcoming bloodbath otherwise known as a leadership spill.

Neither will he listen to Chris Hipkins, since he was the one behind the push for boundary changes in order to rinse Mallard.

While Mallard sweats on the specials he isn;t shutting up.

Trevor Mallard has reportedly sent an email to his fellow MPs saying he would not stay silent on the Labour leadership race.

RadioLIVE reported that Labour Party senior whip Chris Hipkins told MPs to not publicly discuss who they were supporting in the leadership race.

Mr Mallard sent an email saying he didn’t want to be gagged by Mr Hipkins, and wanted to tell the public who he backed, RadioLIVE reported.

However, Labour president Moira Coatsworth told the radio station that there were no gagging orders on MPs. ¬† Read more »

Cartoon of the Day


Credit: SonovaMin

Australian Liberal Party mobilises Kiwi voters


via 3 news

Rachel Morton reports on some special overseas election skulduggery

The Government is still waiting on the special votes to be counted and could be in for a boost, thanks to the Australian Liberal Party.

The Liberals sent an email to members before Saturday’s election: “If you do know a Kiwi, then it’s important to remind them to vote in this year’s election.

Without the party votes of National supporters living overseas, there is a real risk that Labour will cobble together a coalition government with the Greens and other minor parties.”

“In reality it’s a gesture of solidarity amongst centre-right parties around the world, if you like,” says Prime Minister Key.

The extent of the help is unknown until the 38,000 overseas votes are counted.

If that worked, that may be the end of Little Andy. ¬†Another union voice will be lost inside caucus, which can’t be good for David Cunliffe’s prospects. ¬†¬† Read more »

Now we know why Trevor Mallard was interested in resurrection

Matthew Beveridge¬†asked the question “How long before Labour and Green will poll the same?”

Colmar Brunton did some number crunching and released this graph


With the current trend line, that answer is: ¬†Labour and Green will be polling around 20% each in 6-8 years time. ¬† Read more »