Will troughers be honest before health committee, Ctd?

Here’s the rub. Organisations that trough off the backs of the taxpayer usually spend their lives demanding the Government “do something” by way of policy interventions.

And that “do something” for the most part, relates to the introduction of more laws that eventually ends up restricting one section of society – obviously that part of society that they don’t like.

The likes of Sue Taylor of Te Reo Marama, or 2013 Trougher of the Year Professor Boyd Swinburn, are two obvious examples in the health sector.

A vast amount of their time is spent racing around trying to make sure they’re “doing something” to “justify” the dosh they tuck out of the Government machine.

“Justify” is really a wishy-washy word because on the most part, all troughers in the health sector have to do to tuck into the millions of dollars they receive, is write a 6 monthly report that some faceless ministry minion quickly scans and whacks in a filing cabinet.   Read more »

Will Troughers be honest before Health Committee – Part 1

You will know that I’m no fan of troughers. So much so that over the years I’ve exposed a raft of troughers sucking on the taxpayers’ tit.

This week the Health Select Committee will hear again from a bunch of troughers demanding NZ truck ahead with plain packaging for ciggie packets.

The thing with troughers is that once in the trough, they rarely ever see the need to get out of it, and continue to demand more and more dosh from the taxpayer to fund their efforts.

A prime example of this is Sue Taylor from the infamous Te Reo Marama – once headed by veteran trougher/activist Shane Kawaneta Bradbrook. A little background is needed. I ran an exclusive exposure about them back in 2009/2010 – here’s the full story.

Exclusive – Te Reo Marama & Maori Smoking – Troughing 101

Exclusive – Te Reo Marama & Maori Smoking – Troughing 102

Exclusive – Te Reo Marama  & Maori Smoking – Troughing 103

Gotcha! – TRM Funding Cut    Read more »

Parliaments Five Biggest Troughers

Here piggy, piggy, piggy

Here piggy, piggy, piggy

Just before easter MPs expense claims were released so no one would notice.

As expected Hone Harawira bludged the most, busy trying to secure funding for the Mana Party by arse kissing Kim Dotcom…problem is the big fella is out of cash…and nearly out of time.

Next in is Winston Peters, who’s elderly and bewildered fan club around the country demand he visits them so they remember who he is when they enter the voting booth.   Read more »

BSC cartel junkets, troughing it up on members coin in New York


The problem with troughers is that they don’t get that it’s not their money they’re troughing through.

A prime example of this is by El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo of the cartel-like Building Service Contractors or BSC for short.

There’s also some troughers that know it’s better to share some of the spoils in order to prevent office factions emerging that could threaten the existing hierarchy. Seems Paddy is no slouch when it comes to making sure his patch is protected.

Paddy’s previous offside/fellow travelling sidekick Marja Verkerk has been dumped for the Kimberley Clark newbie Lillian Small.

In February I blogged about a junket too good to miss for Paddy, hinting that Lillian Small will be accompanying him.

The photo above tells an even more interesting story, and one that has the Fish Gang seething.

Not only are Paddy & Lillian troughing it up on the backs of $20,000 membership fees, Paddy’s protector Bob King just happens to be caught in the frame as well.

Who is Bob King you ask? Just the BSC’s Council Member that signed off Rule #19 – which they have ignored since adopting it. Seems the rules don’t apply if you’re the boss, or the boss’s mate.


Problem with EL Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo, is that the office has already sprung some leaks.

And with MBIE about to pull the plug on the dodgy rort preventing non-BSC member companies from getting government contracts, the curtain looks to be finally falling on these three troughers.

Is someone trying to trip-up the Taxpayers’ Union? (Warning #fauxoutrage)

As I blogged earlier the Herald covers Mojo Mathers 800km taxpayer funded round trip to meet with constituents, speak at a meeting, appear on TV, speak on a tin pot community radio station for one hour.

According to the Green Party MPs tweeting, Skype doesn’t work in Masterton and Green MPs should be able to spend taxpayer funds without mean reporters and lobby groups asking questions.

As you’d expect the left have jumped in boots and all accusing the Herald on Sunday and the Taxpayers’ Union of targeting someone with a disability. Nevermind that the travel has nothing to do with the disability.

On the one hand they demand, and in the case of Mojo Mathers, made quite a song and dance about treating people with disabilities equally and then when the shit hits the fan try and shield themselves from criticism by erecting the shield of sanctimony covered with a protecting film of cry-babyism. They want equality, but protect themselves from criticism by hiding behind the disability.  Read more »

Taxpayers’ Union pops Fizz’s bubble

What is it with the academics and fibbing about endorsement?

A few weeks ago, the Taxpayers’ Union outed the ship of fools, now it seems that the taxpayer funded scientists lobbyists calling themselves Fizz have been bottled by the Taxpayers’ Union.  They blog:

The Taxpayer’s Union has discovered that the ‘Fizz’ group of academics campaigning for a ‘sugar tax’ on soft drinks appears to have been falsely claiming the endorsement of the Health Research Council of New Zealand (HRC).


We wrote to the HRC asking what the nature of its support is for Fizz. We wondered why this group of academics, clearly pushing for political ends (i.e. a sugar tax) were receiving taxpayer support from the HRC.

We found that “Fizz” were fibbing – HRC are not supporting their sugar tax campaign.

The letter from the HRC’s Chief Executive, Dr Robin Olds, is below. It states that Fizz is not receiving any support form the HRC and suggests that Fizz has been misleading its supporters, the public, and the media.

Subsequently, we’ve also learned that Dr Olds has asked that the HRC logo be removed from Fizz’s promotional material. In an email to the Taxpayers’ Union Mr Olds said,

“In a phone call to the conference organiser we pointed out that using our logo was inappropriate, given that [Fizz] did not seek our permission, and that some appeared to interpret the logo as the HRC endorsing the conference.”   Read more »

How would you feel if DOC financially supported a gay pride event?

That’s essentially what happened in the UK.  Their Environmental Agency’s aims are

We’re an Executive Non-departmental Public Body responsible to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Our principal aims are to protect and improve the environment, and to promote sustainable development. We play a central role in delivering the environmental priorities of central government through our functions and roles.

The Environment Agency was established to protect and improve the environment and to contribute to sustainable development.

Clearly that doesn’t involve any social or community initiatives.  Their own web site says

We’re responsible for:

  • regulation of major industry
  • flood and coastal risk management
  • water quality and resources
  • waste regulation
  • climate change
  • fisheries
  • contaminated land
  • conservation and ecology
  • navigation

So, why did they do this?   Read more »

Business NZ and CTU more even cunning than I thought [UPDATED]



You’ve got to hand it to troughers Helen Kelly and Phil O’Reilly. Following some public expressions of doubt  ‘what the f*ks going on’ by Judith Collin’s last year, and some digging round by the Taxpayers’ Union, ACC, the CTU and Business NZ saw the writing on the wall with their nice little money earner.  So what did they do?  Quickly extended the contract before it all went public!

The Taxpayers’ Union has blogged:


Despite the ACC telling media yesterday that it decided ‘late last year’ to can the programme, we learned this morning that the contracts were renewed in December. The end date is now 31 December 2014.

It appears that ACC only changed its tune since the Taxpayers’ Union publicly exposed the rort.

Remember, it’s not the Taxpayers’ Union who labelled the training scheme a waste of money, it’s ACC’s own experts. Telling the public that they will scrap the scheme but waiting for the new contracts to expire is not good enough. They conveniently failed to mention that the contracts have just been renewed…  Read more »

[EXCLUSIVE] Problem with your erection? Not to worry, NZ On Air to the rescue!

While blogs like this one stand on its own two feet with the help of commercial arrangements, private sponsorship and donations, others can’t survive unless they get to suck on the public money tit.

Blogs like The Pantograph Punch have been sidling up to the Air NZ trough for some easy money.

Innovation in arts, history and story-telling attracts NZ On Air support

16 October 2013

Five boundary-pushing digital media projects that between them will make history and street art accessible, develop young story-tellers, and entertain children, have been selected for funding from NZ On Air’s Ignite Digital Media Fund.

This was the second Ignite funding round, attracting 63 applications. The fund supports innovative and creative online content targeted to special interest audiences that are rarely well-served by mainstream media.

A project based in Nelson, HEART (Heritage Education Augmented Reality Tours), will develop a tablet and smart phone app to bring to life historic photos from the Nelson Provincial Museum. Users will be guided to the photo locations, and through their device, can compare the views of past and present, and access audio, video and text stories about the locations. It is likely to be a useful pilot for other regions.

Lovely idea.  But why are you and I being asked to pay for it?

Anyway, what does Viagra have to do with NZ On Air and The P… whatever… (who?)

Art and culture will be further supported by the inclusion of a stream of multimedia content to be integrated into the fresh journalism site The Pantograph Punch.

Journalism you say?  *sigh*

How much did they get?

Funding details

HEART – Heritage Education Augmented Reality Tours, tablet and smart phone app, Kiwi AR, $45,000

If These Walls Could Talk, mini-documentary webseries, Trustme Ltd, $42,523

Little Legends, app development, Luke Nola & Friends, $44,080

Nia’s Extra Ordinary Life, 12 x 3.5 min webisodes, Brown Sugar Apple Grunt Productions,$45,000

The Pantograph Punch, multimedia content stream, The Pantograph Punch Trust, $30,715

Perhaps Cam Slater and friends should enter the next funding round?
Anyway, if someone, like me I suppose, were to tell you about The Pantograph Punch, and the fact that they do “journalism”, and they received a cool $30k of of our money to do it, you might very well go…

Who they hell is/are The Pantograph Punch?

And what do you do next?

Google it?

The Pantograph Punch Google search result 10 January 2014 /

The Pantograph Punch Google search result 10 January 2014 /

Your tax dollars at work producing top shelf “journalism”.

Troughers demanding more coin from Ryall

Swinburn et al from the anti-obesity industry tucking into more government coin

Swinburn et al from the anti-obesity industry tucking into more government coin

Sometimes Tony Ryall must really shake his head in despair.  Especially when he sees his Ministry funded troughers bitching that the Government needs to dole out more money to them.

Yesterday I posted about Obesity ‘Experts’ Ignore Simple Truths, showing trougher Professor Cliona Ni Mhurchu tucking into a $5 million handout to justify her calls for fat taxes, bans and labelling changes.

2013 Trougher of the Year Boyd Swinburn must have spat out his Kellogg’s Nutri- Grain when he saw Cliona Ni Mhurchu getting a big spread in yesterday’s Horrid, talking up her efforts.  Read more »