Day 1: ISIS have chemical weapons. Day 2: now they have fighter jets

In an article yesterday I highlighted how incredibly timely it was for ISIS to “find” the unused Sarin left over from the Gulf War just as the West is looking for a reason to invade.

But today they have added a whole new dimension:  ISIS now have a strike wing of 3 Mig fighter planes.  /TUI

Isis militants are believed to be learning to fly three captured fighter jets, which could signal the terrorist group taking to the air for the first time.

Monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claims the militants have obtained three war planes, believed to be MiG-21 and MiG-23 supersonic fighter jets, and have been flying them from the Al Jarrah airbase in Aleppo, Syria.

The UK-based monitoring group said witnesses who live close to the airbase have seen a warplane taking off and flying at a low altitude over the area. The sources claim Isis (also known as Islamic State) militants seized the aircraft when it took control of military airports in Syria’s Aleppo and Raqqa provinces.

“Believed” to be, and a UK based monitoring group – not actually seeing anything personally.  In the same sense, I, and you, are now part of the New Zealand based monitoring group.

And I “believe” this is a load of rubbish. Read more »


On the importance of being widely read

Want the unvarnished truth?

Don’t we all.

Here is a perfect example why you can’t just read Whaleoil, or watch just One News, or follow just your own political party’s press releases.

The following tweets are all about the same information, all tweeted within the same hour.




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Two truths and a lie

2 Truths & 1 Lie from James Coulson on Vimeo.

(Hint:  they are all true, just not necessarily spoken by the person the truth belongs to)

Since when has the truth been a smear?

Kim Dotcom is feeling a bit of pressure. He calls it smearing…I call it telling the truth.

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My First Te Reo – Pono


1. (stative) be true, valid, honest.
2. (noun) truth, non-fiction.

Modern usage:

Pāpā has been pono.

He has told Missy the truth.   Read more »

Jock Anderson on Truth

Jock Anderson has written a eulogy (probably the best word for it) on Truth at NBR.

It is worth the read.

New Zealand journalism has much to thank Truth for.

With news the hoary old tabloid was not publishing this week, and unlikely to again under its current ownership, a cornerstone of independent crusading journalism fell.

Make no mistake – the Great National Weekly has been a social force to be reckoned with, in whatever incarnation it has appeared over 126 years.

Truth pioneered investigative journalism, delving deep and long into the murky affairs of the powerful, privileged and corrupt.  Read more »

Dick of the Week – Damian Christie

Some people just can’t help themselves:

and;    Read more »

NBR gets the good oil on Truth


The last front page – Truth June 13, 2013

Georgina Bond has a very good article at NBR on the demise of Truth.

Truth rejuvenation became too hard – Horton [Republished with permission]

Plans to rejuvenate the Truth newspaper became too hard, causing its publisher to call time on the struggling tabloid yesterday.

Horton Media chief executive Matthew Horton told NBR ONLINE work had been afoot to restructure the weekly paper over the past six months.

Initiatives included a deal with Countdown to post the paper’s presence in its supermarkets and selling off one of its websites.

Reformatting plans were also in the pipeline to do away with some of the adult content and related advertising to make Truth more of a “standard newspaper”, Mr Horton says.

“But at the end of the day all these deals took too long and were too hard.”

Mr Horton, who owns a 50% stake in Truth, says the newspaper had continued to lose ground with advertisers and readers over the last few years.

“It had taken a very seedy turn over the last five years and I think that probably cost the paper a lot of sales.   Read more »

Truth Commentary: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

There has been a lot of commentary about Truth and my editorship…I have been humbled by some of the comments, emails and phone calls. Thank you. But wait till you see some of the gloating too…you would think that the left wing commentators and bloggers who are gloating might have a heart for the good staff who now don’t have jobs while they dance forlornly upon my grave, so eager are they to put the boot in.

First up there is the good:

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Yup, it’s true, the Truth gig is over

Fairfax is reporting the demise of Truth.

I have nothing to add at this point.

Some time in the future I will tell my story of  the wild ride the last 6 months have been…in the meantime I want to thank the editorial and production staff I worked with, you were great.

Bottom line is that Truth was too far gone, a legacy of the mayhem caused by David and Steve Crow. Again I will leave that story for later.

On a day that saw Mediaworks call in receivers, it emerged that tabloid newspaper The Truth may cease publishing after more than 125 years.

Staff at the national weekly have been told it will not publish a print edition on Thursday, and may never publish one again.

Truth, which first published 1887, was thought to have lost a major advertiser last week, prompting its owners to pull the plug.

Truth Weekender general manager Russell Beaumont told Fairfax Media “the owners and shareholders have said we should pause for a cup of tea”.

“We’re having a break, we’re not in receivership, we’re just pausing.”  Read more »