Are the Greens and The Standard involved in the most cynical political hit ever?

This, from “Karol” a long-time The Standard regular with deep links into the Green Party


Yesterday I said that the Green Party’s fingerprints were all over this sorry mess beyond Jan Logie.

Today, further proof that this is the Green Party using a young woman to score political points.

And we, I and you, are being told we’re the ones making things up here.

All that I’m trying to do here is hold up this end of the argument, which includes the fact that this is all arse backwards. ¬†We’re having an inquiry into a matter where the alleged criminal hasn’t even been charged, the public is being told via compliant media stooges that it’s all over bar the blame laying (on all men!), and to even dare question the veracity of what’s going on here is getting me labelled as uncaring and ¬†(no surprise) part of “the problem”.

When the left want you  to STOP TALKING, when they want to take your most basic rights away Рfree speech, presumption of innocence Рand then they tell you that you are the most despicable kind of person they can imagine, you know things are going wrong.

Here’s a typical email

Message: Your chastising of Tania Billingsley is revolting. It is very
clear that you do not have even a superficial understanding of
rape-culture. I really think you should refrain from offering any
opinion about this issue. Your facile and juvenile comments reflect a
DEEP lack of education.

When I spoke out about people being ferals, they ganged up and threatened to gang rape my daughter, and you think I lack education? ¬†Or I lack a sense of how wrong rape is? ¬† Read more »

Trial by media, the Police aren’t pleased

Activist feminist + Green Party + TV3 + Herald + Duncan Garner + Paula Penfold = ?

Police are continuing to support Tania who has recently applied to the court to vary the automatic name suppression given to her based on the charges involved. Police did not oppose this course of action as we wanted to support the wishes of the victim.

The process to facilitate Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail’s return to New Zealand is continuing with the support of MFAT.

As the matter remains before the courts, it is not appropriate for Police to make any comment about the circumstances of the offences.

We continue to encourage other commentators on this matter to be mindful of the potential implications on any legal process. Any speculation on the likely outcome of the prosecution process ahead of the alleged offender appearing before the court is premature, unhelpful and risks prejudicing any forthcoming judicial process.

Sorry Police, that ship has sailed. ¬† Read more »

John Campbell needs a woman?

Rachel Glucina reports

Is trouble brewing behind the scenes at MediaWorks about the state of current affairs on TV3? A well-informed source tells The Diary there is a level of concern at “very senior levels” about daily current events show¬†Campbell Live¬†and whether adding a female co-host could be a solution.

There’s worry, too, about weekly current affairs show¬†3rd Degree, with stories deemed too long-winded and scarce for the midweek primetime slot. But insiders say the 60-minute local programme is resource-strapped.

Ratings are the golden measure of television and with TVNZ’s¬†Seven Sharp¬†trouncing its rival in the 5+ demographic, programmers at TV3 are concerned about the effect the 7pm show has on ratings for the rest of the network’s nightly viewing.

Eye candy may help some, but TV3 still have their heads in the sand as to the real problem.

Campbell Live is a show that repetitively champions causes that the public can’t get behind. ¬†The two biggest clangers being the Len Brown mayoralty and the GCSB is the Devil issue.

By cuddling up to the very issues that are turning voters off and causing them to run, not walk, to National in spite of having Labour leanings, Campbell Live are just feeling the fallout of people not hearing¬†their stories told on TV3 news and current affairs shows. ¬† Read more »

When will TV3 make changes, something has to give



Mark Jennings should have a look at his ratings for the late news which rates pretty well considering Mediaworks put absolutely NO money or resources into it at all.

Jennings seriously needs to answer to shareholders why he thinks a Greenie who lives in Grey Lynn who uses prime time to push an agenda that excites his dinner party guests is the right formula.

Maybe it’s Jennings that needs to go and take a fresh look taken at the leftie agenda that comes out of 3news that condemns it too crap ratings.

Paul Henry is on the payroll who better reflects the public in general and would be good for a ratings jump at 7pm?

Meanwhile Seven Sharp continues to slam them in the ratings.¬† Read more »

The Letter on John Banks’ guilt

The Letter speaks plainly and clearly.  No spin.

The media case against John Banks was built around a lunch at the Dotcom mansion, where Dotcom claimed, giving great detail, that donations were discussed.

John Banks said he could not remember the lunch, let alone the conversation. ‚ÄúHow could you forget a lunch at the Dotcom mansion?‚ÄĚ said talk back radio, ‚Äúhe must be guilty‚ÄĚ.

The evidence given in the trial shows no lunch on the date Dotcom claimed occurred. It is a fabrication. John Banks on that day was meeting with a South Auckland Community Police Officer.

Detail after detail has turned out under cross examination to be false. Dotcom’s accountant, who claimed he had flown to Queenstown to deposit the cheques, suddenly could not remember anything when the bank record showed the cheques were actually banked at the local Albany branch, some 1,550 kilometres away.

John Banks’ QC has told the court that John is the victim of a conspiracy. The person who needs to worry about the verdict is the German.

What happens if we get a guilty verdict? ¬† Read more »


Is John Campbell an out of control Diva?


Throng reports

This time last year, Campbell Live had it’s best week ever.

They were even beating Seven Sharp and won four out of the five nights.

Contrast this to 2014 where this week, TV3 only managed to pull in a little over half of TV One’s average audience.

While Campbell Live managed to claw back their numbers on the previous week, the 14% increase in their average audience to 248,184 viewers per night still resulted in the biggest single year on year fall to date.

What I can’t get my head around this this: ¬† why is Campbell Live allowed to continue when it clearly isn’t producing shows that are satisfying the public? ¬† Read more »

Parents feel let down by principal flouting name suppression


Jackie White breaks name suppression – via TV 3

What a royal mess sex predator teachers are for the community. ¬†On the one hand we can’t expose them and get them out of the profession quickly enough.

And then there is the other extreme.

Parents of a schoolgirl psychologically abused by her headmistress are furious that she has denied targeting their daughter.

Auckland woman Jackie White continues to deny obsessing over their daughter despite being kicked out of teaching for an inappropriate relationship with the 17-year-old.

In an exclusive interview with the¬†Herald on Sunday, the mother of the high-achieving student said she was livid that White broke suppression orders this week to out herself on a TV3 current affairs show and to minimise the findings of the Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal against her. Read more »

TV3 rot goes right to the top

You may recall me asking if TV3 airing the John Banks ear clip was a sign that TV3 had gone off the rails or if it was simply that the newsroom was running amok.

John Drinnan has the answer

It was a significant breach of rules – rules that have been under scrutiny since questions were raised about 2012 TV coverage of the Scott Guy trial in which Justice Minister Judith Collins described the coverage as “sensationalised.”

Making things worse for TV3, the clip was approved by two senior executives at Mediaworks – company lawyer Clare Bradley and deputy news and current boss Richard Sutherland – not just an errant producer.

This is the same company lawyer that stood in front of the Judge and said that since TVNZ recorded it, they were kind of all doing it, and you know, cut us some slack big guy.

A senior lawyer – Chen Palmer Palmer principal Nick Russell – was quoted as saying that theTV3 incident will strengthen the hand of lawyers who oppose wider right of the media.

Individual media companies including TV3 are now making individual submissions to the Ministry of Justice but there will also be a media-wide submission from the Media Freedom Committee.

The public may not be aware that the media currently have to ask for permission to access the court, to record, etc on a case by case basis. ¬† Read more »

TV3 banned from court

NZ Herald’s Jimmy Ellingham¬†reports

Justice Wylie¬†[...]¬†revoked TV3′s right to shoot or air any more pictures from the [John Banks] trial, his delivery of the verdict and sentencing if Banks is found guilty.

He was also concerned the pictures were shot outside the first 15 minutes of the day, when television cameras are allowed to film the accused at a trial.

“I do consider this a serious breach of the in-house guidelines. The issue that concerned me the most was that the footage was used in a way that I do not consider to be fair and balanced, and it seems to me this footage was used out of context.”

When [TV3 lawyer] Ms Bradley offered an apology to Justice Wylie and “the system”, Banks called out that he should receive an apology as well.

He also said an apology should be aired on the news.

Are TV3 genuinely contrite?

Of course they’re not! ¬† Read more »

TV3 oversteps the mark again, but this time a judge objects

If they’re not trying to ambush people, they’re doorstepping. ¬†And if they’re not door stepping, they’re running hit pieces. ¬†But this time they appear to have gone far enough to upset a judge

TV3 news bosses have been summoned to the High Court at Auckland this afternoon to explain why the network aired footage of John Banks appearing to eat something he picked out of his ear during his trial on a charge of filing a false electoral return.

After the fourth day of the Act MP’s trial on Thursday last week TV3 news aired the footage, which was shot when the court was played an audio tape of Banks being interviewed by police in June 2012.

The footage had since been posted on YouTube.

The trial resumed late this morning after discussions between lawyers in Justice

If this is the standard that main stream media outlets think is a go-er, then I don’t want to hear a single argument about hate speech sites and people not being proper journalists. ¬† Read more »