Brian Edwards has his panties in a bunch

My good friend and luncheon sausage aficionado Brian Edwards has got his panties in a bunch over TV3′s media bias.

The following report by TV3 political editor Paddy Gower appeared on the channel’s 6pm bulletin last night. Setting aside as best you can your political prejudices, please answer the following question: Is this journalism or a party political broadcast on behalf of the National Party?

He needn’t worry, TVNZ is pulling their weight as Labour’s sleeper agents.    Read more »

Feral cat lady and feral son assault cameraman

Hey, they can’t all be Kim Dotcom stories, but here we go again, getting you real news:  Raw footage of the TV3 cameraman being abused and assaulted by the Invercargill Crazy Cat Lady and her delightful son.

The Nation cancelled? Depends on who you listen to

Richard Harman put it about that The Nation had ben cancelled. This is apparently untrue.

Regan at Throng explains:

Yesterday we published a story that claimed The Nation had been canned by TV3.  This is incorrect.  TV3 contacted us this afternoon, concerned about inaccuracies in the story.  As it turns out, the release sent out by Frontpage, the company that has produced The Nation for TV3 for the last 4 years was misleading.

The headline stated “After four years The Nation ends this weekend”. However, TV3′s Head of News and Current Affairs, Mark Jennings, told Throng that this isn’t the case at all.

“The Nation is a TV3-owned concept and part of our news and current affairs stable and we certainly haven’t ‘canned’ it.”

What is actually happening is that the independent production company has been removed from the equation and it will now be produced in house.  Read more »

Finally a reason to turn the TV back on again: Paul Henry

I’ve been a fan of Paul Henry.  I guess I still am.  What he has done on TV and radio isn’t too far removed from what happens on my blog:  Be entertaining and be a pain in the arse by asking the questions people want to hear answers to.

Without any fear of consequences.

TV3 last night confirmed Henry would host a new programme, dubbed The Paul Henry Show, in the new year. It will replace the late-night bulletin, 3News Nightline, which has been running for more than 20 years. But the show – which will start from 10.30pm – will clash with The Late Show With David, which starts at 11pm on Prime.

Last night’s announcement comes after weeks of the former Breakfast host’s rumoured return on the rival channel.

TV3 director of news and current affairs Mark Jennings last night said Henry would bring something new to the game.

Nightline has been a great programme for us over many years and produced some of our best broadcasters,” Mr Jennings said. “But the landscape is due for change and Paul Henry will lead that change in later evening viewing.”

For those of you who can’t quite wait for Paul to re-appear on your screens, he’s got a new book out right now.   Read more »

Campbell Live takes bullying to new levels

Lindsay Mitchell correctly points out that Campbell Live can never again credibly cover any story about bullying after their scurrilous attack piece last night.

Rebecca Wright acted like a shrieking harpy as she pursued John Palino…shouting over him, not letting him speak and shoving a camera in his face designed from the angles and approach to frame the story her way.

You have to ask why Campbell Live hasn’t done the same to Len Brown, instead of their incredibly soft hug piece two weeks ago.

It was shameful television.

The John Campbell Show made a rare appearance on my TV screen tonight. His hectoring, biased style turned me off long since. But trailers during the TV3 News persuaded me to stay tuned. Another chance wasn’t warranted though.  Read more »

Paul Henry back on TV

Paul Henry is finally going to make it back on TV.

NZ Herald reports:

A new weeknight show featuring controversial broadcaster Paul Henry has been confirmed to screen on TV3 shortly.

The Paul Henry Show was announced in TV3′s new season line-up, launched in Auckland last night.  Read more »

Doctor Russel Norman is available for consultations

I have always thought it was a strange CV, but given the lunacy of academia, a credible scenario, that Russel Norman the slippery refugee from the Australian Socialist Workers’ League could have won a Ph.D by studying the Alliance Party.

But has the MSM; John Campbell’s TV3,  nailed the true story?  Read more »

Firstline at 0745 tomorrow


I will be on Firstline tomorrow morning with Mike Williams to talk about the Labour leadership results.

The result to my mind isn’t unexpected but the critical numbers for me are that David Cunliffe still cannot muster any more support than just 11 members of his caucus.

I’ve analysed hours and hours of video in the past three weeks and have come to the conclusion that David Cunliffe is a narcissist and a sociopath. He is willing to lie and lie again to get what he wants.

He has a fake insincerity that he has so far only shown us a glimpse of, like the infamous Avondale market speech. His fake bro accent and working class smack talk is unbecoming.

He did that also in Warkworth during the selection battle and it comes off…well…gay.

Have a look at the full video too at Radio Live…and the condescending way he speaks, especially when he adds in epithets like “brother”…like when he was asked how he was going to make housing more affordable his answer was “Capital gains tax – brother”. Of course he never explained how increasing costs of housing by adding on a tax was going to make housing more affordable but that is but one of the lies he will foist upon the electorate.  Read more »

Nothing will happen

The Electoral Commission has referred TV3 to the Police for breaching the Electoral Act.

They needn’t worry because the Police are still sitting on more than 30 complaints from the 2011 election that they have done nothing with.

A skit on TV3′s Jono and Ben at Ten show is being assessed by police after a complaint that it amounted to an illegal election broadcast for NZ First.

The Electoral Commission referred TV3 owner MediaWorks to police on Wednesday over a skit on the comedy show entitled The School Terminator. It featured NZ First leader Winston Peters saying he could not fix education payroll system Novopay now, and could only complain about it.

“But if you vote New Zealand First at the next election, we can sure set out to fix it up.”

The skit was broadcast on June 28. The Electoral Commission said yesterday that it was believed to have broken the law because “it is an offence to broadcast an election programme outside the election period”.  Read more »

The video TV3 tried to ban

After the Campbell Live interview with John Key I made a highlights video of the spanking that John Campbell received.

No sooner than I had posted it had TV3 slapped me with a copyright violation…my video was 6:39 of an 18min interview. I have made 683 videos and am careful to follow the rules. I never cover up source video logos, and if from a major media provider I never run ads in pre-roll or over the top.

Nonetheless TV3 tried to use copyright provisions to ban my video. The irony of TV3, the biggest supporters (after the NZ Herald) of copyright thief Kim Dotcom, used copyright provisions to try and shut down a video that showed their hero in poor light.

I appealed the ban…and won.


In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we’ve completed processing your counter-notification regarding these video(s):


This content has been restored unless you have deleted the video(s). Your account will not be penalized.


The YouTube Copyright Team

TV3 should hold their heads in shame, they are shills for Kim Dotcom and tried ti use the very rules he opposes to try and shut me down.