30 years ago Bob Jones did what we all want to do, he punched a reporter in the face

Thirty years ago today, Sir Bob Jones infamously punched reporter Rod Vaughan.

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Might is Right (how the big companies killed Global Mode)

The “Global Mode” case has been settled in favour of the big media companies.

A notice posted this morning to the NZX by Sky TV reads, in full: “The legal proceedings against “Global Mode” service providers have been settled. As a result, from 1 September 2015, the “Global Mode” service will not be available to any person for use in New Zealand.” [See expanded statement by Sky TV to media end of article.]

In return for CallPlus dropping its service, the media companies have dropped their case.

Sky TV, TVNZ, MediaWorks and Lightbox owner Spark brought a High Court Action against the CallPlus (owner of Orcon and Slingshot) over their Global Mode service, available to all customers of its ISP services, which made it easier to access BBC iPlayer, Netflix US and other offshore content services usually geo-blocked to New Zealanders. The action also covered Bypass Network Services Ltd (BNSL), the tiny Auckland company that developed the Global Mode technology used by Orcon and Slingshot (plus a half-dozen smaller ISPs who threw in the towel as soon as the legal action was brought).

The big media companies claimed the service breached the Copyright Act and the Fair Trading Act.

I really felt there was a solid argument to be had about parallel importing, but I can understand why a relative minnow like CallPlus does not have the financial resources to take on companies that spend the same amount on office expenses every week. Read more »


One News viewers don’t buy TVNZ pimping the poor

Why does the MSM continue to pimp the poor when their readers and viewers are clearly non-sympathetic?

Is this just outrage-bait?

So why are the idiots continuing to whine to the media when they can clearly see they’ll be used and eviscerated?

There’s little sympathy from ONE News readers for a west Auckland man who was told by Housing New Zealand (HNZ) he had to wait up to 10 days to get his fireplace fixed.

Earlier this week a problem with Stefan Atkinson’s fireplace meant it became a fire risk and left him without a heating source.

Initially HNZ classified the issue as urgent, but on Friday that was downgraded, and Mr Atkinson was told it would be 10 days before HNZ could fix it.

Yesterday HNZ visited Mr Atkinson to drop off an emergency heater as well as providing $100 of pre-paid power so that he can afford to run it.

A story detailing Mr Atkinson’s plight was posted on the ONE News Facebook page yesterday where it was overwhelmly met with a tone of toughen-up and wait.

ONE News reader Tim Williams wrote: “Is this guy for real? Does he think tradies are just sitting around WAITING for emergency work? Join the queue mate and stop moaning. You got a free heating source for the meantime. YOU won’t have to pay to get the chimney fixed, you get cheap rent.”    Read more »

Copyright versus Parallel Importing

Why would Sky or TVNZ be in control of where you are allowed to go on the Internet?  If you want to pay to access a streaming service in another country to get content that TVNZ (say) have local broadcasting rights to, why should you be stopped?

And if there is a company that helps you do this a little easier, are they assisting your parallel import or assisting you to breaching copyright?

Four New Zealand media companies recently joined forces to flex their collective muscles against Call Plus-owned media companies Orcon, Slingshot and Bypass Network services.

The ”Big Four” claim the companies are breaching copyright and operating outside the law by providing customers access to otherwise blocked international TV and movie services.

The companies have threatened legal action by way of ”cease and desist” letters sent to the alleged copyright infringers, who at this stage appear to be standing firm on the legality of their unblocking services. Read more »

Consumer NZ slams action on global mode

Consumer NZ has come out against the cartel of media companies trying to shut down global mode provided by some ISPs.

They stop short of calling them mafia-like but they do call them out for their blatant protectionism.

NetGuide reports:

Consumer New Zealand has joined the growing number slamming the proposed legal action by Sky, Lightbox, TVNZ and Mediaworks to stop global mode, saying the proposed action is ‘a huge blow to consumers’.

Sue Chetwin today slammed the move as ‘simply protectionism of old content distribution models’.

A number of New Zealand ISPs received a legal letter from Buddle Findlay, representatives of Sky, TVNZ, Lightbox and Mediaworks last week, ordering them to stop providing access to services such as Global Mode which provide access to international geo-blocked TV and movie services.

“While they may argue that this is not about taking action against consumers, it’s exactly consumers who will end up paying more because of this,” Chetwin says.    Read more »

Troughers want to limit freedom of speech

Deary me, yesterday’s post ANTI-SUGAR ACTIVISTS USE CHILDREN WHILE HIDING REAL AGENDA, sparked the usual howls of “how terrible”, “attacking researchers”, “attempts to silence them” blah blah blah.

It made me wonder if these so-called public health activists actually bothered to read the post.   Read more »

Anti-sugar activists use children while hiding real agenda


Some journalists in this country just can’t help themselves. Take John Hudson’s TVNZ’s Sunday programme last night called Bittersweet.

His view of balanced journalism is getting a toddler to play in a plastic paddling pool full of sugar.

But the main gist of his anti-sugar programme was interviewing Dr Rob Beaglehole. I’ve called out Rob Beaglehole in the past, particularly over banning sugary drinks from Marlborough District Council facilities, all the while banning fluoride from the water in Marlborough.

But I’ll give it to Rob Beaglehole, at least he had the stones to call me up. Read more »

Has SkyCity already had a free taxpayer gift?


I hate to give the Greens a free hit, but this SkyCity deal smells rancid

Advice to Ministers obtained by the Green Party shows Ministers were warned in January 2014 that SkyCity’s new plan to use the former TVNZ land for a glitzy five star hotel made it much more valuable to the casino, and the deal needed to be recalculated as a result. There is no evidence ministers heeded this advice.

This follows answers to written questions from Economic Development Minister last year in which he said the deal with SkyCity “prevents the (TVNZ) land being used for any other purpose than as a convention centre” unless the Government agreed to remove a “restricted covenant” over the use of that land. Read more »

Oh, and now TVNZ are running Andrew Little’s union campaign – verbatim!

Another media driven National hit piece.  This time on behalf of Andrew Little the unions.

Following on from the story earlier today how Mediaworks are making the government look bad on purpose, here is an example of a press release, followed by promoting ONE labour leader constestant’s web site, and absolutely not declaration of the source, balancing comment or any attempt at making it look anything except a paid-for piece… or at least a personal favour?

In the interest of critiquing, let’s have a look at it in total:


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Are TV3’s ratings a reflection of their left lean?

Guest Post

I have found watching the ratings between Campbell Live and Seven Sharp incredibly frustrating. Last year, for the first time, TV3 looked competitive at 7pm as TVNZ attempted to revamp their current affairs offering causing viewers to either switch over or switch off. On multiple occasions, John Campbell and his team drew in higher average audiences and looked to be on track to turn the tables on TVNZ who have dominated TV3 with a seemingly stranglehold on 7pm. Sadly, when TVNZ made changes again at the start of 2014, viewers abandoned Campbell Live in favour of the refreshed offering on One. Only once this year has TV3 come within a breath of having a higher average audience and that was back in February. Since then, it’s been one way traffic.

Most would agree that John Campbell’s approach to current affairs comes from a genuine place of advocacy. He’s also very passionate about it. I doubt anyone believes John isn’t genuine in his desire to help New Zealanders who are less fortunate but looking at the ratings, there seems to be a disconnect somewhere.

And then Carlos made this comment on twitter:


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