Has SkyCity already had a free taxpayer gift?


I hate to give the Greens a free hit, but this SkyCity deal smells rancid

Advice to Ministers obtained by the Green Party shows Ministers were warned in January 2014 that SkyCity’s new plan to use the former TVNZ land for a glitzy five star hotel made it much more valuable to the casino, and the deal needed to be recalculated as a result. There is no evidence ministers heeded this advice.

This follows answers to written questions from Economic Development Minister last year in which he said the deal with SkyCity “prevents the (TVNZ) land being used for any other purpose than as a convention centre” unless the Government agreed to remove a ‚Äúrestricted covenant‚ÄĚ over the use of that land. Read more »

Oh, and now TVNZ are running Andrew Little’s union campaign – verbatim!

Another media driven National hit piece.  This time on behalf of Andrew Little the unions.

Following on from the story earlier today how Mediaworks are making the government look bad on purpose, here is an example of a press release, followed by promoting ONE labour leader constestant’s web site, and absolutely not declaration of the source, balancing comment or any attempt at making it look anything except a paid-for piece… or at least a personal favour?

In the interest of critiquing, let’s have a look at it in total:


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Are TV3’s ratings a reflection of their left lean?

Guest Post

I have found watching the ratings between Campbell Live and Seven Sharp incredibly frustrating. Last year, for the first time, TV3 looked competitive at 7pm as TVNZ attempted to revamp their current affairs offering causing viewers to either switch over or switch off. On multiple occasions, John Campbell and his team drew in higher average audiences and looked to be on track to turn the tables on TVNZ who have dominated TV3 with a seemingly stranglehold on 7pm. Sadly, when TVNZ made changes again at the start of 2014, viewers abandoned Campbell Live in favour of the refreshed offering on One. Only once this year has TV3 come within a breath of having a higher average audience and that was back in February. Since then, it’s been one way traffic.

Most would agree that John Campbell’s approach to current affairs comes from a genuine place of advocacy. He’s also very passionate about it. I doubt anyone believes John isn’t genuine in his desire to help New Zealanders who are less fortunate but looking at the ratings, there seems to be a disconnect somewhere.

And then Carlos made this comment on twitter:


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Do the main stream media engage in dirty politics?

Yes. ¬†They do. ¬† If you don’t believe me, here’s a great example.

Last night, on TVNZ Corrin Dan floated the following as fact (he even went on Twitter)



In other words, snuggling up to National instead. ¬† Now, if true, that would be news. ¬† If not true, it is nothing but … dirty politics! ¬† (I don’t mind, but remember, these are the people that constantly¬†pretend they are above that sort of carry on. ¬† Read more »

Suppression laws – and why they are impossible to work with

A few days ago, I get this email from a journo, asking why I have 2 articles about this particular individual live on my blog. ¬†Didn’t I know part of what I published was under a suppression order?

Sensing I would say “Yes! ¬†I know!! ¬† Stuff them!” and he would have had a scoop on the man that caused all the Dirty Politics bother, instead I told him that I was unaware that details in my articles were under current suppression order.

I immediately removed them from public view, explained myself, and told him that they were gone.

Of course, that didn’t stop him from writing an article about it as if I had done it on purpose anyway. ¬†I mean, Police are looking into it? ¬† Nice spin. ¬†It wasn’t the police that contacted¬†me.


And such is the problem with suppression – if you don’t know, how do you know?

You don’t. ¬† Read more »

Hamas using controlled demolitions to level neighborhoods: Media swallows hook, line and sinker


Several days ago we saw footage of an apparent Israeli airstrike bombardment leveling an entire neighborhood. Wails of “genocide” and “extermination” and “war crimes” rocked the media as everyone assumed that what they were seeing was correct, and that the commentary and reporting surrounding this event was indeed factual.

Well, it’s not. And I am about to show you why. Read more »

TVNZ Gets a dose of the Pallywood blues

Missiles, rockets… all the same right? Just minor details for a newsreader, no real need for specifics when reading an auto queue right? Wrong. ¬†Right on queue our very own One News breathlessly repeats dramatised footage and incorrect details of the conflict in Gaza instead of digging deep and doing their own spade work to bring you the best and unbiased news.

Repeater news is always a problem for both the news networks, and the people that view their stories. A: because the networks look silly when they get holes picked in their shameless parroting, and B: because the average Joe Bloggs gets fed a steaming pile of processed rye grass and is none the wiser when taking everything at face value. Blood sells, and the details that stick in peoples minds are the blood, trauma, the raw emotion and the outrage of such visually dramatic footage in front of their very eyes. What people miss are the less significantly obvious but no less important details that really do piece together what is going on. Quite often a story is delivered surrounded by commentary that doesn’t quite match what is visually captured.

Last night One News ran a story on the conflict in Gaza and Israel, more specifically “children hit by missiles in a playground“, unfortunately Wendy Petrie‘s repeating didn’t quite match the story by a foreign journalist that was reporting the story. As the reporter stated the attack was by rockets not missiles, and therein lies the crucial point of difference. Read more »

12th rogue poll in a row shows Labour under 30%

TVNZ’s OneNews/Colmar Brunton poll has more bad news for Labour and for David Cunliffe.

It is the 12th poll in a row that shows them under 30% and sliding while National rides high.

David Cunliffe’s poll ratings are also the lowest since he took over from David Shearer.

The number aren’t good for Labour.

140727_One_News_Colmar_Brunton_poll_21-25_July_2014_prelim Read more »

Hosking moans deliberate to allow Cunliffe to fail with someone else taking the blame

Labour attacked TVNZ and Mike Hosking this past week, ostensibly because Hosking is supposedly bias against David Cunliffe.

They presumably would have not uttered a word had Shane Taurima managed to continue as a covert Labour apologist at TVNZ and they had chosen him. They certainly haven’t complained that John Campbell is bias, so one can only presume that if the bias is against them is is unfair and if for them perfectly ok.

The only reason they did this was to frame the debates ahead of time as being unhelpful to David Cunliffe and to frame up his pending loss int eh debates to John Key as someone elses fault, hosking’s, for being biased.

Phil Quin explains:

Labour has been¬†bleating¬†about Mike Hosking being used as moderator in a TVNZ election debate. There is even the unconvincing talk that Labour may boycott the debate if Hosking takes that role. As the story goes, Hosking called Cunliffe a moron because he gave his state of the nation address on Auckland’s anniversary day and has demonstrated a pattern of antipathy towards Labour over a sustained period.

Hosking, as we know, is a flagrant Tory sympathiser, in New Zealand’s low-octane shock-jock sort of way.

Exposing him as such is, I’m told, Matt McCarten’s latest genius ploy.

Here’s the thing, though. Everyone in New Zealand with enough interest in politics to sit through a televised debate knows full well that Hosking dislikes the Labour Party, adores Key and probably thinks Cunliffe is a moron or worse. But this is not bad for Labour and Cunliffe. This is great for Labour and Cunliffe.

Debates are about expectations. If people think you‚Äôre going to do well, you invariably do poorly. If the public expect a trainwreck, more often than not you come out the ‚Äúwinner‚ÄĚ. It‚Äôs not really about the substance of these debates ‚Äď they rarely have much of that ‚Äď but about how the contestants performed compared to expectations leading in.

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Labour attack the media. Another stupid thing to do

Andrea Vance managed to type all this while laughing and shaking her head

The Labour Party is in a standoff with TVNZ over plans to use presenter Mike Hosking to moderate the live televised leaders’ debates.

The state broadcaster is refusing to budge, declaring: “Mike is our man.”

Leader David Cunliffe’s inner circle believes the Seven Sharp host is too close to National and has compiled a dossier of examples.

A “dossier” no less!

It includes Hosking dismissing Cunliffe as a “moron” – and his endorsement of Prime Minister John Key before a major political speech last year.

A Labour source said that, despite protestations, the party was unlikely to pull out of the two scheduled TVNZ debates. “When we heard it was Hosking the initial reaction was ‚ÄėAre you f…ing joking?’ But we are trying to get it changed. We are not making a hullabaloo about nothing, we’d rather they get someone else.”

What’s the big deal here? ¬†You don’t get John Key complaining about John Campbell fronting the TV3 debates. ¬† Read more »