12th rogue poll in a row shows Labour under 30%

TVNZ’s OneNews/Colmar Brunton poll has more bad news for Labour and for David Cunliffe.

It is the 12th poll in a row that shows them under 30% and sliding while National rides high.

David Cunliffe’s poll ratings are also the lowest since he took over from David Shearer.

The number aren’t good for Labour.

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Hosking moans deliberate to allow Cunliffe to fail with someone else taking the blame

Labour attacked TVNZ and Mike Hosking this past week, ostensibly because Hosking is supposedly bias against David Cunliffe.

They presumably would have not uttered a word had Shane Taurima managed to continue as a covert Labour apologist at TVNZ and they had chosen him. They certainly haven’t complained that John Campbell is bias, so one can only presume that if the bias is against them is is unfair and if for them perfectly ok.

The only reason they did this was to frame the debates ahead of time as being unhelpful to David Cunliffe and to frame up his pending loss int eh debates to John Key as someone elses fault, hosking’s, for being biased.

Phil Quin explains:

Labour has been bleating about Mike Hosking being used as moderator in a TVNZ election debate. There is even the unconvincing talk that Labour may boycott the debate if Hosking takes that role. As the story goes, Hosking called Cunliffe a moron because he gave his state of the nation address on Auckland’s anniversary day and has demonstrated a pattern of antipathy towards Labour over a sustained period.

Hosking, as we know, is a flagrant Tory sympathiser, in New Zealand’s low-octane shock-jock sort of way.

Exposing him as such is, I’m told, Matt McCarten’s latest genius ploy.

Here’s the thing, though. Everyone in New Zealand with enough interest in politics to sit through a televised debate knows full well that Hosking dislikes the Labour Party, adores Key and probably thinks Cunliffe is a moron or worse. But this is not bad for Labour and Cunliffe. This is great for Labour and Cunliffe.

Debates are about expectations. If people think you’re going to do well, you invariably do poorly. If the public expect a trainwreck, more often than not you come out the “winner”. It’s not really about the substance of these debates – they rarely have much of that – but about how the contestants performed compared to expectations leading in.

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Labour attack the media. Another stupid thing to do

Andrea Vance managed to type all this while laughing and shaking her head

The Labour Party is in a standoff with TVNZ over plans to use presenter Mike Hosking to moderate the live televised leaders’ debates.

The state broadcaster is refusing to budge, declaring: “Mike is our man.”

Leader David Cunliffe’s inner circle believes the Seven Sharp host is too close to National and has compiled a dossier of examples.

A “dossier” no less!

It includes Hosking dismissing Cunliffe as a “moron” – and his endorsement of Prime Minister John Key before a major political speech last year.

A Labour source said that, despite protestations, the party was unlikely to pull out of the two scheduled TVNZ debates. “When we heard it was Hosking the initial reaction was ‘Are you f…ing joking?’ But we are trying to get it changed. We are not making a hullabaloo about nothing, we’d rather they get someone else.”

What’s the big deal here?  You don’t get John Key complaining about John Campbell fronting the TV3 debates.   Read more »

Wilcox tells Labour to take a running jump

Nobody wants to sail on the SS Titanic Labour

Maori broadcaster Julian Wilcox has no plans to run for Parliament in this year’s election, Maori Television has confirmed.

The network said Mr Wilcox had made an “unequivocal statement” that he was not seeking political office for any political party in the general election.

Mr Wilcox was believed to be considering a bid for Labour’s candidacy in Tamaki Makaurau after journalist Shane Taurimu was blocked by the party last week.

Maori TV said in a statement titled “Response to Media Speculation” that Mr Wilcox remained committed to his job as general manager of news and current affairs.

Like Jones before him – Julian Wilcox has told Labour to take a running jump in the Tamaki Makaurau omni-shambles.  

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Tamaki Turfs TVNZ’s Tainted Taurima

Labour have decided not to accept toxic Taurima as one of their own as TVNZ’s report on his misuse of company/taxpayer’s resources is considered to have mortally wounded his chances of standing as a political candidate for.

Labour will not let former TVNZ manager Shane Taurima stand for the party in this year’s election after he was found to have misused the broadcaster’s resources for political purposes.

The TVNZ review, released on Monday, found Mr Taurima failed to disclose his extensive activity with the Labour Party, though there was no evidence of political bias in any of its programming.

It found Mr Taurima and three of his staff – none of whom are still employed by TVNZ – inappropriately used TVNZ resources, such as a meeting venue, travel, email, telephone and photocopying, for Labour Party political purposes.

Mr Taurima had been hoping to stand for Labour in Tamaki Makaurau but he required a waiver for his nomination to be accepted as he’d been a member of the party for less than a year when nominations for the seat opened.

But Labour’s New Zealand Council, the party’s ruling body, has decided against the waiver for Mr Taurima, who had been a senior presenter and manager of the network’s Maori and Pacific unit.

Taurima really has destroyed himself.  Not welcome as a Labour candidate and lost his job in television.  Still, the question is:  why is TV such an incubator for Labour candidates?

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TVNZ reports no bias but abuse of resources by Labour Party candidate Shane Taurima

The TVNZ independent-report into Shane Taurima’s lack of self control appears to be thorough and precise.


The report finds that Shane Taurima, former General Manager of TVNZ’s Māori and Pacific Programmes department, failed to adequately disclose extensive party political activity during his final year with the company. However, it did not find any evidence of bias in any TVNZ programming.

It found that TVNZ resources were used inappropriately for Labour Party political purposes by Mr Taurima and three members of his staff – none of whom are still employed by TVNZ.

CEO Kevin Kenrick says: “We asked the review panel for an objective and independent review. The report is comprehensive, the conclusions are balanced, and the proposed recommendations are very actionable.” Read more »

Accident happened…uhmmm…no idea where…let’s just make something up and hope no one notices

TVNZ are reporting that an accident happened near Wellsford…or did it?


It is hard to tell.

At least one person has been seriously injured in a motorbike crash on SH16 near Wellsford this afternoon.

A man has been airlifted to Nelson Hospital after coming off the bike on the side of the road. A second person is also believed to be injured and is receiving treatment at the scene.  Read more »


Is this the real reason for TVNZ “Personal Grievance” issues?

We covered this story earlier, but media commentator Regan Cunliffe at Throng has looked at the numbers

The headline in this morning’s Sunday Star Times read “Personal Grievances at TVNZ Double”.

TVNZ spent almost quarter of a million dollars to settle a doubling in personal grievance cases in the past financial year.

The payments cover employment action taken by 10 staff and total $246,000 – up $182,150 on 2012, during which there were four settled personal grievances.

In 2011, TVNZ paid out $82,000 following four grievances, and in 2010 the figure was $86,250 following five complaints against the network.

Let’s crunch these numbers.  This equates, on average, to 4 people being paid $20,500 in 2010, 5 people being paid $17,250 in 2011, 4 people being paid 15,692.50 in 2012 and mysteriously, 8 people being paid $30,750 each in 2013.

That settlement trend was heading down until 2013, the year Seven Sharp replaced Close Up. One large, single settlement could easily bump up those numbers without creating any cause for concern over other issues of grievances at TVNZ.   Read more »

TVNZ: a culture of institutional fear and bullying

via The Instance

via The Instance

The Tipline regularly gets stories about people at TVNZ being outright mean.  Problem is, when we question the tipsters further, none of them have the courage to go on record.

After all – a job in television in this country isn’t easily replaced with another.

So Whaleoil is aware of the caustic atmosphere that pervades certain parts of TVNZ, especially the newsroom.  Stories of women anchors being bullied mere seconds before they go live are an indication of a sick culture.   Read more »

Brian Edwards has his panties in a bunch

My good friend and luncheon sausage aficionado Brian Edwards has got his panties in a bunch over TV3′s media bias.

The following report by TV3 political editor Paddy Gower appeared on the channel’s 6pm bulletin last night. Setting aside as best you can your political prejudices, please answer the following question: Is this journalism or a party political broadcast on behalf of the National Party?

He needn’t worry, TVNZ is pulling their weight as Labour’s sleeper agents.    Read more »