Is this the real reason for TVNZ “Personal Grievance” issues?

We covered this story earlier, but media commentator Regan Cunliffe at Throng has looked at the numbers

The headline in this morning’s Sunday Star Times read “Personal Grievances at TVNZ Double”.

TVNZ spent almost quarter of a million dollars to settle a doubling in personal grievance cases in the past financial year.

The payments cover employment action taken by 10 staff and total $246,000 – up $182,150 on 2012, during which there were four settled personal grievances.

In 2011, TVNZ paid out $82,000 following four grievances, and in 2010 the figure was $86,250 following five complaints against the network.

Let’s crunch these numbers.  This equates, on average, to 4 people being paid $20,500 in 2010, 5 people being paid $17,250 in 2011, 4 people being paid 15,692.50 in 2012 and mysteriously, 8 people being paid $30,750 each in 2013.

That settlement trend was heading down until 2013, the year Seven Sharp replaced Close Up. One large, single settlement could easily bump up those numbers without creating any cause for concern over other issues of grievances at TVNZ.   Read more »

TVNZ: a culture of institutional fear and bullying

via The Instance

via The Instance

The Tipline regularly gets stories about people at TVNZ being outright mean.  Problem is, when we question the tipsters further, none of them have the courage to go on record.

After all – a job in television in this country isn’t easily replaced with another.

So Whaleoil is aware of the caustic atmosphere that pervades certain parts of TVNZ, especially the newsroom.  Stories of women anchors being bullied mere seconds before they go live are an indication of a sick culture.   Read more »

Brian Edwards has his panties in a bunch

My good friend and luncheon sausage aficionado Brian Edwards has got his panties in a bunch over TV3′s media bias.

The following report by TV3 political editor Paddy Gower appeared on the channel’s 6pm bulletin last night. Setting aside as best you can your political prejudices, please answer the following question: Is this journalism or a party political broadcast on behalf of the National Party?

He needn’t worry, TVNZ is pulling their weight as Labour’s sleeper agents.    Read more »

Wrong plan, bad choices, but Labour wants regulation to stop people being stupid

The Mataitonga watching TV

The Mataitonga watching TV

A reader does some research on last nights PR for the Labour party on TVNZ:

Yet more epic Labour fails with another botched PR piece last night.

Remember when Labour rolled out that young property speculator as their poster-boy for the plight of first home buyers?

Then on Friday Cunners scored the own goal with the Twitter chart showing how much power went up in his watch.

Well the Labour Muppets are at it again.

Last night’s One News rolls out in front of the nation a mother of 5 to highlight David Shearer’s latest political stunt on power prices.

In truth it is really about people who make dumb choices.   Read more »

So that’s a yes then

TVNZ is now looking at making staff declare their political affiliation in the wake of the Labour party candidate incubator scandal kicked off by Shane Taurima.

Adam Bennett reports for the Herald.

TVNZ chief executive Kevin Kenrick says employees may have to declare any links with a political party as a result of Labour hopeful Shane Taurima’s actions while general manager of its Maori and Pacific unit.

But TVNZ’s existing guidelines for journalists already advise that and warn against situations similar to that when Mr Taurima was rehired at the state broadcaster last year.

Mr Taurima resigned last month when it was revealed he had been involved in organising a Labour Party fundraising hui at the TVNZ network centre, had participated in other Labour hui and was considering seeking the Labour nomination to stand in the Tamaki Makaurau electorate this year.

That was despite his assuring TVNZ management that he had no further political aspirations when he was rehired after unsuccessfully seeking Labour’s nomination for the Ikaroa-Rawhiti byelection.  Read more »

Cartoon of the Day

Credit: SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin

TVNZ as Labour’s candidate kindy, promoting another candidate

TVNZ really is becoming the candidate kindy for the Labour party.

There was Brian Edwards, Chris Laidlaw who once used to comment on rugby games, one failed to become an MP despite trying and other failed as an MP and went on to embed himself at Red Radio.

Then we had Kris Fa’afoi, who went from TVNZ gallery team to the leader’s office and then became an MP.

Shane Taurima wanted to be an MP, failed in one selection, was preparing for another selection battle and ran branch meetings and fundraising committees from TVNZ offices.

And yesterday Tamati Coffey pushing himself forward as potential candidate in Rotorua.

Now we have TVNZ using another Labour candidate on television.


Kieran McAnulty, bookie, and Labour candidate for Wairarapa

Read more »

Another TVNZ personality comes out of the closet for Labour

Yet another TVNZ personality has declared his undying love for the Labour party.

It certainly looks like TVNZ is the broadcast wing of the Labour party, or at least the candidate kindy.

The Rotorua Daily Post writes:

Former television star Tamati Coffey wants to be Rotorua’s next MP and has been nominated for selection as a candidate for the Labour Party.

In an exclusive interview, Mr Coffey told the Rotorua Daily Post his true passion was politics and he was ready to embark on a career in Parliament after a decade appearing on New Zealand’s television screens.  Read more »

Peter Williams Tweetgate: cost cutting, TVNZ style?


via Wikimedia commons

The Whaleoil tipline received more than one concerned note about the Peter Williams “mistake”, suggesting it was an elaborate setup.

TVNZ Breakfast staff can’t understand how the NZ Herald got hold of that information so quickly.  The leak isn’t at ground level, either.

Rachel Glucina is hearing the same

Veteran TVNZ broadcaster Peter Williams, who was exposed for faking an online abuse message he claimed to have received from a cyber bully, tells The Diary he was asked to make the story up and is embarrassed and humiliated by the situation.

“I’m feeling pissed off! I’m absolutely mortified by the outcome,” Williams said. “Firstly, that the story got out of the TVNZ newsroom on Tuesday and was leaked to you guys [at the Herald]. There’s obviously a Deep Throat. But also because I was sold a pup, I was sold a different story … someone asked me to make it up.”

An industry insider spoken to by Whaleoil suggested this was part of TVNZ’s cost cutting strategy.   Read more »

The Civilian was right!

Back in January The Civilian wrote:

After more than 30 years of news reading, TVNZ’s Peter Williams has grown bored of reciting a poorly written script off a screen in front of him, and has instead resorted to simply making up news and then saying it at the country.

Tens of thousands were sent into a collective panic this afternoon after Williams began reading his own news on TV One’s midday broadcast.

“700 dead in North Shore mall fire,” announced Williams, as a large image of flames appeared on the screens behind him. “Fire crews on the scene report that the blaze at the Westfield mall in Albany remains out of control, and are asking anyone in the area to keep clear of the complex.   Read more »