They are watching

The Internet Mana party apparatchiks are watching our every move.

How do I know that?

Well because they have secret Facebook groups, and last night they were talking about WOBH.One of the Ground Crew reports in from his undercover position as a Internet Mana party stoolie.

The “Covert footage of Internet Mana party hall meeting” video has been shared over Internet Party’s Secret Facebook groups..

and yes, they have secret Facebook groups where all sorts of stuff is talked about..

Heres a copy of the conversation in the secret group haha (I am a member on it):

Kevin Palmer What hurts him more is to ignore him he can’t handle that.

Kieran McDonogh That’s just Whale Blubbers way of saying why wasn’t he invited, and if he was he’d have shared his sandwiches (prepared by his Mum) with any Internet Mana Party member who asked.

Kim Robinson It’s that I can’t hear… hence asking in the group.  Read more »

So what is this Rape culture that you speak of?


Rape culture is a term that was coined by feminists in the United States in the 1970’s. It was designed to show the ways in which society blamed victims of sexual assault and normalized male sexual violence.

I do not believe that NZ has a culture where women get blamed for rape. Not at all. Blaming women for men’s actions is typical of backward Patriarchal countries where women have little power and are forced to dress modestly least they cause men to lose control. India has been in the news lately a lot for that kind of thing. Simply being a woman on a bus without your male relatives to protect you appears to be justification enough for a gang rape over there. Now that is a rape culture!

Is male sexual violence normalised in New Zealand? No it isn’t. No one considers it normal to beat their wife or girlfriend in New Zealand. Yes some do but mainstream New Zealand does not have that view that it is ok or normal, not at all. To not only beat but to also rape, only hard core Gang members or sick Men from Patriarchal countries would ever dare to express the view that that was acceptable.

Emilie Buchwald, author of Transforming a Rape Culture, describes that when society normalizes sexualized violence, it accepts and creates rape culture. In her book she defines rape culture as…..

a complex set of beliefs that encourage male sexual aggression and supports violence against women. It is a society where violence is seen as sexy and sexuality as violent. In a rape culture, women perceive a continuum of threatened violence that ranges from sexual remarks to sexual touching to rape itself. A rape culture condones physical and emotional terrorism against women as the norm . . . In a rape culture both men and women assume that sexual violence is a fact of life, inevitable

Violence sexy? Violence in action movies and online games is directed towards combatants in battle scenarios. Apart from a few exceptions like the car racing game where hookers and drugs were part of the game, violence is depicted in battle against combatants not against women. In films, sex is certainly way more explicit than it used to be. However romance is still popular and I cannot imagine any sex symbol lasting long in the industry if he played a character in a love story who raped or beat his love interest. No one in NZ would find that sexy. They would find it disgusting. Most women in NZ expect respect and love, not violence and the majority of Men in NZ want the same in return.

The website Force: Upsetting the Rape Culture explains how rape culture is the images, language, laws and other everyday phenomena that we see and hear everyday that validate and perpetuate rape.

Rape culture includes jokes, TV, music, advertising, legal jargon, laws, words and imagery, that make violence against women and sexual coercion seem so normal that people believe that rape is inevitable.


When was the last time you heard a rape joke? If you are like me it would be never. When people have made rape jokes in America they get attacked on Twitter, on Facebook and in the Media. We have a very politically correct culture in NZ and it is hardly a breeding ground to allow rape jokes, images of rape, or laws that make it easy for a rapist to get off.

Yes, rape happens in New Zealand. Yes, we do have nasty examples of masculinity like the so called Roast Busters. What we do not have is a culture of rape. At least not by the definitions quoted above.

Face of the day


NZ First MP Asenati Lole-Taylor’s husband Dennis Taylor is being investigated.


Combative list MP and twitter user Mrs Lole-Taylor said there were ” a lot of people that I have upset because I’m very upfront.”.

-NZ Herald
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Claire Trevett on Mallard’s moa

Claire Trevett has a lash at Trevor Mallard’s moa malarkey:

Taika Waititi recently said of his movie What We Do in the Shadows that everybody needs a bit of silly in their lives. Labour’s Trevor Mallard immediately took his advice.

He gave a speech to the Wainiuomata Business Development breakfast. It began well. A lifelong Wainuiomartian, Mr Mallard spoke of his links to the valley, over the hill from the Hutt Valley. He made a good joke about being in the under 7s cricket team, which was all out for six runs against arch rivals Riverside. “We took our name too literally.”

He spoke of the joys of the valley’s microclimate, its community spirit, its need to attract more people and the low property prices, getting in a jab at the value to loan requirements making it harder for young families in the area to buy first homes “as a side effect of targeting Auckland house prices”.

So far, so on message. Then he revealed he’d been spending quite a bit of time on Google and he had discovered the solution to Wainuiomata’s problem.

He had discovered the science of de-extinction. He wanted the moa back in the bush around Wainuiomata.

Mallard’s enthusiasm was such that he took a journey around the Press Gallery to deliver the speech in person, along with photos of himself cuddling a kiwi, and illustrations of the Spanish bucardo ibex and the gastric-brooding frog in Australia.

Attempts had already been made to bring these two species back from the dead, although one did die again rather swiftly and the other never resulted in viable foetuses.

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Internet/Mana – What do the kids think?

Ben Rachinger is one of the target market for the Internet Mana party, young and net savvy.

Ben describes himself as “a social Entrepreneur and passionate advocate for positive change. Lifehacker, social media consultant and Deaf Guy. Just looking to clear the political hubris from in front of youth in a honest and factual way.”

He can be found on Twitter here: @benrachinger

Perhaps Internet Mana, in selling out to the far left, have missed the boat with their target market.

Bully Dotcom angry at ex-missus speaking out

Rachel Glucina has written about the raging of Kim Dotcom because his ex-missus has spoken out.

Like a true sociopath he is angry that someone dared to speak the truth about him and provide yet another crack in his media created manufactured persona.

Mona Dotcom’s estranged husband Kim Dotcom, 40, has lashed back following her interview in a women’s magazine this week.

Kim, who was not informed about the interview before publication, made contact with his estranged wife on Monday about her story which he felt should have remained private. Two nights earlier, to celebrate the All Blacks’ victory, he had invited 20 random strangers to an all-night pool party at his Coatesville mansion, where his five children slept soundly.

Mona, 25, was reluctant to divulge what he said, but when asked by The Diary if her husband was offended, she came clean.

“Yes, he was very upset and angry … but I have the right to express my opinion. I don’t need his permission. I’m not his princess any more.”

Why should he be consulted? This is just typical of Dotcom and his bullying ways.

No wonder he hired security guards to try and keep her a prisoner, like Leia to his Jabba.

Jabba Dotcom and Princess Mona

Jabba Dotcom and Princess Mona

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The guy really is a pillock

Labour are all cock-a-hoop about the possibility of having their very first female Muslim MP.

Brain Box Tamati Coffey rushes in where angels fear to tread


H/T Keeping Stock

Now, I know he’s as bent as a 3 dollar note, but you’d think our gay Tory Hater would at least have noticed parliament has had a few women already.

Labour must be so proud.

Keeping Stock is nice enough to offer a small history lesson to the political pillock novice   Read more »

The nasty left, always rewriting history


What page doesn’t exist?


That was the Tamati Coffey tweet where he found it was lovely to talk about Tory scum.

Julie-Anne Genter Jan Logie wondered out loud who Bill English had to F%%% to get his 6th budget baby born.   At least she had the stones to let that Tweet stand.

But not Tamati Coffey – he’s going to try and pretend it never happened.   Read more »

Unholy alliance is an insult to all NZ ICT workers

Ian Apperly writes about the unholy alliance of the Internet and Mana parties.

There are over forty five thousand ICT workers in New Zealand. We are a strong industry. We have the capability to provide export values more than milk and butter in the near future. We are already billions of dollars advanced in terms of turnover. We are serious. So when an unholy alliance of hard left politics coupled with a convicted fraudster appears as a contender to politics, reportedly speaking in our name, we need to be damn careful before we take our vote and put it behind a machine that, in my opinion, is possibly one of the most aborted, mangled, and ugly conglomerates that I have ever seen.

He then goes on to highlight Hone Harawira’s racism, along with Kim Dotcom’s own nazi-loving and racist behaviour. After that he gives a damn good fisking of the PR speak surrounding this band of left wing muppets masquerading as crusaders.

So we have a borderline racist and a convicted criminal, with arguably some very questionable judgement, that have joined forces with the glue between them being Laila Harre, and old Left agitator. So what does she have to say about it? The quotes are sourced from this interview:

“The Internet Party has grown out of an existing constituency of people who are very concerned about the lost opportunities that we’re seeing day by day with a government that’s making very short term pragmatic decisions and isn’t enabling the full potential of the internet and of the technological revolution, to play a part in our lives.”

What a load of bunk. The Internet Party is a, in my opinion, financial arrangement between Mana and Kim Dotcom that sees Harawira(s) getting a significant amount of cash (millions) in an effort of Kim Dotcom to have a go at government. Seems to me that, even though I have been a critic, our Internet access is increasingly getting better. So why do we need these guys and girls?

Let’s take another angle. The Mana Internet Party has a real focus on “tin and iron”. Building network links and the like. But you know what, that’s not actually how ICT works at all, it’s important, but it’s something that comes after what strategy you decide on. In other words, let’s decide what is important as a country and then figure out what tech we need to support that.

” I think one of the great things about this party is it represents the sort of fullness and diversity of the internet generation. At one side we have cutting edge entrepreneurs, people who really see the opportunities in an expansion of this technology for New Zealand, and there’s no question at all that we cannot get beyond our current economic malaise without a massive transformation.”

So here’s the thing lady, I’m part of the “Internet Generation” and I have to say, talking to my peer group, the chances of you getting votes from us is pretty much zip. This statement is just gibberish. What we are looking for is good ICT policy. Something that the Mana Internet Party simply does not have. In fact, National and the Right are dragging badly here as well. If you want to look for good policy then check out Labour and the Greens. Here’s hoping that National de-couples their old view of ICT policy and comes up with something solid so we have a good choice.

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Things are falling apart in Labour

When something happens that isn’t going the way a political party particularly wants, they need to get together, work out a strategy, and communicate that coherently.

What you don’t do, is have all sorts of MPs going on Twitter and doing a Clive Dunn impression (“Don’t Panic Mr Mainwaring!  Don’t paaaniiiiic!!)

Senior Labour Party MPs have used social media to attack the alliance struck between Mana and the Internet Party.

Since this isn’t a coordinated or planned response, we can safely assume these MPs have gone rogue.  It reflects the fact the Labour Party is out of control, and people are doing their own thing.

Former leaders Phil Goff and David Shearer, and Rimutaka MP Chris Hipkins, are among those who have objected to the deal. It could see MPs from Kim Dotcom’s fledging political vehicle enter Parliament on the ‘‘coat-tails’’ of a victory for Hone Harawira in Te Tai Tokerau.

The strong opposition from within Labour could make post-election coalition talks tricky.

Goff says he feel strongly about Dotcom’s ‘‘pure political opportunism’’, citing his previous donations to ACT MP John Banks, now the subject of a court case. ‘‘He wants to be able to influence and control politicians.’’

Goff says he was previously ‘‘very critical’’ of National for exploiting MMP and failing to implement recommendations from the Electoral Commission to abolish the provision.

‘‘I’m scarcely likely to endorse another rort …I’m being entirely consistent,’’ he said.

This is totally delicious.  Labour is damned if it does, and damned if it doesn’t.  And no matter what they decide to do, the mere existence of the Internet Mana Party is going to hurt Labour’s chances.   Read more »