First the armed forces, now the police are told not to wear uniforms

This does my head in.   By the time that the armed forces and the police are cowering in the face of terrorism, what is a citizen to do?

Police forces across Britain were on alert last night after a warning of an Islamic State-style plot to kidnap and behead an officer.

More than 7,000 officers in the West Midlands were warned they were in imminent danger following a telephone threat.

Police chiefs in Britain’s second largest force were so concerned at the ‘anonymous but credible’ threat that they stopped officers going off duty until they had attended a security briefing.

However, it was reported that senior officers feared a female officer would be targeted for ‘shock factor’.

A source told the Daily Mirror: ‘It is known police are worried jihadists are going to behead an officer.

‘They believe they want to target a WPC for shock factor. The fear is a terror cell will think female officers make easier targets.’

Other forces urgently reviewed safety precautions and warned officers not to wear their uniform or ID badge when off duty – normally they are allowed to wear uniform when travelling to and from work. Read more »


Kids go to school in street clothes to prevent being mugged

One of the reasons that I follow news in other countries is that it is a bellwether of what will eventually become normal here too.  When critics say we are 20-30 years behind the rest of the world, they mean this in a pejorative sense, but I think it is great that we can see the world make the mistakes, so we don’t have to.

How did the UK get to this stage?

because of a worrying wave of street robberies in the area, the boys from St Paul’s School have been banned from displaying their uniform outside the school gates – and parents at the £22,000-a-year establishment have been urged to buy hooded tops for their sons so they blend in more easily with the local youths.

It is understood that criminal gangs have been targeting the pupils in the belief that they are likely to be carrying expensive smartphones.

The mother of one young robbery victim said: ‘If anything, they could get into trouble with teachers for keeping their uniform on these days. The mugging problem has become very bad lately. There have been at least 14 that I know of.’

Kids essentially have to sneak into school wearing a disguise to get past the scrotes that are trying to mug them.   Read more »


Guess where the Islamic paradise on earth actually is

The UK


French police used tear gas on crowds of migrants this week in Calais when around 300 attempted to storm lorries heading for the Channel 

Illegal immigrants making desperate bids to reach Britain have turned the port of Calais into a lawless ‘jungle’, according to the French far-right leader.

Marine Le Pen seized on escalating tensions in the town by calling for the urgent reintroduction of internal border controls that have been banished across much of Europe.

The leader of the anti-immigrant National Front party made the remarks during a visit to the northern port town where riot police this week used teargas to ward off hundreds of immigrants seeking to jump on to lorries bound for Britain.

There are similarities between the UK and New Zealand.  Both island nations.  Both tolerant secular western societies.    Read more »

Step 1: Chemical weapons captured Step 2: MIG fighters Step 3: Chemical weapons used

…or so it is claimed.

The play to get the world behind boots on the ground action is marching on.

Dizzy, vomiting and struggling to breathe, 11 Iraqi police officers were rushed to a government hospital 80km north of the capital last month. The diagnosis: poisoning by chlorine gas. The perpetrators, according to the officers: Islamic State extremists.

The chlorine attack appears to be the first confirmed use of chemical weapons by the Islamic State on the battlefield. An Iraqi Defence Ministry official corroborated it, and doctors said survivors’ symptoms were consistent with chlorine poisoning.

I love the “appears to be” leading to the use of “confirmed”.  It’s skillful, no?

It is one of three crude chlorine attacks that Iraqi forces say have occurred since the extremists seized vast tracts of Iraqi territory this summer, although details on the other two incidents remain sketchy. The reported assaults raise concerns that the militants are attempting to hone their chemical weapons capabilities as they push to seize more ground.

Say to  have occurred.   Read more »

Get ready for Peak Soil Fertility

via The Express

via The Express

We’re always running out of something it seems.  This, from the UK, where they think they only have about 50 harvests left before they can’t grown any more food in their soil.

Intense over-farming means there are only 100 harvests left in the soil of the UK’s countryside, a study has found.

With a growing population and the declining standard of British farmland, scientists warned that we are on course for an “agricultural crisis” unless dramatic action is taken. Read more »

You can buy milk at 75c per litre in Iceland stores, and UK farmers say it’s killing them

Fascinating tale of how supermarkets use a product as a loss leader, but that apparently causes problems up the supply chain:

Farmers are threatening protests after Iceland cut the price of a four-pint milk carton from £1 to 89p.

The budget store is using milk as a loss leader – selling below cost price to lure in customers – with the result it is even undercutting discount chains Aldi and Lidl.

However, the news has angered dairy farmers who complain they have been hit with a succession of punishing price cuts which are forcing them out of business.

FFA chairman David Handley said: ‘This move by Iceland is a disgrace. It will feed through to lower prices paid to farmers.

‘The supermarkets are devaluing milk. We are almost getting to the point it is so cheap that people will buy it because it doesn’t matter if they throw it away.

Rob Harrison, chairman of the National Farmers’ Union dairy board, said: ‘We will be speaking to Iceland. This continual devaluation of milk is a real concern to our industry.

‘It is rather rash and stupid to do this when lots of dairy farmers are suffering with low prices. Read more »


Call for Brits to license the Lycra Forcefield nutters


Enough is enough for this Road Lice sympathiser

Some of my best friends are cyclists. I have long listened with genuine sympathy to their tales of horror as, trying to weave their way through towns and cities, they become invisible to drivers of motor vehicles – especially very big ones – and have endless brushes with mutilation or death.

But when Katy Bourne, the police and crime commissioner for Sussex, said last week that she would like to see cyclists carrying some form of visible identification akin to a car numberplate, so that they could be tracked down for traffic offences, it struck a note.

There are such things as bad cyclists, and I seem to come across rather a lot of them.

That’s the point, isn’t it?   There are enough of them to whom the road rules don’t exist.  Others increase the danger to themselves and others by blocking the road so dangerous passing manoeuvres are then needed.   Read more »

Key isn’t making it up – the world is puckering up due to the ISIS threat

Thousands of terror suspects in the UK are being monitored by the security services, it has been claimed.

Far more militants than previously thought are under surveillance, according to the Mayor of London.

Boris Johnson said the threat from Islamist extremists may be greater than officials have admitted.

It had been believed that the main danger came from some 500 jihadis who have travelled to Syria and Iraq from Britain to join Islamic State or Al-Qaeda. About half of these have since returned to the UK.

But Mr Johnson told the Daily Telegraph the danger was much more widespread than the relatively small numbers of extremists who have gone abroad to fight.

‘In London we’re very, very vigilant and very, very concerned,’ he said. ‘Every day – as you saw recently, we had to raise the threat level – every day the security services are involved in thousands of operations.

Luckily New Zealand doesn’t quite have the same proportion of Muslim immigration to underpin such a threat, but just because the numbers are lower doesn’t mean we don’t have our own issues.   Read more »


Pick which party is considering these policies

Let’s say a party  had these policies

– Increasing minimum wage, twice during the next term

– Income tax free threshold up to $25,000

– People on minimum wage pay no income tax at all

– 40% tax rate at $100,000

– 100,000 new homes to be built, 20% cheaper than they are now, with foreign buyers banned

– Increase health spending in real terms, every year, until 2020

Can you guess?

Read more »

Scotland has spoken



The early results are trending to about 54% “No” to Scottish independence.

Let’s hope that New Zealanders are equally not in the mood for change.