Maybe Andrew Little can send our curry chefs to England


David and Samantha Cameron enjoy a curry. They tucked into chicken korai and saag paneer at Manchester’s Saffron Lounge during the Conservative party conference in October – it wasn’t quite as spicy as the chilli-hot specials they ordered at the Paprika Indian restaurant in Birmingham the previous year.

The prime minister even pledged to protect the struggling £4.2bn curry industry, which employs 100,000 people, at the British Curry awards in 2013. He said he would “get the skilled Asian chefs you need” to the UK, while the home secretary, Theresa May, has admitted that curry chefs are a shortage occupation. Read more »

Legalising cannabis in UK ‘would raise £1billion a year in taxes’

The Telegraph reports:

Legalising the sale of cannabis in specialist shops could raise £1billion in tax revenues while reducing the harm done to users, a new study has found.

A panel of experts including scientists, academics and police bosses have concluded that the UK should follow some US states in allowing over 18s to purchase cannabis in licensed stores.

Cannabis could also be home-cultivated for personal use and small-scale licensed cannabis social clubs under the proposals.

Just like you can grow tobacco for personal consumption here.

Advertising or branding of cannabis products would be banned and the pricing and packaging of cannabis would be controlled by the Government.

A new regulator would also be created to oversee the industry.

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The only question is: Why has it taken this long?


How do you get rid of immigrants without appearing to be a racist?

It looks like the UK has found a way:  a minimum income level.  The problem is, it’s going to have some collateral damage, such as bludging Kiwis on their OE.

Some expat New Zealanders earning a lower income in the United Kingdom could be caught by a rule change that will lead to deportation for people earning below an income threshold.

Beginning in April, non-EU migrants will be kicked out of the country after five years if they cannot show they are earning more than £35,000 ($77,400).

The rule change was expected to affect 40,000 people, and would have the greatest impact on teachers, nurses, charity workers and students.

Yes, but it will also have a huge impact on unemployed and those who are “externally sponsored” to be in the country for shady reasons.    Read more »


Banning Trump visit to UK causes 3-hour debate in parliament

via Reuters

via Reuters

British MPs have debated a petition to ban US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump from Britain over remarks on Muslims, but while describing his comments as “crazy” and “offensive”, most said the ban would go against free speech.

They said Trump should be allowed into Britain where his views could be challenged, a ban would give him more publicity, or it was not for Britain to get involved in US affairs.

Trump caused outrage in December with his comments that Muslims should be banned from entering the US.

He spoke after 14 people died in a shooting spree in California by two Muslims whom the FBI said had been radicalised.

His comments prompted more than half a million Britons to sign a petition calling for him to be barred from entering the country, where he has business interests. Read more »


Is Europe finished?

Raheem Kassam thinks Europe may well be finished:

So this is the way 2015 ends for Europe, not with a bang, but with a whimper. With Brussels, Paris, London and Berlin all on high alert, having either cancelled or drastically altered their plans for traditional New Year’s celebrations across the capitals of the continent.

It would be amusing were it not such a tragic development for those of us who have to live among them, that the open-door, terrorist-apologist policies of the liberal left which has its tentacles deep in the “old” conservative parties across Europe have led in many ways to the decline of their own ideals.

“Tolerance” – going. “Sexual liberation” – going. “Feminism” – gone. These, if not yet fully dead, are ideals in their death throes as Europe undergoes a seismic shift in demographics and inevitably, our politics.

And what better way than to mark the occasion that German Chancellor Angela Merkel – not so much the architect as the project manager – delivering her annual New Year speech, for the first time, subtitled in Arabic?

Some have deeply pessimistic takes on it all. It’s hard not to. It is very hard to sit across from someone at a dinner table, and with a straight face proclaim, “I’m sure it’s going to be alright”.

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Atheism is the new hate speech


Activist Maryam Namazie was due to make a presentation to Warwick University’s Student Union on October 28, having been by the Warwick Atheists, Secularists and Humanists (WASH) group

Don’t believe in God? Then you are offensive to Muslims. Atheists have unwittingly joined the rather large club of groups of people that are offensive to Muslims. It seems that simply not believing in a higher being is offensive and in the case of Maryam Namazie ‘ highly inflammatory ‘.

The outrageously offensive topics she was intending to discuss in the mistaken belief that there is this thing called Freedom of Speech inside Universities were apostasy, blasphemy and nudity in the age of ISIS.

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Is this Quiz designed to make everyone who takes it wrong?

In my search for another interesting quiz for Whaleoilers to take I came across one created by UK media. The purpose of the quiz is to address what they believe are common misconceptions about migrants and refugees arriving in Europe. While I do not dispute their statistics regarding the exact number of migrants arriving in each place I do question the terminology they use.

For example they use the term ‘ bogus’ asylum seekers and then use legal language to dispute the public’s    ‘ misconception ‘  that many of the migrants are not true refugees. By using this term they avoid looking at the statistics of how many so far have been found to be terrorists and what percentage that apply for asylum have been rejected. These are statistics I would really be interested in seeing. I suspect they were not included in the quiz because they would not support the narrative that the Public has it all wrong and that migration is not a threat to Europe.

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The right and proper way to sort out the problem in Syria

David Cameron has shown the right and proper way to sort out the problem in Syria…by killing the bad wogs who are causing the problem in the first place.

A British jihadist has been killed by UK forces in Syria after he directed a plot to kill the Queen, it emerged on Monday night.

In a move David Cameron said was “a new departure” for Britain, Reyaad Khan was last month assassinated in an RAF drone strike after security services uncovered his bid to stage a terror attack in the UK.

The Prime Minister said that it is the first time UK forces have directed a targeted attack against one of its own citizens when Britain is not at war.

Oh but you are at war…just not against a country…rather an ideology of hate.

It is also marks the first British military action in Syria and Mr Cameron made clear that UK forces are now prepared to carry out more strikes in Syria, Iraq and Libya against specific targets.

Downing Street denied the existence of a “kill list” of terrorists.

However, it has been made clear by Whitehall sources that British-born Isil fighters including Jihadi John, the terrorist responsible for executing westerners in Syria, are targets for UK forces.

The Prime Minister authorised the strike without the approval of Parliament but said that it did not require a vote because it was an act of “self-defence” for which there was a “clear legal basis”.

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One law for all? Not in the UK


Everyone is equal under the law but some are more equal than others in the UK. Islam already has so much influence that UK law in some cases has one law for muslims and one for non-muslims.

Do you think that I am exaggerating? What if I was to tell you that when muslims actually committed crime (A) in front of the media and multiple witnesses they were not charged let alone punished. In contrast when a non-muslim threatened to do crime (A) on Facebook and then did not do it that they were not only charged but are now  facing seven long years in prison? Want to learn more?

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