UN says Sweden will be a third world country by 2030

If you import the third world in large enough numbers you will become the third world. Swedish politician Anders Borg, the former Minister of Finance, thinks that Sweden losing its cultural identity is a good thing. Back in 2013 he said that “Sweden belongs to the immigrants, not the Swedes.” A UN report has revealed that Sweden by 2030 will have lost everything that attracted the immigrants in the first place. Sweden will certainly belong to the immigrants by then but it won’t be a country worth having.

…The UN report HDI (Human Development Index) predicts a significant decrease in Swedish prosperity, unlike their Nordic neighbors, who will retain their top positions and even strengthen them globally in the long run.

In 2010 Sweden had the 15th place in the HDI rankings but according to UN forecasts, Sweden will be #25 in 2015, and in 2030 on the 45th place.

Sweden is one of few countries with such a sharp deterioration from what it had in 2010.

Finland demonstrates one of the world’s best school systems, while the Swedish school have lost competitiveness.

Fewer ends up on welfare dependency in their Nordic neighboring countries while Sweden continues to have a greater amount of family households forced to live on welfare, which are a couple factors causing the dropped global competitiveness.

Negative developments, or rather liquidations can be exemplified by Orrefors Kosta Boda, which in 1992 had 940 employees in Sweden and was a profitable industry. Today less than 100 remain in the company after further cost reductions and adaptations in order to meet global competition.

Most of today’s less developed countries such as Cuba, Mexico, the Baltic countries and Bulgaria according to the 2030 UN report will be passing Sweden in prosperity.

Even Greece, which today is more or less bankrupt, but will be on 13th place by 2030.

Sweden’s leftist establishment and media believe a cornerstone of their perfect society is multiculturalism: large scale immigration from some of the poorest, most backward nations on earth. Swedes who disagree with that plan risk being labeled racist, fascist, even Nazi.

“We had a perfectly good country,” Ingrid Carlqvist, a journalist said. “A rich country, a nice country, and in a few years’ time, that country will be gone.”

The logic should be really simple to understand, yet many have difficulties grasping it: If you import the Third World, it’s what you’ll get.

Here is the UN report:

2010–2030 UN projections of Very High HDIs


Rudd disses Clark for President of da World

Kevin Rudd is a cock..at the best of times. He has been called much worse.

But now he has attacked the candidacy of Helen Clark for the General Secretary of the UN job….probably because he wants the job and if he can’t have it then Helen Clark shouldn’t.

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has effectively dismissed Helen Clark’s chances of becoming the next UN Secretary-General, saying she was “very capable” but it was his “firm belief” an Eastern European would get the job.

 Speaking to Indian newspaper the Hindu, Mr Rudd, who is widely rumoured to want the job himself, was asked about Helen Clark’s bid for the job.

“As I said it is my firm belief that this time we will have a UN [Secretary-General] chief from East Europe. As for Helen, I think she will be a strong candidate if we cannot find agreement between the P-5 and the other members of the Security Council on an East European candidate.”   Read more »


Honesty, integrity, openness

The image on the left (I do apologise) is what Helen Clark looks like today.  The image on the right is what is on Helen Clark’s UN profile page, today.


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There’s such a thing as putting your best foot forward, but using a photo you used to run for (and lose) the 2008 election campaign for your run at the UN President of the World is starting to poke the borax beyond the bounds of reason.



Hosking on Clark’s push to become the President of da World!


In a nutshell, [the United Nations is] a spineless mess that has allowed the world to disintegrate before its very eyes. In the theatre of military turmoil – of which there is much – they do nothing but disagree on what to do on everything.

This leaves the United States to play global sheriff, and when the United States is led by a bloke like Obama, his first thought process is to bring troops home, hence you have vacuums, violence and carnage everywhere from Afghanistan to Syria to Iraq to Libya. Read more »


Labour go into overdrive to make Helen Clark look better

[Labour MP Sua Mr William] Sio has just returned from a trip to [Kiribati and Tuvalu] to look at the impact of rising sea levels.

He says the main impact is the concentration of population putting pressure on scarce resources like drinking water which is in turn being affected by the rising sea water table.

Currently New Zealand has an immigration quota of 75 for Tuvalu and Kiribati.

“On Tuvalu there’s a total population of 12,000 and 6000 of them live on Funafuti (the main island) and there’s just not enough room,” he said.

“The Prime Minister (of Tuvalu) said to me, the numbers are small but they can have a really striking impact.”

He is proposing what he calls a programme of ”Migration with Dignity” which could see New Zealand assist with education and pre-immigration training in the islands for people without the skills and qualifications to easily qualify for immigration.

“They don’t want to lose all their brightest and smartest,” he said.

“They still need them to run the Government.

“So the Government Ministers I met agreed that we need to grow the education skill base and look at the mobility of labour.”

He said that both governments of Kiribati and Tuvalu regard migration as a last resort.

“Notwithstanding that I think that for a future Government which wants to stand and support the Pacific you have to plan for that emergency and that disaster but hoping that the disaster doesn’t happen and allow for the gradual movement of people.”

He said he was surprised because had expected that the Governments would be saying everybody wanted to leave.

“But they actually didn’t.

“Yes, they want to migrate but they also want to be able to come back to their homes.

“They want their homes protected.”

But on the bigger picture of the impact climate change is having on the sea levels he said that if New Zealand wanted to stand with the Pacific it had to walk the talk and be bigger and braver about reducing its carbon emissions.

Mr Sio’s trip is an interesting move by Labour which has been accused of taking the Pacific vote for granted.

Looks like another Helen Clark inspired move to make NZ look palatable to the UN.  Because here’s another view, which won’t be popular with those holding the begging bowls.  Read more »

Poor Helen, the Aussies look like they might drop support for her bid to be boss of the UN


The Aussies look like they are changing their mind in their support of Helen Clark for the replacement of Ban Ki Moon.

Speculation that Australian support for any Helen Clark bid for the top United Nations job could be overturned comes amidst jostling by potential candidates, Labour’s foreign affairs spokesman David Shearer says.

Malcolm Turnbull’s Australian cabinet may overturn a commitment given by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott to back Helen Clark for Secretary General of the United Nations if she becomes a candidate, according to The Australian newspaper.

The paper revealed that Mr Abbott and Prime Minister John Key committed in letters to conduct a joint strategy to promote Ms Clark as the successor to Ban Ki-Moon whose term ends at the end of this year.

But that commitment looks set to be compromised by two factors: Mr Abbott did not consult his Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, before giving the undertaking to Mr Key.

And former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has made it known he is interested in the job.

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They keep knock-knocking but they can’t come in

Some people have mocked Slovakia calling it Slow-vakia but they seem to have more sense in their little fingers than Germany, Sweden and Denmark. The pressure will build as more and more European Union member countries refuse to do the bidding of the UN. If Slovakia can say no to 802 Muslim migrants with its population of only 5.4 million people, then why can’t John Key say no on behalf of New Zealand’s population of 4.5 million people?

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico has reiterated his aim to allow no Muslims into the country….Robert Fico said on Thursday that Slovakia would fight against immigration from Muslim countries to prevent attacks like last year’s shootings in Paris and large-scale assaults of women in Germany, which took place on New Year’s Eve.
“We don’t want something like what happened in Germany taking place in Slovakia,” Fico said, adding that the country must “prevent [its] women from being molested in public places.”

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The UN uses Human rights experts not Military experts to evaluate armed conflict

The UN have based their ongoing condemnation of Israel on reports written by people ill-equipped to evaluate armed conflict, as they are Human rights experts not Military experts. The restrictions which they expect Israel to operate under would make every other army of the world far less effective if they too were forced by the UN to abide by them. From what I have read, Israel would have to be running the most ethical and self-harming defensive campaign I have ever seen, anywhere in the world, now or indeed in history.

They warn the enemy when they are about to attack to give them time to evacuate, to reduce casualties. They famously knock on the roofs of buildings with a loud warning missile before sending in, a minute later, the missile to destroy the building. They send warning text messages to every phone in the area about to be targeted, again to warn that the attack is about to start. They drop warning leaflets as well for those without phones. This is just one aspect of the ‘ethical’ war that they fight yet they are still condemned for war crimes by the UN for what Human rights, not Military experts call unacceptable civilian casualties.

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Should a Pro-Human rights organisation be actively Pro-Abortion?


Amnesty International was founded to advocate for the rights and freedom of prisoners of conscience.Today, Amnesty’s website states that: “Through our detailed research and determined campaigning, we help fight abuses of human rights worldwide. We bring torturers to justice. Change oppressive laws. And free people jailed just for voicing their opinion.”

Even though that is Amnesty International’s stated aim they are actively campaigning to legalise abortion in Christian countries across the world. This month they released an ad starring actor Liam Neeson to push for the introduction of abortion in Ireland

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Helen Clark wants to be President of the World

Hate or loathe her, honest political opponents have to at least respect Helen Clark.  And perhaps enough will do so to make her the top boss at the United Nations.

By this time next year, the prospect of Helen Clark succeeding Ban Ki-moon as head of the United Nations should be clear.

Though the former New Zealand Prime Minister has been careful not to declare her hand, her name appears high on the list of potential candidates whenever the post is publicly discussed.

Clark mused about the idea in an interview last year when she was asked if she wanted the job. She replied: “If there’s enough support for the style of leadership that I have, it will be interesting.”

This week, her office offered the party line. Her spokeswoman, Christina LoNigro, told the Weekend Herald by email: “United Nations Development Program Administrator Helen Clark is very happy in her current position as the head of the UN’s development activities, and has no further comment.”

Clark’s successor at the Beehive, John Key, got on the phone when Clark drew up a CV for the UNDP role after Labour’s defeat in November 2008. On April 17, 2009, nine days after resigning from Parliament, Clark was in New York being sworn in to her US$450,000 UNDP job.

The post, number three in the UN hierarchy, put her in charge of a sprawling agency with offices in 170 countries and territories, a US$5 billion budget and a high-profile platform. Despite his different political stripe, Key has pledged to back Clark if she wants a crack at the Secretary-General’s job.

If we can leave her domestic politics to one side, she’s definitely punching above her weight and is continuing to put New Zealand on the map.  Pity it is for the huge black hole of public money that is the UN, but let’s not get catty about it.

So far Helen has pretty much achieved everything she set her mind to.   It won’t surprise me at all when she leads the UN one day, and I do believe we should be behind this in a non-partisan way.

There will also be other benefits – the UN is a much bigger trough, so we can hope it will attract ambitious lefties that would otherwise mess up our local politics by providing a credible opposition.

A fourth, and arguably the most important, was not approached, partly because Eyley says she was told it would be pointless. That person was Heather Simpson, who got on board with Clark 30 years ago and has ridden shotgun with her ever since, though she has barely uttered a public peep. Known as “H2”, Simpson was hired from Otago University where she taught economics.

Her style is described in the book by Sir Michael Cullen, who worked with Simpson at Otago and was deputy prime minister to Clark from 2002 until 2008. Cullen says big decisions were often a three-way thing between the leader, himself and Simpson.

“Heather was often the one who went off to see whether various members of the caucus’ kneecaps needed a degree of ventilation …”

Whatever the true source of Helen’s power, you can’t deny the result.


– Andrew Stone, A newspaper