undercover policeman

New Rule for Undercover Cops

No rooting hippy chicks because they weren’t into free love at all. They wanted commitment.

A group of women have launched landmark court action against Britainā€™s biggest police force, claiming they were duped into forming long-term relationships with undercover policemen.

The eight women, who have not been named, claim to have suffered emotional pain and trauma from the men who “deliberately and knowingly deceived” them for up to nine years.

They claim they became ā€œdeeply emotionally attachedā€ with the unnamed officers who had concealed their identities, according to legal papers sent to police.

Reports claimedĀ Mark Kennedy, an undercover policeman who infiltrated the environment movement for several years, had relationships with three of the women.

Last night theĀ Metropolitan PoliceĀ said it was considering a letter from their lawyers.