Oh look, how inconvenient for Labour

Last year Andrew Little was stating that Labour’s focus was going to be on “jobs, jobs, jobs”. Grant Robertson is talking about the “Future of Work” and Andrew Little echoed that by talking about the rise of the robots…and nasty car washes.

Carmel Sepuloni thinks the statistics are wrong and calls for the government to be more transparent on job figures.

Grant Robertson even predicted that unemployment was going to balloon:

At the Select Committee Bill English appeared bewildered as to why unemployment is at 6%, higher than Australia, the US or the UK. He had no explanation as to why he has been unable to get unemployment any lower than the 5.6% recorded last year. With unemployment set to head towards 7% in the coming year, it is reckless that the government still has no plan to address this.

Apparently the government isn’t doing enough on jobs…and employment.

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Terrible news for Labour: New Zealand’s feeling gooooood

Turns out all the talk of New Zealand going to hell in a handcart by the left and supported and amplified by the Media Party is falling on deaf ears.

New Zealanders will end the year brimming with confidence, according to three indicators out in the past few days.

First, the ANZ Business Outlook showed business confidence rising to an eight-month high in December.

The ANZ Job Ads series lifted a further 2% in November, the third monthly rise in a row and the first time that had occurred since early 2014.

And yesterday, the Westpac McDermott Miller consumer confidence index ended the year on 110.7 points and a level just below the long-term average of 111.5.

The All Blacks won the World Cup.  Summer is here.  We’re all thinking about the bach, the beach, the boat.  And we’re feelin’ goooood.   Read more »

More good news: Pasifika employment is up


The number of Pacific people employed increased by 9.6 per cent in the year to September 2015, according to the latest Labour Market Factsheets for Māori and Pacific peoples released by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment today. Read more »

More good news: unemployment expected to be steady into 2017 election

This takes away Labour’s major policy plank and they’ll have to find another one.

Business leaders and economists are signalling there will be no drop in unemployment for the next two years.

At the start of November figures from Statistics New Zealand showed unemployment hit 6 per cent in the September quarter, the highest level in 18 months, following a surprise drop in the workforce.

On Tuesday the Reserve Bank’s quarterly survey of expectations, which gathers economic predictions from economists and business and industry leaders, showed no relief is in sight.

The survey showed participants expect unemployment to be 6.18 per cent in 12 months and 6.01 per cent in two years.   Read more »

Remember Labour going apeshit over a 0.1% change in unemployment rate? This is why

Labour went completely off the scale over the unemployment rate, when it moved just 0.1%.

They were obviously expecting it to be much worse, but because Andrew Little’s whole direction for Labour is “jobs, jobs, jobs” they had to run with it.

There weren’t any big bang policy announcements, but Labour leader Andrew Little has come out firing as the party tries to well and truly shake off the demons of last year’s election defeat.

In an impassioned speech to round out Labour’s annual conference in Palmerston North today, Mr Little set out in the broadest possible terms what his party’s priorities will be heading into 2017 – at one point sending his water glass flying off the lectern in the process.

He’s put jobs at the top of his agenda, saying getting more Kiwis into higher skilled, better paid jobs is necessary to build a stronger economy.

The Government needs to do more and to that end, Mr Little says a future Labour government will change the rules so companies promising to create jobs have a better chance of winning government contracts – a rehash of what previous Labour leaders have said they’ll do.    Read more »

Unemployment increases by 0.1%, Labour goes ballistic. Labour Leader support drops by 2%, Labour says that’s just fine..

Labour are so desperate for traction…on anything…that they will chase any passing bus like a retarded dog.

Opposition parties have seized on a rise in the unemployment rate to accuse the Government of running out of ideas.

But Finance Minister Bill English says he is happy enough with where the economy is heading and isn’t worrying about one figure.

New Zealand’s jobless rate rose in the third quarter from 5.9 percent to 6 percent as employment unexpectedly fell, according to figures released today.

“Today’s figures are a damning indictment of National. For the first time since 2012 the number of people in work has fallen by 11,000,” said Labour’s Grant Robertson.

“The 151,000 people out of work are a symbol of seven long years of wasted opportunities.”    Read more »

Bludgers too lazy to work, so we import workers instead

Kerre McIvor nails it:

More than 63,000 fit, capable, work-ready New Zealanders are looking for jobs, so why are we importing workers?

Between 2011 and last year, more than 23,000 Filipinos were granted temporary visas to work on New Zealand farms, because, apparently, there were no Kiwis to do the jobs. Yet Government stats state there are.

I can understand why overseas workers might be brought in to work in industries or professions where years of specialist training is required.

But being a good farm worker requires little more than basic common sense and a willingness to work. And the furore over the faked Filipino work visas proves that. It is believed one in three of the thousands of Filipino farmer workers is here with faked documents.

Farmers are beside themselves as this is one of the busiest times of year. They say the Filipino workers may not have had experience before they arrived, but they have proved invaluable and losing them would be devastating for their businesses.    Read more »

What Labour is and isn’t focussing on

Yesterday a desperate Labour party resorted to race-baiting in order to try and gain some traction.

Unfortunately their shameless attempt to emulate Winston Peters ended up covered in Kak as it was revealed that their “statistics” were as slippery as a dock covered in duck poo.

It got me thinking.

What is Labour focussing on and why aren’t they focussing on real issues?

So, what we know is Labour thinks that people with chinky sounding surnames investing in property is bad. By extension anyone with a funny sounding surname investing in property is bad…and the logical extension from all their policies against property investment is that working hard, saving, buying property, collecting rent is all bad in their books and these property owning hard working, migrants mostly, Kiwis are stuffing the economy.

In particular they are focussing on the over representation in a highly selective data set of Asian property owners.

That is what Labour is focussing on.

What they aren’t focussing on is policies that address over representation in other statistics. Statistics New Zealand tells us that Asian make up 12% of the population. Maori are 15%, Europeans 74%, Pasifika 7% and 1% are Middle Eastern, Latin American or African.   Read more »

No matter how many times Key pulls a ponytail, it’s stuff like this that keeps him in the job

The unemployment rate is steady at 5.8 percent, according to the latest quarterly figures.

It remained static in the March quarter while the labour force participation rate reached an all-time high of 69.6 percent, said Statistics NZ.

Unemployment low and remains low.  Low when compared to our trading partners and top OECD performers.

On top of that, the size of the labour market has increased, so there are more people with jobs.   Superb.

Now, as reported, they had to find a negative somewhere, and they managed:

The figures show the male employment rate is at its highest level since December 2008.

So more women in jobs as well.   Not that they picked that angle.


I wonder if Labour will try this here?

I wonder if our very own “future of work” researcher who has never had a proper job, Grant Robertson, would be supportive of a scheme that would see benefits stopped and unemployed forced into work after two years.

They would probably throw their hands up at the horror of the state forcing the indolent into work.

But that is exactly what Labour in the UK is proposing.

The unemployed should be forced to take a job after no more than two years on the dole to end stop them spending a ‘lifetime on benefits’, Labour will say today.

Rachel Reeves is challenging David Cameron to back Labour’s plan for a jobs guarantee to limit Jobseekers Allowance to a year for under 25s and two years for older workers.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, the shadow work and pensions secretary warned the country cannot afford leaving people ‘stuck on benefits for years on end’.

Latest figures show the number of people claiming JSA stood at 867,700 in December, down from 1.6million in 2011 but still 90,000 higher than the pre-crash trough in February 2008.

However, there are 133,200 people aged 25 and over who have been claiming JSA for two years or more, and 30,000 people aged 18-24 have been on JSA for over a year.

Under Labour’s plan, the government would force those on the scheme to take a job working 25 hours a week, paid at the minimum wage, for six months.

The party hopes that four in five people would be kept on by employers in the job after six months.

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