I wonder if Labour is ready for a dose of this medicine?

Labour in the last election got soundly spanked, their solution for the problem was to select a union bovver boy as leader to take Labour further to the left.

In the UK Labour got the same treatment and they are now seeking a replacement for Ed Miliband.

A senior MP has suggested some strong medicine for the party:

Labour needs to embrace a ‘huge cut’ in the welfare bill and severe restrictions on the free movement of European migrants, a senior MP has said.

John Mann, who is on the right of the party, said Labour had lost the election because it was led by an out-of-touch metropolitan elite who saw Britain through a ‘London eyeglass’.

In a manifesto of ideas for the new leader, the Bassetlaw MP said the party had to be more pro-business and needed to ensure that the family became its ‘central focus’.

He said Labour must be less ‘statist’ and must give people more individual freedom, saying: ‘Too often, we have sought to do good things for people, rather than empower them to do it themselves.’

Housing benefit should be slashed, and Labour should argue for restrictions on the free movement of labour in areas where there is unemployment, Mr Mann said.

It is looking increasingly likely that there will be three contenders to take over from failed leader Ed Miliband –Liz Kendall, Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham.

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Why do unions oppose drug testing? Don’t they care for safety?

The unions usually bang on about workplace safety. And they have a point mostly.

No one wants people to go to work and be put at risk of serious injury or worse.

Yet we constantly see unions opposing drug testing. Why?

A union has criticised plans to drug test workers for kava as discriminatory – but the company involved has categorically denied the claim.

In a statement yesterday, the First Union said Goodman Fielder’s employees at the Quality Bakers site in Dunedin would be subject to testing for kava.

However, both the company and the Drug Detection Agency, which Goodman Fielder has contracted to carry out drug testing, have denied workers would be tested for kava.

The union is standing by its claim, and says such testing would be discriminatory,

“Classing kava as a drug will have a racist impact. It effectively means targeting Pasifika people,” First Union organiser Jerome Mika said.

The roots of the kava plant are used to produce a drink which has a sedative effect. It is used throughout the Pacific and is known as ‘ava in Samoa and ‘awa in Hawaii.

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PPTA President’s School Highly Funded Compared to Charters

In Saturday’s NZ Herald PPTA President Angela Roberts declared a “broken heart” and “hurt” over a Northland Charter School buying a waka.

This is in keeping with her attempt to protect the PPTA patch against the perceived threat of nine marauding Charter Schools.

She is trying to create the impression that Charter Schools are over-funded. In her PPTA profile Roberts declares herself a teacher of Drama and Economics at Stratford High School.

This school is long established and yet has funding of $8,865.20 per student (over $4.7 million in total – excluding buildings and centralised services).

Four of the nine Charters have got their per student costs below that level already – well within the first two years of their existence. For those schools their annual building costs are included in that figure and well as cashed-up funding for centralised services they don’t receive.   Read more »

What should break the heart of a PPTA President

In Saturday’s NZ Herald PPTA President Angela Roberts announced that a Charter School spending less than her annual salary (and funded from a variety of sources) to buy a Waka for their children to use “breaks my heart” and “hurts”.

What should really break the heart of a PPTA President?

Shouldn’t it be massively funded PPTA staffed schools achieving atrocious results for children that lock them into unemployment and negative social cycles. Shouldn’t it be the huge set of negative differentials in New Zealand for Maori and Pasifika students?

No doubt people are trying hard in these schools but the results should be breaking Roberts’ heart. Here a few examples from State Schools where children need help:

Tamaki College gets $6 million per year (exclusive of buildings and centralised services) but only 44% of their Year 11s get NCEA Level 1 and only 11% of their Year 13s get UE.    Read more »

Why Labour needs to distance themselves from the unions

Labour’s deep history is wedded with the union movement, but it is a history that they need to put behind them in order to advance.

It hasn’t helped that the unions shoe-horned their master into the leadership when Andrew Little won the leadership race.

Labour parties the world over are struggling with their union backers.

In Australia there is a long line up of union officials, former union officials who are now MPs and Labor MPs funded and backed by the unions being paraded before various Independent Commissions Against Corruption.

In the UK Unite union is the king-maker and essentially owns the Labour party through their massive multi-million pound donations.

In New Zealand Labour’s biggest donors are the unions, kicking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in members cash, time and manpower to assist Labour. The NZ Dairy Workers union kicked in $40,000 before the election last year. The EPMU (Andrew Little’s union) tipped in $60,000 in July 2014. These are small numbers when compared to the UK but they are Labour’s largest declared donors.

So, why would I say that Labour should distance themselves from the unions?

Well, because the latest UMR (Labour’s own pollster) mood of the nation report shows that unions are not well-loved.

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Random Impertinent Question of the Day

What major union wrote in their recently published annual report under the heading 2014 General Election?

“The union (name left out purposely) lent significant financial and in-kind support to the CTU” (Reference Page 9 of the report).

But the CTU does not get involved in campaigning right?

They do not support Labour right?

They do not support the Greens right?

The union in question does not tell its members how to vote right?   Read more »


The Bully Brigade – It’s Not OK


Here at Whaleoil we often receive tip-offs from people suggesting a cover-up or that a scandal is taking place. Sometimes it is just people venting. But occasionally, it indicates the tip of an iceberg of a story.


LEAKED: The Bully Brigade SECRET internal documents

Oh dear, the Bully Brigade just sinks deeper and deeper.

WOBH has uncovered secret Fire Service documents straight from Fire Region Manager Brendan Nally to our old mate Munter at Kaiapoi.

LEAKED: NZ Fire Service document

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The Bully Brigade, Ctd – News from the trenches

As is usual when I expose ratbags the tip line lights up with even more information.

Yesterday we covered the union bully boys in the Fire Service and how they are conducting a reign of terror amongst volunteer fire fighters.

Here are just a few from the tip line.

Hi Cameron,

I have just read your Fire Service piece today. Man you have hit the nail on the head. I am a member of a large Brigade and we are under constant threat from the supposed ‘Professional’ firefighters. All they want is more jobs for the brothers, to hell whether the community needs it or not. We do a damn fine job serving the community and having paid staff would actually decrease the level of service they end up getting. The Fire Service really is an absolute joke. While there are good Paid firemen, as far as I am concerned a lot of them are nothing more than that – paid firemen, not professionals. I have mates that are in the service and the way they can take sick days, days in lieu, double overtimes, callbacks, it’s sickening. And half the time they do 5/8’s of fuck all. Keep going with your pieces, you will uncover some atrocious behaviours.

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Little keen to learn from Australian Labor party resurgence


Labour Leader Andrew Little (borrowing David Cunliffe’s tie)


The New Zealand Labour Party says it will be talking to its counterpart in Australia after its incredible comeback in the Queensland state elections.

The Australian Labor Party is on track to claim 45 or 46 of the 89 seats in the state’s parliament, after going into the poll holding only nine seats.

It is a major blow for Queensland’s ruling Liberal National Party, and a reflection of the unpopularity of the country’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Read more »