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So much for peak oil

It is interesting being in Dubai and listening to people talk about how oil prices will rise again one Iran’s sanctions are lifted and with the low price hurting shale oil.

It is also interesting to wonder why we hear nothing anymore from the hippies about peak oil.

The US shale industry has failed to crack as expected. North Sea oil drillers and high-cost producers off the coast of Africa are in dire straits, but America’s “flexi-frackers” remain largely unruffled.

One starts to glimpse the extraordinary possibility that the US oil industry could be the last one standing in a long and bitter price war for global market share, or may at least emerge as an energy superpower with greater political staying-power than Opec.

It is 10 months since the global crude market buckled, turning into a full-blown rout in November when Saudi Arabia abandoned its role as the oil world’s “Federal Reserve” and opted instead to drive out competitors.

If the purpose was to choke the US “tight oil” industry before it becomes an existential threat – and to choke solar power in the process – it risks going badly awry, though perhaps they had no choice. “There was a strong expectation that the US system would crash. It hasn’t,” said Atul Arya, from IHS.

“The freight train of North American tight oil has just kept on coming. This is a classic price discovery exercise,” said Rex Tillerson, head of Exxon Mobil, the big brother of the Western oil industry.

Mr Tillerson said shale producers are more agile than critics expected, which means that the price war will go on. “This is going to last for a while,” he said, warning that any rallies are likely to prove false dawns. Read more »

He’s not a whistle-blower, he’s a traitor

You can tell where someone’s thinking is at by the words they use.

The NZ media insist on calling Edward Snowden a “whistle-blower”. He is not, he is a traitor.

The traitor Edward Snowden has released some more documents that amazingly show that our spy agency actually does its job…spying.

New Zealand has been involved in spying operations in Bangladesh, sharing intelligence with the United States as part of its global counter-terrorism campaign, secret documents show.

United States fugitive Edward Snowden worked at the US National Security Agency (NSA) before turning whistleblower in June 2013, releasing documents to the mainstream media showing spy agencies were conducting mass surveillance.

New documents obtained by Snowden and released to nzherald.co.nz reveal the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) has been involved in surveillance of Bangladesh for more than a decade.

A “top secret” NSA information paper from April 2013 says the GCSB “has been the lead for the intelligence community on the Bangladesh counterterrorism (CT) target since 2004.”

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Yeah, helping Iran so they can give even more money to Hamas is a really good idea

The Obama Administration is working tirelessly to undermine Israel and to promote the interests of Iran through their shonky deal.

All the while Iran has plenty of millions to throw the way of Hamas to help them re-arm after last years attacks from Gaza on Israel.

Iran has sent Hamas’s military wing tens of millions of dollars to help it rebuild the network of tunnels in Gaza destroyed by Israel’s invasion last summer, intelligence sources have told The Sunday Telegraph.

It is also funding new missile supplies to replenish stocks used to bombard residential neighbourhoods in Israel during the war, code-named Operation Protective Edge by Israel.

The renewed funding is a sign that the two old allies are putting behind them a rift caused by the conflict in Syria, where Shia Iran is backing President Bashar al-Assad against Hamas’s mainly Sunni allies.

Iran has sponsored Hamas’s military operations for years, despite the contradiction that Hamas is part of the worldwide, Sunni-supremacist Muslim Brotherhood, while Iran is Shia.

Hamas’s leader, Khaled Meshaal, who left Damascus for Qatar after falling out with the Assad regime, has often fought with Hamas’s military wing over the strength of the Iranian connection.

However, with the Sunni Arab world joining forces against Iran, led by Saudi Arabia and President Abdelfattah el-Sisi of Egypt, who are both hostile to Hamas, the Palestinian militant group has been left little option but to accept the Iranian largesse.   Read more »

Telling liberals to get their priorities straight

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a fascinating woman…and someone we really should take notice of. She gives liberals a sound kicking in explaining her stance on Islam, feminism and atheism in an interview with The Daily Beast.

Changing the subject for a moment, you have also voiced some unorthodox opinions on the subject of women’s issues in the United States—

Listen, this is what I have to say on women’s issues in the United States. We are so blessed as women to live in the United States. The best place to be a woman in the world is in the U.S. The best place to be black in the world is in the U.S. Is it perfect? No. Are we confronted with threats? Yes. But it’s the perfect place to fight [them] off. Because in the U.S., we have—besides the law—the majority of the population who accept that we, as women, have absolutely equal rights to men. The best place to be black in the world is here. I cannot imagine what it is like to be a black man living in Saudi Arabia, in Iran—even where the majority of people are black, like Africa. I cannot imagine a better place to be gay than in the U.S. I know that all European countries have accepted gay marriage and here in the U.S. we’re still struggling to accept that. On the other hand, when the jihadists in Europe attack gays in the streets, the governments don’t protect them. The best place to be Jewish in the world, besides the state of Israel, is in the U.S. The best place to be Christian is in the U.S. I don’t know anything else to say in the U.S. I know we’re in an election cycle and I’m supposed to take sides, but I’m not going to.

Very good points there, and still we silence from the liberal left on the plight of women and gays in Syria and Iraq.

It’s almost a year since you were embroiled in a controversy at Brandeis, where you were invited to speak at the commencement and then disinvited because some people felt that you had made comments that were offensive to Muslims. Looking back at that controversy today, how do you think it was handled by everyone?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: I’m glad you mentioned that it has been almost a year. I was working on the book, and I remember thinking: Here comes Boko Haram, they kidnapped 276 girls in the name of Islam, they have the Quran and it is sandwiched between two AK-47s, at the same time that this little Brandeis thing is in our news. There’s a woman called Meriam Ibrahim from the Sudan, and the government of Sudan condemns her to death because she married a Christian man and in Sudan, the law is that if you leave the religion of Islam, you are condemned to death. And it goes on and on, and the Islamic State [of Iraq and Syria] comes about, and by September of 2014 we’re back in Iraq saying that we’re going to destroy and chase to the gates of Hell the Islamic State.

What seemed to be a small controversy in a place called Brandeis, a Jewish university—it has these enormous geopolitical consequences. And this is a message to the people, the faculty and the students of Brandeis, but also to the other liberals who think that the best way to protect Muslims is to protect them from critical thinking. The answer is: No, actually, the best way to protect Muslims is to give them room to think critically about Islam, to reform it. And that’s the subject of this book.

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State School Cost vs Charter School Cost

The PPTA/NZEI/Labour and their apologists continue to try and promote the myth that Charter Schools are over funded.

While some good results are coming here and brilliant results for urban Charters in the USA it is worth thinking of comparative costs.

A Charter school in NZ costs approximately $1 million to set up.

As a recent State example Ormiston Senior College cost $50 million and currently are spreading that over only 400 students while getting nearly $8,400 per student per annum too.

Ormiston Senior College is a decile 10, Co-Educational Secondary school, located in Auckland. The school has 396 Year 11-15 students including 8international students. The school receives $3,313,403.55 in direct government funding, which translates to a budget of $8,367.18 per student.

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NZ Media want to know who our troops are, here’s why they shouldn’t

Yesterday Fairfax ran a piece about the secrecy over who precisely from our Defence Forces would be sent to Iraq.

They seem to think that they should know who they are.

They are wrong and here is why.

Islamic State has posted online what it says are the names, United States addresses and photos of 100 American military service members, and called upon its “brothers residing in America” to kill them.

The Pentagon said after the information was posted on the Internet it was investigating the matter.

“I can’t confirm the validity of the information, but we are looking into it,” a US defence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said on Saturday.

“We always encourage our personnel to exercise appropriate OPSEC (operations security) and force protection procedures,” the official said.   Read more »

Bibi vs Obama, and how Obama lost Israel’s elections

Charles Krauthammer comments on Obama losing the Israeli elections and the petulance of Obama.

There was a big victory for Netanyahu personally and I think the reaction of the administration is now reaching levels where it has become unseemly, the pettiness and the petulance with which they are discussing the election. A presidential spokesman congratulates Israel on holding an election rather than, as did the prime minister of Canada, of the UK, congratulating the winner.

Look, it is clear that Obama loathes Netanyahu more than any other world leader meaning more than the Ayatollah in Iran or Putin in Russia. And he did everything he could to unseat him but he failed. I think the message here is this was an election between Bibi and Obama. That was on the ballot because Obama was essentially saying if you want to reconcile with the United States, if you want your ally behind you you are going to have to get rid of Bibi.   Read more »

Obama comes out all postured over another country’s democratic elections

Obama has become all postured over another country’s democratic elections, threatening Israel because of comments made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the campaign.

What business is it of his to now be commenting on internal politics of another country.

Obama administration officials have been describing a weaker and colder relationship between the United States and the Jewish state in light of Benjamin Netanyahu’s victory in Israel’s March 17 elections.

Netanyahu’s campaign rhetoric — his statements in the days leading up to the election against a two-state solution and his election day comments on Arab voters — particularly angered the administration, prompting officials to say they would examine its future steps.

On Netanyahu’s personal Facebook account on Tuesday, the prime minister warned Jewish citizens in a video, “Arab voters are coming in droves to the ballot boxes. Left-wing NGOs are bringing them in buses.”

Those election day comments drew ire at home and abroad, and White House spokesman Josh Earnest called the statements “deeply concerning” on Wednesday.

You don’t see Obama being deeply concerned over non-democratic nations like Saudi Arabia executing people…or other countries…but a democratic nation holding elections and getting a result you don;t agree with is somehow terrible? What did Obama ever say about Iran’s leader calling for death and destruction of Israel…that’s right, nothing…

“It is divisive and I can tell you that these are views the administration intends to communicate directly to the Israelis.” Earnest said. “It undermines the values and democratic ideals that have been important to our democracy and an important part of what binds the United States and Israel together.”   Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Photo: US Office of War Information

Photo: US Office of War Information

When Coca-Cola Made ‘White Coke’ For a Soviet War Hero

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