Hands up who wants to take public transport?

No matter how hard Auckland Council tries to peddle trains as a solution for all – they aren’t.

There are plenty of reasons why. For example most of Auckland is nowhere near a train line because there are only three strands. And the trains go to places that most Aucklanders don’t work.

But trains are also a transport mode used heavily by scumbags. Lowlife thieves, fare dodgers and vandals who graffiti the inside like it’s a dodgy toilet block.

That’s hardly a surprise and it says that the trains are totally unsafe places to be.

Auckland Transport and police are discussing possible live video feeds from the city’s new electric trains to combat soaring vandalism.

A monthly repair bill of about $50,000 is triggering a review of how on-board CCTV cameras can be used more effectively.   Read more »

What sort of scumbag defaces a charity’s billboard to make a political point?


Key Derangement Syndrome is strong in the scumbag who defaced a charity’s billboard in order to make some sort of spurious political point.

A Heart Foundation billboard in Hamilton has been defaced in political protest.

The billboard aimed at raising awareness of heart disease as ‘New Zealand’s biggest killer’ was erected on Commerce St, Frankton in early February.

Yesterday the foundation was informed by a member of the public the blackened out image of a man representing the disease as a ‘serial killer’ had been replaced with a sketch of the Prime Minister John Key’s face.

Heart Foundation head of marketing Vanessa Winning said foundation employees and volunteers are upset the billboard has been used for political protest.

“It’s really disappointing that a charity is being targeted to score political points. I find it unthinkable that someone would vandalise our billboard, and consequently mock a seriously crippling disease, just to make a political statement.”    Read more »


This photo is one of 9 West Auckland hoarding sites I saw, and the picture is the same.

All / most other Party signs down, Green Party sign untouched.

Signs 3

The only logical explanation is a band of National voters trying to make the Greens look bad.  Right?   Read more »

Labour MP sees nothing wrong here [POLL]


I’ll leave the commenting to you on this one.  I can’t think of anything constructive to say.   Read more »

Sam Lotu-Iiga on hoarding vandalism


We had another really rewarding day campaigning in Maungakiekie today. We spent most of our time in Mt Wellington where we met a wide range of people. These included labourers, teachers, nurses, students, job seekers and small business owners. What was fascinating were the stories of struggle, tragedy, success, redemption, love and hope. 

Awww, isn’t that nice.   But wait… there’s a twist:

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This is the nastiest election ever, will the left wing leaders speak against it?

Anti-semitic vandalism in Mt Albert

Anti-semitic vandalism in Mt Albert

I have been involved in New Zealand elections right back as far as 1981.

I have had some input into all of those elections from a grassroots level, to back room operations to media.

Back in 1981, 84, 87, and 90 I was largely involved around the Eden electorate, one of the most politically active electorates in the country.

Elections were hard fought. I learned my heckling skills in the halls of Eden electorate and copped a fair few hidings with union thugs outside afterwards.

I was well versed in the the real rough and tumble of elections.

Back then though sign graffiti was one of two things…it was either humorous or it was just wanton vandalism. At one stage in 1984 signs were going up along Gillies Avenue and other arterial routes that were nailed to the wooden lamp posts and power poles that were on ply with a simple black and white text sign of a3 size that said simply “Good Night Aussie”…a play on the then take off of ‘The Waltons‘  on ‘McPhail & Gadsby‘.

We went around in teams with glue and paper changes so over night the signs were changed to “Good Luck Aussie”. We fought a long running battle over those signs but it was always in good humour.

In all my years of political campaigning though I have never seen the filth that is being spewed forth on signs now.   Read more »

This guy should just go into the police now and confess

People are stupid, especially when they think they are playing with the cool kids.

This guy should just go and confess now to the Police because I imagine National will lay a complaint over this obvious confession of vandalism.

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Has Scott Simpson been advising Colin Craig?

Looks like it.


Stories making headlines around the regions today include vandals targeting Colin Craig’s election signs in Tauranga and a Wanganui teenager sentenced to write an essay for drink driving.

Conservative leader Colin Craig’s election signs have become the first casualty of vandalism in the lead up to the election in Tauranga.

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This is why we can’t have nice things



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Is Scott Simpson advising Stuart Nash?

Yet again Stuart Nash gets coverage of his signs being vandalised, exactly as my oldest friend in parliament, Scott Simpson, teaches all up and coming politicians.

Nash appears to be playing the Simpson game to perfection.

Labour’s candidate for Napier, Stuart Nash, who has is firmly against amalgamation, says his ‘No to Amalgamation’ signs have been attacked a fourth time by vandals.

Mr Nash said campaign volunteers have repaired several signs around the city after vandals applied large adhesive vinyl stickers to the signs, altering the anti-amalgamation message to “Yes to Amalgamation”. This follows vandalism incidents on the same signs in February and April.

Mr Nash says the repeated “sophisticated attacks” are a bad look for the pro-Amalgamation lobby in Napier.

“First the vandals attacked the signs with red spray paint. Then they cut out part of the message and returned again to paste another message over our signs. Now, they’ve gone to the trouble of designing,printing and applying large vinyl adhesive stickers – the kind used on motor vehicles. These are sophisticated, determined attacks and not random acts. It’s hard to believe these attacks aren’t being coordinated by people involved in the pro-amalgamation lobby,” he said.

“I strongly urge the board of A Better Hawke’s Bay and other pro-amalgamation groups to publicly condemn these actions and advise their supporters not to partake in this kind of destructive, illegal activity.

“The irony is these attacks just give more oxygen to the amalgamation issue and the opposition to amalgamation. Sign vandalism as a means of activism is a hallmark of the political amateur, ” Mr Nash said.


– Hawkes Bay Today