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Mana nervous of Kim Dotcom, while Hone tells us all lies

The wheels seem to be falling off the Dotcom trolley as it heads faster and faster down Extradition Street.

Last week the Supreme Court told the dodgy German that he can’t see all the evidence the FBI has amassed against him, that the Extradition Act applies and his date in court will be the extradition hearing.

With him living in the leakiest house north of the bridge it come as no surprise to him that his plans to rort the electoral system and fund or accommodate Hone Harawira’s Mana party have been leaked in full detail.

Mana activists aren’t happy. Vernon Small reports:

The Mana Party is taking a rain check on linking up with Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party until it sees its candidates, its policy planks and gets an assurance it is committed to a change of government.

The Megaupload founder is expected to launch his party on Thursday, and will need to secure 500 members to register it with the Electoral Commission.

He has floated the idea of a deal with the Hone Harawira-led Mana Party to help both of them secure more MPs after the September 20 election, but Mana remains wary.  Read more »

Cunliffe’s cock ups biting, and now there is another one

Things are pretty bad when embedded Labour journalist Vernon Small lashes out at you.

Three months and three gaffes.

It is an understatement to say it has not been the greatest start to election year for Labour leader David Cunliffe.

It is more than three.

The slip over the baby bonus, by failing to disclose in his speech that it would not be paid on top of parental leave, took much of the wind out of his January sails.

It also deflected attention from a $500 million spending pledge that Labour had hoped would set the agenda.

No sooner was the House back in February than the $2.5m property-owning man was attacking Prime Minister John Key for living in a leafy suburb and defining his own mansion as a doer-upper and his own situation as middle of the road.

The climb-down came at the weekend.

This morning he has admitted it had been wrong to set up a trust for donations to his leadership bid. (If the cost was about $20,000 for his leadership campaign, why seek donations at all?)

That from a man and a party that has attacked National’s old habit of funneling donations through entities like the Waitemata Trust and joined in the condemnation of Finance Minister Bill English using a trust structure for his Wellington pile.  Read more »

Things are bad in Labour when Vernon Small mocks you

Vernon Small is known as a loyal servant of the Labour party, so things are pretty bad when Vernon decides to lambast the left.

Then there is poll- becalmed David Cunliffe, suggesting his $2.5 million- plus Herne Bay pile puts him in a different category when it comes to understanding Kiwi battlers, than the prime minister in his $10m mansion.

His next stroke of genius was to ask in Parliament’s Question Time about Key’s claim there were jobs out there, if people looked for them.

Cunliffe’s timing – when he was seeking a new chief of staff, had lost a senior member of his research team and had seen his potential candidate for Tamaki Makaurau, Shane Taurima, fall on his sword at Television New Zealand – was, shall we say, not ideal.  Read more »

Bad Omen for Cunliffe as Key rakes in the money

John Key mocked Vernon Small in the now famous “Show me the Money” election debate over his whinging about following of John Key’s horse picks in the Melbourne Cup.

The horse that time was “Drunken Sailor”. (at 2:07)

Read more »

Media understand ramifications of Shearer’s secret meeting with Key

The media have clearly understood the ramifications of the revelations today about the secret meeting between David Shearer and John Key.

Prime Minister John Key has accused Labour leader David Shearer of sneaking up to his office for secret talks about new spying laws.

The extraordinary exchange occurred during Parliament’s Question Time this afternoon as debate continued over the Government Communications Security Bureau Bill.

Shearer asked Key if he or any of his staff had contacted Labour as the government worked to gain cross party support for the proposed legislation.

An incredulous Key responded: ”I cannot believe the member is asking that question.”

He then went on to describe an encounter after an Intelligence and Security Committee meeting.

”I asked Mr Shearer if he would like to come to my office to have a discussion. We sat down and had about a 30 minute discussion where Mr Shearer said: ‘Keep this confidential. If you come out and say we’ve done it that won’t look good and I don’t want you shouting it about the house.’”  Read more »

The politics of the #chanban

There’ll be some, like embedded Labour flunky Vernon Small, who think David Shearer’s new housing policy or #chanban is a brilliant tactical masterstroke.

It’s not.

  1. It looks like desperate politics because David Shearer is a leader under siege and needs a distraction.
  2. The numbers aren’t there to support the argument (even Shearer admits the numbers aren’t solid).
  3. If the measures Labour talks about actually work – how come Australia’s house prices are rising?.
  4. It smells like xenopobia – again.  Read more »

This is what running away looks like

Labour is in full retreat with some pockets of resistance fighting a rear-guard action, but Vernon Small’s article shows what running away politically looks like.

Coupled with Shearer’s claims he wasn’t at the Council meeting and Grant Robertson appears to be claiming they slipped it through when he was out of the room…don’t turn your back on this crowd…

Senior Labour MPs are pressuring the party to dump or modify gender quota and ”women-only” selection proposals ahead of today’s regular caucus meeting of MPs.

”Free and frank” views are expected to be aired by supporters of the quota and a group of male MPs, including Shane Jones and Clayton Cosgrove, who have openly rubbished the moves.   Read more »

Poll feedback nasty for Labour

With the latest poll is is looking like the proverbial line int he sand has now been crossed and the active white-anting of David Shearer has begun.

In Comrade Small’s article in the Dompost today there is voter feedback included:

On Labour and David Shearer: 

‘‘The lack of a leader is what’s destroying them.’’

‘‘They could do better than David Shearer in charge – he is just not forceful enough.’’

‘‘They keep on knocking the other party instead of talking about what they want to do for the country. They need to be positive.’’

‘‘David Shearer has no substance. He just gets a little phrase and repeats it.’’

‘‘Well, I’m unimpressed with trying to regulate power. The whole policy is not going to do us good.’’

‘‘They’re not being an effective opposition and not taking advantage of their mistakes.’’

‘‘That whole thing where he didn’t declare his bank account.’’  Read more »

Tweets of the Day

From Vernon Small:

Cactus Kate joins in:   Read more »

Vernon Small puts lipstick on the pig



I’m not sure what Vernon Small was on when he started on this opinion piece, but it had to be pretty good.

Labour leader David Shearer could not have given a clearer signal that the party needs to lift its game in its traditional happy hunting grounds – jobs, health and education.

While health spokeswoman Maryan Street and education spokeswoman Nanaia Mahuta have not been booted out of the top 20, they have been shifted sideways into less critical areas in his long-awaited reshuffle.

In comes Chris Hipkins, who has been acting education spokesman for some time, and feisty veteran Annette King in health.

Feisty veteran Annette King?

But wait, he’s got more lipstick to go around.   Read more »