Justice Minister Amy Adams opens $51 million Concrete Cancer building


Sometimes, despite all the warnings given, the Government ploughs ahead seemingly with blinkers on.
Whaleoil has ran an extensive investigation into the Concrete Cancer Cover-Up story potentially affecting dozens, if not hundreds of construction projects.
As a quick recap, cement importing company Drymix imported an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 tonnes of high alkali cement from Vietnam and flogged it off onto the New Zealand market.
So-called ‘independent’ investigations into concerns raised on this blog by The Cement and Concrete Association of NZ (CCANZ),  resulted in a highly technical report telling people to move on, nothing to see here. More on that later.

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8 days to opening of Concrete Cancer building


With Building and Housing Minister Nick Smith refusing to instruct officials to take a core-sample of the $46 million Manukau District Court building, who ever is the minister that opens it will have their name forever attached to a concrete cancer building.   Read more »

The hypocrisy of Phil Goff

phil goff the hypocrite

Phil Goff daring to show his face at Vietnam War commemorations

Yesterday marked the anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan. My father-in-law served in that battle.

In Wellington a ceremony was held to mark 50 years since our involvement in Vietnam.

Around 100 people packed into the Pukeahu War Memorial Park in Wellington today to mark 50 years since New Zealand began its involvement in the Vietnam War.

The war became the longest New Zealand served in, entering in 1965 and exiting in December 1972.  

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Concrete Cancer Cover-up: 12 days until Govt opens dodgy building


This blog has exposed the dodgy hear-no-evil-see-no-evil practices within the $400 million concrete industry with multiple posts about the concrete cancer issue affecting numerous buildings

The industry association, the Cement and Concrete Association (CCANZ), has said “it’s been a hell-of-a-time for the concrete industry in the press” as it “rubbishes allegations that elevated alkali levels in cement and concrete are putting the structural integrity of some [read Manukau District Court Building] buildings in jeopardy”.   Read more »

Concrete Cancer Coverup Ctd: How a real company deals with the problem

unnamedWell, well, well, just look at those headlines. Just an issue that WhaleOil has been talking about for months, yet MSM are only now waking up to the potential scale of the problem.

You see WhaleOil exposed the use of dodgy cement back in October 2014, when cement importing company DRYMIX imported dodgy high alkali cement from Vietnam.

This dodgy cement ended up in places such as the $40 million Manukau District Court rebuild and Fonterra’s $120 million UTH factory in Waitoa.   Read more »

ANZAC Day – For Skippy

I made this video some time ago for Skippy, my father in law.

Some of the photos in the video were taken by him at Nui Dat.

He was an Aussie serving with the NZ Army…he trained at Puckapunyal, Canungra, and Singleton…many of the places mentioned in this song he has been to.


ANZAC Day – Lest we forget



Original Post: 25 April 2006

This is my ANZAC Day trib­ute post­ing. ANZAC Day means a great deal for me and my fam­ily. I sup­pose it is because we have a con­nec­tion to the orig­i­nal ANZACS in 1915 and Gal­lipoli and to a vet­eran of a war much fresher in our minds, Viet Nam.

Firstly I pay trib­ute to my Great Grand-father Harry Crozier. I never really knew him, he died many years ago. Harry served in the Gal­lipoli cam­paign and thank­fully came home alive albeit with only one working leg. I know he spent con­sid­er­able time in Rotorua con­va­lesc­ing and learned to carve maori carv­ings as part of his reha­bil­i­ta­tion.

The sec­ond per­son I pay trib­ute to is a guy who truly epit­o­mises the ANZAC spirit. He is an Aussie, liv­ing in New Zealand who fought for New Zealand in Viet Nam. He is mar­ried to a Kiwi and has three Kiwi kids, and four Kiwi grand kids. He is also my Father-in-law.

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ANZAC Day – Face of the Day

This is my father in law, when he was at Nui Dat in Vietnam in 1966


41873 Gnr Atkins KG, 161 Bty, Nui Dat, Vietnam, 1966

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Guest Post – Hanging on to our hang-ups!

by Frances Denz

Over the years one develops certain hang-ups that lose their rationality over time, but are very hard to dislodge in one’s psyche.

A couple of things this week has brought this human foible to my attention this week. My colleague was commenting on the fact that he absolutely cannot bring himself to buy a French car – even though a Peugeot is a great car. If it wasn’t French he would buy one. But he was deeply upset with the Rainbow Warrior bombing by the French all those years ago, and while he is no longer a supporter of Green Peace he still bears a deep and abiding grudge against the French.

In my youth I was deeply distressed by the RSA’s rejection of soldiers who fought in the Vietnam war, and when we wanted to put a wreath on the memorial to the dead and dying in Vietnam (inclusive of our war dead and the Viet Cong) the old time Returned service men fought to stop us. Police were called in and a sickening confrontation took place. I still find it hard to attend ANZAC day ceremonies as a result of my rejection of the fear and hate that those old warriors demonstrated. Forgiveness was not in their hearts. The New Zealand soldiers returning from Vietnam were not supported by the RSA for many years, and they never got any thanks for the nasty war they had gone through.     Read more »

A tattoo I would get


This tattoo is awesome…it’s one that I would wear with pride.

A poignant tattoo honouring Kiwi war veterans has caught the world’s imagination, going viral on social media just days after being inked onto a Lower Hutt man.

A photo of Bruce Neal ‘s patriotic body art had gained 128,000 likes on Facebook by this afternoon, plus nearly 5000 comments and 40,000 shares.

The Wainuiomata ex-army man got inked last Thursday, and just hours later the tattoo was getting thousands of likes after Petone tattoo parlour Pieces of Eight uploaded a snapshot.

“It just went ballistic,” Neal, 59, said.   Read more »