No jail time for child rapist, should have stretched his neck instead

A dud judge in the US has let a child rapist off a custodial sentence because the poor petal might get a hiding in jail.

The millionaire heir to the fortune of the American chemical company DuPont has escaped prison after raping his three-year old daughter because a judge considered he wouldn’t “fare well” in prison.

Robert H Richards IV pleaded guilty in 2008 to fourth degree rape, which usually carries a 15-year sentence in the US, but a Superior Court judge suspended his eight year sentence because she considered he would not “fare well” in prison, The News Journal reported.

Judge Jan Jurden ruled Richards needed treatment and noted that child molesters are often targeted by other inmates in prison. Richards won’t serve jail time unless he violates his probation.

The rape case made headlines earlier this month after Richards’ ex-wife filed a lawsuit seeking compensatory and punitive damages for assault, negligence, and inflicting emotional distress on his two children, after claiming he also abused their 19-month-old son around the same time.  Read more »

HoS editorial on Name Suppression for the “Politician”

The Herald on Sunday followed up its story about the “politician” from the leafy suburbs with an editorial about the same case.

The editorial drops some hints as to the identity. Please do not take that licence to guess in the comments…to do so will get you the ban hammer faster than Pete or Travis can swing it.

He is one of the wealthiest men in New Zealand. He supports MPs who changed the law to expressly state that a defendant’s public profile should not, of itself, be grounds for keeping his identity secret.

And, in an acrimonious, multi-million dollar marriage break-up, this man was alleged to have grabbed or touched his wife’s neck, and admitted trying to kick in the door of their home and shouting abuse at her.

But in the Family Court this week, Judge David Burns ordered that the man’s identity be indefinitely suppressed – that anyone who even whispers at his identity be liable to three months’ imprisonment or a $2,000 fine.

Why? It is because his Queen’s Counsel, Lady Deborah Chambers, used a clause in the Family Courts Act to have him categorised as a “vulnerable person”, as both he and his wife had unsuccessfully sought protection orders against each other at the height of the drawn-out, torrid break-up.  Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Kiev’s Independence Square in Ukraine

Kiev’s Independence Square in Ukraine

Before & After: Kiev’s Independence Square in Ukraine Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Moving Shot of a Child Fairy Soldier Looking on in Central African Republic.

A Child Soldier Wearing Fairy Wings, Looking on in Central African Republic.




An email from a reader

I have received a great deal of email over the past few days and as you can expect there is the fair share of haters and excuse makers. I even got one from a longtime family friend that followed the usual patterns of people saying no one deserves death threats BUT…you brought this on yourself. There is no BUT…you either condone death threats, rape threats, and violence of the mob or you do not…there is no BUT.

And then buried in that morass of filth you find emails like this from people you have never met nor are ever likely to.

Dear Cameron,

I was saddened to hear both of the cyber attack on your site and the abuse and death threats that have come your way.

I have been the recipient of both abuse and death threats in the past [from some religious conservatives] and know the effect this had on those who are close to me.  My sympathy is with you at this time.   Read more »

Matt McCarten is wrong…again

Matt McCarten uses his Herald on Sunday column to suggest that a sensible discussion needs to be held on issues surrounding the so-called “RoastBusters”.

He is wrong, but Matt McCarten is used to being wrong most of the time that he doesn’t see it.

The conduct of these young men tells us a lot about where society is. I am keen to be part of a discussion rather than caving in to a lynch mob mentality, however tempting. Locking up a couple of creeps will happen eventually. Then what? Problem solved?

I wanted to discuss how the debate on the show had been handled; the disturbing role of the cops; corporations promoting sexualisation of film, music and youth culture; lolly alcohol aimed at girls; parents; schools; education; peer pressure; plus personal conduct and accountability.

This is actually part of the problem Matt…none of that is relevant…rape is rape is rape. There is no explaining, no mitigation, no excuse making.

In one respect Matt is right, and I said as much last week. We live in a society that treats victims as perpetrators, and the media are as much to blame as the powerful for that. Instead of holding Len Brown to account for his appalling actions the left wing and media sought to protect him…instead attacking everyone else for Brown’s own behaviour.   Read more »

How the world sees NZ and Maori

Al Jazeera has run a documentary about Maori “warriors” in prison

We need to start having an honest discussion about those who are committing violent crimes in New Zealand, without the discussion being hijacked by people that Thomas Sowell describes as “race-hustlers”.

One thing for sure we shouldn’t do is listen to crim-hugging drop kick Kim Workman who appears in this documentary.

New Zealand ranks as one of the world’s most peaceful countries in the Global Peace Index every year. Yet despite a strong reputation for social justice and equality, the South Pacific nation has the second highest rate of imprisonment rates in the western world.

In the past two decades, the jail population has doubled. One international study examining law and order across western nations attributes it to a “tough on crime” approach by New Zealand’s political parties since the 1980′s, even though crime rates are low.  Read more »

Walk this way to avoid assaults and muggings

I have lived and worked all around the world, in some really dodgy countries too and yet I have never been mugged or assaulted or robbed. I have friends that have though and I always put it down to their wussy demeanour and the fact they look and walk like tourists.

I also share an office in a hard hat area of South Auckland and never have had any trouble from the locals…again some mates have and again I put it down to their victim like approach to life.

It seems I may well be right about my belief. Scientists have discovered that the way you walk and act sends a signal to the ratbag class that you are a hard nut or a soft target.

How you move gives a lot away. Maybe too much, if the wrong person is watching. We think, for instance, that the way people walk can influence the likelihood of an attack by a stranger. But we also think that their walking style can be altered to reduce the chances of being targeted.

A small number of criminals commit most of the crimes, and the crimes they commit are spread unevenly over the population: some unfortunate individuals seem to be picked out repeatedly by those intent on violent assault. Back in the 1980s, two psychologists from New York, Betty Grayson and Morris Stein, set out to find out what criminals look for in potential victims. They filmed short clips of members of the public walking along New York’s streets, and then took those clips to a large East Coast prison. They showed the tapes to 53 violent inmates with convictions for crimes on strangers, ranging from assault to murder, and asked them how easy each person would be to attack.

The prisoners made very different judgements about these notional victims. Some were consistently rated as easier to attack, as an “easy rip-off”. There were some expected differences, in that women were rated as easier to attack than men, on average, and older people as easier targets than the young. But even among those you’d expect to be least easy to assault, the subgroup of young men, there were some individuals who over half the prisoners rated at the top end of the “ease of assault” scale (a 1, 2 or 3, on the 10 point scale).   Read more »

Some one should have a crack at beating him

I really can’t understand the mentality of someone who would beat 32 seals to death with a club.

The NZ Herald reports:

The second man convicted for his part in beating 23 fur seals to death on the Kaikoura Coast has been sentenced to eight months’ home detention.

Jemaal Peter Roy Large, 38, was sentenced in Blenheim District Court today on two charges of wilful ill-treatment of animals. He will also serve 200 hours’ community service.

The seals were beaten to death with a galvanised steel pipe at the Ohau Point seal colony in 2010.  Read more »

Accidentally raped?

How do you accidentally rape someone?

Did it take more than 2 minutes?

A groomsman has been acquitted of rape after a Chinese court ruled he accidentally raped his friend’s newly wed bride.

The blushing bride, whose surname was Huang, was found by a county court in Guangxi Zhuang region to have accidentally climbed into the man’s bed on her wedding night, reports The Global Times, an English-language website which reports on news in China.

The court ruled that the sex was consensual between Ms Huang and Mr Ruan, who was staying at the newlyweds’ home in the country for the ceremony in August.  Read more »