Garner on Moko and how to prevent others from the same fate

As you will know 3-year-old Moko Rangitoheriri was brutally beaten and tortured and left to die in the hallway of his caregivers’ home in Taupo last year.

Moko’s mother Nicola was in Auckland caring for a seriously sick child at Starship children’s hospital, who required several operations during a two-month stay.

Her young son was in and out of intensive care – she slept in his room on the ward.

The violence towards Moko took place over two weeks, it may have been longer.

Imagine how frightening it would have been. He had no voice and no way to escape. His incredibly brave sister risked her own safety trying to help her little brother. But a child is no match for adult monsters.

Moko was denied any medical care. It would have been like a real life horror movie – except it was real.

He was dying over a period of days and no adult in the house bothered to get him care. They went out of their way to make sure he didn’t actually.

They barely got him a glass of water. He couldn’t be saved.

I’ve been overwhelmed with public feedback after my interview with Moko’s mum this week. People are rightly horrified that this could happen in our country.

Business owners, mums and dads and some well-known New Zealanders have approached me and asked what they can do to stop this.

I didn’t know what to say except spread the message that this must stop and that violence and abuse towards children, or indeed anyone, is unacceptable.

But we must demand that something happens. And it starts with parenting.

Because only parents can truly and honestly love a child in my view. The state or government can’t see through walls into people’s homes.

But there will always be bad parents. So we must intervene in these families early.

We need someone to teach love. Short of stopping these people breeding, we need to teach them what the generations before have failed to do.

If the cycle is not broken it will continue.

This means getting in early and living with them. Like a surrogate third parent. It’s expensive and time consuming and hard – but it will save lives.

And they also need just one leader within these families to stop the violence. Much like the sober driver system, we need families to nominate the leader within.

I have faith in Moko’s mum, Nicola. I have got to know her over the past 10 days. She needs her other two children back from Child, Youth and Family care now. Read more »


Maori whingers cry racism and ignore facts of child abuse


After Maori Television ran a balanced article about our cartoon (above) some fools have rushed off to the Human Rights Commission having a whinge that it was racist. The Human Rights Commission has issued a press statement but not bothered to inform me as the publisher of their investigation. Looks like another kangaroo court style approach.

The Human Rights Commission has confirmed it is dealing with a cartoon by BoomSlang published on the Whaleoil website through processes defined by the Human Rights Act.

“We are constrained in what we can say about the cartoon as we have received complaints and are considering our response in accordance with processes defined by the Human Rights Act,” said Human Rights Commission Chief Mediator, Pele Walker.

On top of that the Maori Party’s Marama Davidson Fox is also having a whinge.

Māori Party Co-leader Marama Fox says: “the recent publication by right wing blogger Cameron Slater of a severely racist cartoon is another strong example of why we need these important roles”.

“Using the issue of child abuse to convey racist commentary is both repulsive and hateful. Child abuse is a whole of population issue that affects people of all backgrounds,” she says.

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Loony left now hurling death threats at Bennett

The loony left are feral and out of control. They are now hurling death threats at Paula Bennett.

Paula Bennett says she will not be put off making public appearances despite an online threat which said someone should “shoot the b**** dead” at her next public outing.

The Social Housing Minister said this morning that she referred all violent threats to the police.

In a Facebook post two weeks ago, a user wrote: “People own guns out there I dare any[one] to shoot the b**** dead at [her] next public appearance.

The person added: “Gosh I hope keys is standing beside her, 2 birds 1 bullet.”

Speaking to reporters at Parliament this morning, Mrs Bennett said violent threats affected her family more than her.

“When you’ve got your own kids pointing out on social media that someone should shoot me at my next public event it’s pretty distressing…”

She did not think she was being targeted, despite a series of incidents in the last few weeks.

At a visit to Whanganui last week protesters had been “aggressive” and police had been called in as a result.

“They had sex toys with my name on them and that sort of thing. So the whole thing was a bit unsavoury, to be fair.”

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Face of the day


Today’s face of the day is the star of a well-known fable. Last week the fable became part of a political video that has gone viral. In some versions of the fable it is a scorpion not a snake but the message remains the same. It is a simplistic message but a powerful one.

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Supreme Court rejects scumbag’s appeal

A MAN who bashed a dementia patient, who allegedly made homosexual advances towards him, has failed to convince the Supreme Court to overturn a conviction for wounding with intent.

Jamie Gurran was convicted on the wounding with intent charge following a district court trial in which the Crown alleged he had over-reacted to what he perceived to be a homosexual advance by the victim, a 75-year-old man who at the time happened to be a friend of the accused.

He unsuccessfully appealed the decision to the Court of Appeal and then recently filed an appeal against that ruling with the Supreme Court.

The victim told police he had been kicked in the shins, stomach, ribs and around the head by Gurran, who also slapped him in the face. He denied making a homosexual advance.

The victim was unable to give evidence at the trial and died shortly afterwards, apparently from natural causes.

Gurran claimed the victim’s injuries had occurred when he ‘fell in the toilet’, not because he had beaten and kicked him.

However, after the trial Gurran wrote to the sentencing judge ‘in terms which the Court of Appeal (subsequently) said could only… be read as an admission to the offending where he expressed regret for what had happened and apologised.’ Read more »


Why do we teach our children not to fight back?

My father’s generation was taught to fight back. My generation was taught to try and talk one’s way out of a bad situation and only if that failed to fight back. My children’s generation was taught to firstly use their words and if that failed to try and ignore the bad situations. Finally if that failed, they were taught to literally walk away rather than fight back.

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Brainwashing is a big part of Islam says Danish Psychologist

The Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels has studied the ideology of Islam and how it affects Muslims. He has concluded it creates monsters/psychopaths. As a psychologist in a Danish youth prison, he had an opportunity study the mentality of Muslims as 70 percent of youth offenders in Denmark have a Muslim background. He was able to compare them with non-Muslim clients from the same age group with a similar social background. He came to the conclusion that Islam and Muslim culture have certain psychological mechanisms that harm people’s development and increase criminal behaviour.

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Registered and re-hired, despite violence toward children

Teacher registration should be mandatory for all educational facilities say the teacher unions and labour. They object to voluntary registration for Charter Schools and say that kids will be left unprotected.

Meanwhile registered teachers are lining up before the authorities on all sorts of charges. And one centre even employed a teacher accused of striking children.

So much for registration protecting kids.

Education officials are “extremely concerned” a Porirua early childhood centre has re-employed a teacher accused of striking children.

The centre has again hired one of the teachers at the centre of allegations three years ago.

Katrina Casey, the Ministry of Education’s head of sector enablement and support, said it put the centre on a provisional licence and barred the teacher from having any contact with children.

“We’re extremely concerned that the early childhood education service has chosen to re-employ a teacher who had previous allegations of hitting children still unresolved,” Ms Casey said.    Read more »

Can you handle the truth?

Here is some of the truth that the Media Party won’t show you, talk about or even acknowledge in their unbalanced coverage of the ‘ refugee crisis. ‘

Ever wonder why Hungary isn’t keen on taking in more Muslims but are happy to help Christian refugees?Left Wing supporters of Gay rights and Gay marriage who ethusiastically support Muslim refugees keep forgetting this inconvenient little truth.

screenshot facebook

screenshot facebook

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Sexist crime and punishment

Spotted on the Trademe Message board today.

Graham Lowe gets caned for commenting on Adern’s physical appearance, while Hilary Barry threatens violence and is congratulated.

-screenshot facebook

-screenshot facebook

Both comments are petty and deserve not much more than rolled eyes and shoulder shrugs, however if the women of this world want to be taken seriously and respected for values beyond their physical appearance, they might like to admonish Barry for the pathetic promise to deliver violence.
The fact that Adern thanks her for the threat shows perfect hypocrisy.

-screenshot facebook

-screenshot facebook

Anybody who kicks me in the shin should expect to be punched in the face.
But then women are allowed to be violent and men are not.

-Trader boxapaul. Trademe message board.