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Wednesday nightCap

I realise this¬†doesn’t have mass appeal, but why is a WiFi signal’s stength so different in just a few centimeters apart in the same space without any obstacles?

NZ’s own high quality streaming service:


… EXTREME mothers

…no, it’s not like that. ¬†But it is like this


The shame of a mother’s name

Mentioning your mother’s name in public is associated with shame for men in Egypt and in many countries in the Middle East? Over time, her name becomes forgotten and she‚Äôs only referred to as ‚ÄėThe mother of her eldest son‚Äô.


Tuesday nightCap

Caution:  Language

One more reason to dislike Islamic garb (CODE BROWN!)


The new Daily Show host

Jon Stewart and the Daily Show are institutions.  They are one of the most trusted sources for news.  Which is great and absurd at the same time.  Whaleoil tries to take some of that same recipe by blending humour, satire and over the top exposure of things that are just plain ridiculous and deserve to be ridiculed.

Jon is stepping down and will be replaced by Trevor Noah.   I thought it might help to introduce what the man can do.


Uptown Funk with guns


Monday nightCap

The future is just fine