Campaigners to raise the minimum wage busted advertising minimum wage jobs

Socialists are hypocrites the world over.

In New Zealand we have seen political parties on the left advocating for a living wage dreamed up by an Anglican vicar  from Lower Hutt. The Wellington City Council adopted this arbitrary wage and one of the councillors voting for it was busted paying his own staff minimum wage and refused to pay them the same wage he voted the council to pay their workers.

We saw Laila Harre advocating and pushing the living wage as well while in the employ of a fat German man who exploited his workers paying them far below the minimum wage,  for which there will be some fall out in due course via the Employment Court.

Now in Seattle a similar campaign has been busted for being sanctimonious hypocrites themselves.

The website of Seattle‚Äôs Freedom Socialist Party lists its most recent presidential candidate Stephen Durham‚Äôs political positions, which include the party‚Äôs effort to ‚Äúraise the minimum wage to $20 an hour.‚ÄĚ The group also avidly supported a successful push for a $15-per-hour minimum wage in Seattle, which passed this year. However, as¬†Zenon Evans at¬†Reason¬†pointed out, that same political party just got caught posting a $13-per-hour job listing seeking a web content manager with web development skills.¬† Read more »

Bob Jones on the living wage

Yesterday Bob Jones gave his considered opinion on the living wage.

He has spent some considerable time talking to retailers about costs in their businesses, which led him to a discussion on wages and staffing:

My inquiry as to the best employees brought an unsurprising answer – new immigrants by a country mile. What particularly interested me was the salaries for what’s essentially menial work. In most cases they’re on the minimum wage. Any more and they’re out of business, he said, and I believe him.

I mention all of this in the context of the absurdly titled living wage clamour, the noise invariably coming from leftish critics not employing anyone, nor ever likely to. There are exceptions. Two leftie Wellington city councillors, respective owners of small city retail food businesses, led the charge recently for menial task council employees to be paid the so-called living wage. Inquiry however, revealed their own employees were on the minimum wage.

“We’d go broke,” they wailed when their hypocrisy was exposed. It was classic left do as I say, not as I do, double standards. Everyone benefits from a high wage economy as it increases spending power and thus the economy. But it also necessarily increases prices which no one wants to meet, thus shop assistants are the lowest paid sector in the work force, despite being one of the largest. ¬† Read more »

Labour relaunches their Hobbit Hater policy

Labour has re-launched their Hobbit Hater policy at the behest of the unions, proving that their investment in purchasing David Cunliffe and the 20% vote for the leadership has provided a cash for policy arrangement that is giving their leaders sticky knickers.

The Labour Party wants to repeal the law changes that were ceded to Warner Bros over The Hobbit films, a move which the Government says would cripple the $3 billion screen industry.

Labour leader David Cunliffe and MP Andrew Little launched the party’s work and wages policy yesterday, which included a boost to the minimum wage, and a commission of inquiry into workplace conditions.

Here’s an idea…why don;t they just declare a wages crisis, and in short order National will fix the problem. Seems to have worked for manufacturing and housing…it’s worth a crack.

So Labour wants to kill off the film industry in NZ, Dotcom’s party just wants to steal it, and the Greens want to destroy the oil¬†and gas industry.

They really are the wrecking ball of the NZ economy.

But wait it gets worse…Labour also wants to kill jobs.¬† Read more »

El Presidente further undermines new CEO

Via the tip-line

The new CEO of the BSC, Lillian Small, has once again been smacked in the arse by her boss El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo.

This time Paddy has gone ahead and undermined any ‚Äúnew member‚ÄĚ initiatives Lillian Small may have hoped to run, by declaring his support for the Living Wage campaign in the cleaning industry mag InClean. The SFWU and CTU must have been in the ear of Paddy over the Christmas holidays, re-educating him on his union roots.

It’s not online, but a member of the Fish Gang has scanned it and sent it in via the tip-line.

In a typical scumbag union tactic, Paddy blames the customer/client for not paying a Living Wage to their cleaners.

While the unions will be ecstatic with Paddy, what‚Äôs the bet BSC members getting tucked for $20k a year will be less than enthused at El Presidente‚Äôs comments. ¬† Read more »

Mark Peck voted for Living Wage, but won’t be paying it to his own staff

Wellington Council hypocrite, Mark Peck voted to implement the ‘Living Wage’ at an extra cost to ratepayers of $750,000, but when asked to extend it to his own staff h point blank refused.

It wasn’t within the rules, but new councillor Nicola Young attempted to make a point about the living wage with an amendment yesterday.

Before voting against the living wage plan, Ms Young tried to move “that all councillors who support implementation of the living wage assure us that they will pay the living wage to their employees – including cleaners, baby-sitters, gardeners – with the same implementation date as Wellington City Council”.

The move followed fellow fresh councillor Mark Peck – who supported the living wage – admitting that he did not pay all his hospitality staff $18.40 – “and I won’t”.¬† Read more »

It appears to be more expensive to live here than in the UK

The left-wing are all enthralled to promote the so-called “living wage”. A magical number pulled from an Anglican minister’s arse that is supposedly the required amount needed for a worker with a family of two kids to “survive”.

In New Zealand it has been set at $18.40.

Now compare that with the UK. The Guardian reports:

More than 30,000 low-paid workers are set for a pay rise of up to £400 a year after an increase in the living wage.

The voluntary rate will increase by 20p an hour to ¬£7.65 outside¬†London. It is higher than the legal minimum wage, which stands at ¬£6.31 an hour for over-21s. The London living wage rate is increasing from ¬£8.55 an hour to ¬£8.80. ¬† ¬† Read more »

Alasdair Thompson sinks to a new low

When he isn’t commenting on women’s monthly cycles he is touting his book.

Now he has stooped to a new low…revealing he is a sanctimonious hypocrite and a shameless dodgy ratbag politician prepared to say and do anything to get elected.

Disgraced former employers’ boss Alasdair Thompson has switched sides and is speaking up for raising the minimum wage to $18.40 an hour.

Mr Thompson, 66, has revealed he privately lobbied Prime Minister John Key in 2009 in support of a union campaign to raise the minimum from $12.50, where it was then, to $15 – even though publicly he opposed it as chief executive of the Employers and Manufacturers Association.¬† Read more »

Council backs down, what will the poor workers think of their bosses now?

The Hamilton City Council has shown just how committed they are to their workers…by backing down over their stupid living wage proposals.

Plans to lift the minimum wage for Hamilton City Council staff have failed.

An ambitious proposal to introduce a “living wage” of $18.40 per hour over two years was today voted down 6-5 as councillors baulked at its costs.¬† Read more »

That didn’t work out so well

Stuff was jumping on the bandwagon today with the “living wage” issue currently being pumped by the Herald and assorted unions and leftwing causes.

They decided to run one of their online surveys. This was the result a short time ago:

stuff poll


Read more »


Perhaps a counter campaign?

ŠĒ• Stuff.co.nz

¬†A campaign by the Service and Food Workers Union and supported by more than 50 organisations calling for all New Zealanders to be paid a ”living wage” will be launched ahead of this week’s Budget.

The union is concerned there will be little in Thursday’s Budget for low-income New Zealanders.

A living wage is defined as an income which allows workers and their families to not only survive but participate in society.

The launch in Auckland’s St Stephen’s church in Ponsonby on Wednesday follows similar campaigns overseas in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

A coalition of organisations involved in the campaign have begun calculating how much a living wage would be in New Zealand using an independent economist.

But a figure is not expected to be announced at the launch.

So a bunch of union whingers are going to campaign for something they haven’t even worked out yet?

How about a bunch of employers launch a counter-campaign, called the “Productive and employable people” campaign, seeking staff¬†who:

  • Look for opportunities to improve their own employment situation, by up-skilling and moving up the employment ladder now and then rather than complain about being on minimum wage year after year.
  • Reflect on why they are still only earning minimum wage at, say age 40+ or after 10+ years in the employment market.¬† If you’re earning minimum wage at age 40+ and you’re not a very recent immigrant, had significant health issues or just had piss-poor bad luck in life, then most of the problem is looking at you in the mirror.
  • Put pressure on¬†unions to earn their fees by assisting them to identify areas for improvement¬†in their employability and help to bridge those gaps rather than spending their¬†union fees on propping up the corrupt, inept and nasty¬†Labour Party.
  • Don’t turn up to work late, stoned, drunk, overweight, generally useless and with an attitude to match.
  • Understand¬†(or are prepared to learn) that employers set¬†wages based on the value they perceive you add, and their ability to substitute you for another lemming.¬† Want a wage rise?¬† Then add value.¬† Employers can only raise their prices if they are confident their customers will agree that the value in the product or service remains after the price increase.¬† Employees need to reflect on the same.

This may perhaps a little harsh for a handful of people out there, but accurate for most of the vocal protestors.