And so the annual whinge-fest begins

I think it has got to the point where Waitaingi is a chore and burdensome to most New Zealanders to even bother thinking about.

The annual Harawira clan fighting with the Crown is tiresome, and in all these years no one in Ngapuhi has told this family of ratbags to sling their hooks.

Yet again they are kicking up a stink…time to end Waitangi celebrations, rename the holiday and stop pandering to these scoundrels.

The NZ Herald reports on the Harawira ferals:

There were heated exchanges and jostling when a veteran Maori protester tried to block the Governor-General from entering the whare at Te Tii Marae at Waitangi.

Governor-General Lieutenant General Sir Jerry Mateparae and his wife had been welcomed on to the marae this morning, accompanied by Titewhai Harawira, and tried to enter the whare when her daughter – veteran Maori protester Hinewhare Harawira and sister of Mana MP Hone Harawira – tried to stop him from going in.

Ms Harawira was denied entry into the whare but could be heard yelling at Sir Jerry.

She was removed from the marae and it is unclear what she was protesting about.   Read more »

The Huddle


I was on Larry Williams Huddle last night, with Josie Pagani.

Our topics were:

  • David Shearer manages to keep his job.
  • The strange case where a woman was let off her drink driving charge because of the sport she plays, which I understand isn’t a mainstream sport and not something most people would have ever heard of. However because such weight was placed on her as a “sportswoman” she was let off the charge and given name suppression. Now she can go off gallivanting around in her hobby sport with no one any wiser as to her drunk driving.
  • The last topic will be Waitangi….just cos it’s happening this week and there’s already a fight brewing thanks to the Harawira gang.

VIDEO: after the break

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Quote of the Day

Winston Peters on the protestors at Waitangi (video: 3:12):

Take them to the bridge and thrown them in the tide until then can learn some manners.

Marae – The Great Waitangi Debate

I missed this, but have found the link to the Marae – The Great Waitangi Debate.

Good points by Matthew Hooton, Stephen Franks, M&M and others.

Very interesting programme, deserves more widespread acknowledgment.


Cancel Waitangi and go elsewhere

The media are being asked to cough up cash to cover Waitangi Day commemorations on the Lower Te Tii marae.

A Ngapuhi elder is asking reporters and cameramen to hand over hundreds of dollars to cover the celebrations.

Prime Minister John Key has been welcomed onto the marae by local iwi Ngapuhi, but news outlets are being told to stay away unless they put forward a $500 service fee.

TV1, TV3 have been asked for $500 while Maori TV has been asked for $1000, Newstalk ZB reported.

FRO, easy fixed, go elsewhere and hold commemorations if these grasping highwaymen continue to extort. It is our national day and frankly these few aren’t doing anything to help national cohesion despite the advances in recent years.