Len Brown’s contribution to affordable homes…increased connection charges for water

Council services just keep on rising under Len Brown’s ‘leadership’. The latest rise is for water charges up another 2.4% under this spendthrift mayor.

It will now cost $12,075 to connect the water up to a new home! Auckland City’s contribution to ‘affordable homes’.

Bernard Orsman reports:

Auckland households will pay 2.4 per cent more for water and wastewater charges from July.

Watercare Services has announced the price of water will increase from $1.343 to $1.375 per 1000 litres of water, and wastewater charges will rise from $2.281 per 1000 litres to $2.336.

The fixed charge will rise 2.6 per cent from $190 per year to $195.

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The deepest hole on earth (no, not the Green/Labour budget)

Photo Of The Day


CREDIT: Frans Lanting/National Geographic

CREDIT: Frans Lanting/National Geographic

Wilson Harbor, Falkland Islands, 1989

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Lifejackets for net fishing? Next thing the coronoer will insist on them for the bath

Do you have to be blessed with stupidity to be a coroner?

Coroner Tim Scott thinks people net fishing should wear life-jackets…what next requiring children paddling in the shallows to wear life jackets? In the bath?

Fishing enthusiasts keen to set nets at a popular, but dangerous, Auckland beach should be wearing lifejackets, a coroner says.

Coroner Tim Scott called for the practice after investigating the deaths of four fishermen at Karioitahi Beach in 2011.

The men, who were from two different fishing groups, died within four days of each other after running into trouble while trying to set fishing nets in the surf.

None of the four were wearing lifejackets. They all died from drowning, Coroner Scott’s findings showed.

Brothers Aisea Inoke, 40, and Makamapuhia Inoke, 38, and their friend Hohapi Pepa, 41, had two children with them when things went wrong on October 24, 2011.¬† Read more »

Saturday nightCap

Saturday nightCap

Fox for donkey meat is not so bad


In China police in Guangdong Province have arrested seven people for injecting dirty water in sheep carcasses to increase the weight of the meat hence its value.

CCTV reported yesterday that officials raided the warehouse in a village in Baiyun district and found the men injecting bacteria-filled water into slaughtered sheep as a way to increase the weight of the meat and sell it for a high price, according to Shanghai Daily.

The man in charge of the operation and six workers at the warehouse have been held by police since the raid on December 30.

Officials found 30 sheep carcasses injected with up to six kilograms of pond water along with 335 living sheep, forged inspection stamps, pumps and rubber tubing in the warehouse. Suspects admitted to police that around 50 to 100 sheep were slaughtered there per day. ¬† Read more »


Instead of policing paddling pools perhaps the council jobsworths should focus on contractors polluting waterways?”

Spotted this yesterday, and immediately thought of all the erosion, drainage and runoff control regulations builders and developers are faced with every day when working around waterways and stormwater drains. Surely polluting a waterway that drains into the Waitemata  Harbour is more important than 30cm deep paddling pools?

Taking place at Trusts Stadium yesterday morning in Waitakere.

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Two wrongs don’t make a right, clean up all our water

One excuse that bludging ratbag farmers use for allowing their cows to shit in the rivers and waterways is that towns are discharging effluent too and so therefore under the kindergarten logic they use they should be allowed to continue to pollute our waterways.

Here is one such example.

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Bludging Farmers should pay the True Costs of Pollution


So far no farmer or farmer representative has been willing to provide an un-edit post on why farmers should be given a free right to pollute.

To give some economic context to the nitrogen health issue, a high producing Canterbury dairy farm under irrigation leaches 130 kilograms of nitrogen for every hectare, every year. ¬† Read more »