The Special Ops wish list, laser rifles, pain rays and other cool stuff


Who wouldn’t want a laser rifle, or a “pain ray”…these are just some of the wish list for US special operations forces.

Laser rifles. Canine air conditioners. There are lots of gadgets that U.S. commandos would love to have, except for the fact that these items don’t even exist.

That’s why the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC), which includes the Army’s Special Forces and Rangers,¬†has published a long list¬†of equipment that it wants private industry to develop and build.

What is fascinating about this list isn’t just that it tells us what capabilities U.S. special operations forces want. It also tells us what capabilities they¬†don’t¬†have.

But just as important, it’s a forecast of the kind of warfare that American commandos anticipate they will be fighting. Special operations forces, along with drones, have now become America’s preferred method of waging war. If commandos get a new weapon or sensor, it probably will be used on a real mission or battlefield. And when the special operators get new technology, then it sometimes trickles down to the rest of the military, and from there to the civilian world.¬† Read more »

The 5 worst weapons still in use


Knob Creek Machine Gun night shoot

Hunting kit for lazy buggers

Here’s a good one for those that are too lazy to stalk an extra few hundred metres for a closer shot, or indeed those that are just a crap shot. for $22,000 US you can have a TrackingPoint rifle.

If you are a bad shot, lazy or just downright useless at hunting altogether, this is the firearm for you:

A new rifle goes on sale on Wednesday, and it’s not like any other. It uses lasers and computers to make shooters very accurate. A startup gun company in Texas developed the rifle, which is so effective that some in the shooting community say it should not be sold to the public.

It’s called the TrackingPoint rifle. On a firing range just outside Austin in the city of Liberty Hill, a novice shooter holds one and takes aim at a target 500 yards away. Normally it takes years of practice to hit something at that distance. But this shooter nails it on the first try.

The rifle’s scope features a sophisticated¬†color graphics display. The shooter locks a laser on the target by pushing a small button by the trigger. It’s like a video game. But here’s where it’s different: You pull the trigger but the gun decides when to shoot. It fires only when the weapon has been pointed in exactly the right place, taking into account dozens of variables, including wind, shake and distance to the target.

The rifle has a built-in laser range finder, a ballistics computer and a Wi-Fi transmitter to stream live video and audio to a nearby iPad. Every shot is recorded so it can be replayed, or posted to YouTube or Facebook. < more of the article here>

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Learn your weapons before writing about them Jack Tame

Jack Tame has an article about how cool it is to fire an AK-47. They are cool, but nowhere as near as cool as the M249 light machine gun he is actually holding.



The article goes further and rambles on about assault rifles. Even his caption mentions assault rifles.

The problem is if you are going to write about assault rifles then get some facts straight. ¬† Read more »

Top 3 Weapons To Survive The Apocalypse

FPSRussia has been watching Doomsday Prep and has selected three weapons you should get if you want to survive the Apocalypse:

Here are those weapons again: ¬† Read more »


Sunday General Debate

Is this the most fun you can have with your pants on?

When I go I think being blown up like this is on the cards.

Lego Heavy Weapons


The effectiveness of Snipers

ŠĒ• USA Today

A great article about the force multiplying effect of quality sniper teams:

US Marine Corps Designated Marksman, armed wit...

US Marine Corps Designated Marksman, armed with the Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), derived from an M14 rifle with a telescopic sight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Iraq the value of snipers was clear from the beginning. When Marine officers were negotiating with insurgents holed up in Fallujah in 2004, the enemy’s first request was that Marines withdraw snipers who ringed the city and were targeting insurgents.

Fallujah had become a symbol of insurgent resistance after four U.S. security contractors were killed in an ambush and the charred remains of two were strung from a bridge over the Euphrates.

“They weren’t concerned with the tanks or the battalions in there,” Armstrong said. “They wanted the snipers removed.”

Marine officers refused. Within days, the insurgents met the Marines’ initial conditions.

“They’re a small niche that can really wreak havoc on the enemy,” said Clarke Lethin, a retired Marine officer who was on the staff of the unit that conducted the negotiations in Fallujah. “Our snipers were very effective when we were trying to bring terrorists to the table.”

There’s a personal element to snipers that is hard to quantify but has an impact on the enemy.

When an insurgent is killed by an unseen drone strike, “the enemy sort of absorbs that,” dismissing it as superior American technology, Armstrong said.

They have a different reaction to sniper kills. “When a sniper shoots them ‚Ķ it translates to, ‘I just went to a fight man-on-man and I was bested by another man,’ ” Armstrong said. “That is the psychological impact of scout snipers on the battlefield.”

The enemy also understood the psychological potency of an unseen enemy that can strike at any time. Starting in 2005, insurgents released a series of videos showing U.S. soldiers being shot, claiming it was the work of a single sniper who was stalking Baghdad. The video was an effort to strike fear into American troops by raising the specter of an unseen gunman preying on U.S. troops.

The U.S. military denied that any one insurgent marksman was responsible for the killings and dismissed the video as propaganda. Military analysts say insurgent marksmen lack advanced training and equipment that would allow them to take long-range shots at night.

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