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What a good suggestion for a West Coast feral kiddy fiddler

A filthy pedo has been told to rot in hell…a good suggestion considering the Judge said he showed ‘no tangible remorse or acknowledgment of his crimes, and did not accept that he needed treatment’.

I can suggest a couple of treatments…copper coated lead pills work a treat.

The NZ Herald reports.

A family member shouted “I hope you rot in hell” as West Coast paedophile William Ward Oquist was sentenced yesterday to 16 years in prison for sexually abusing girls as young as 5.

Oquist, 60, of Blackball, was found guilty by a Greymouth District Court jury on Monday of 25 counts related to indecent assault and, in some cases, rape of young girls.

The offending took place over a 16-year period from 1996 to 2012, and involved offending on two sets of sisters, including the use of pornographic videos and sex toys.  Read more »

Yep…no ferals on the West Coast

A violent murderous feral was on the loose on the West Coast.

The Police have now apprehended him.

A man has been arrested after a police chase and a five-hour armed standoff, which came after two hitchhikers were found stabbed and with broken bones.

A German woman, 28, and Japanese and Dutch woman, 27, were picked up while hitchhiking at Whataroa on the South Island West Coast yesterday afternoon, Tasman District Commander Superintendent Richard Chambers said.

Police yesterday said they were yet to piece together exactly what happened to the tourists but the women were found near Franz Josef. One woman had stab wounds and the other had broken bones.

Police immediately started a search for the blue Nissan Terrano the women had been picked up in, using all available staff and setting up road blocks on State Highway 6.

A helicopter and plane were also used in the search.  Read more »


Cunliffe vs the truth…again

David Cunliffe’s truthiness issue seems to be getting worse. Today he tweets about the regions:

However the facts are quite different

Provincial regions across the country have led New Zealand’s economic recovery from the Global Financial Crisis according to new Statistics New Zealand numbers released today, Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce says.

Bay Of Plenty, Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay in the North Island, and Nelson/Tasman, Canterbury, Otago, and Southland, have experienced growth above the national average of the five year period from 2008 to 2013, while Auckland, the West Coast, and Waikato have been just under the average. Meanwhile Taranaki continues to generate the highest GDP per capita by some margin.  Read more »

More good news, regions are growing

It just keeps on rolling in, much to the chagrin of the lefty blogs and opposition politicians.

All but one region posted a lift in economic activity in the last three months of 2013, with Auckland falling backwards by the barest of margins, an ANZ Bank report shows.

The economy is getting a boost with higher business and consumer confidence, a better job market and a lift in consumer spending.

And economic growth has been speeding up across most regions, especially around the main cities, in the past year.

In the December quarter though, the West Coast and Northland shared top spot in the quarterly growth stakes, increasing 2.4 per cent.  Read more »

West Coast feral nearly kills baby after smashing vehicle into house


Not the West Coast of New Zealand, but the West Coast of the US, in Lakeside California.

A speeding motorist crashed a vehicle into the bedroom of a Lakeside house early Thursday, narrowly missing a baby who was sleeping in his crib on the other side of the wall.

The crash happened just after 2 a.m. in the 8800 block of Los Coches Road in Lakeside.  Read more »

Guest Post: Judd Hall – an alternative viewpoint

Rex Widerstrom has watched the carnage and outrage unfold as a result of just eight words in a headline.

He has written an interesting perspective on the situation.

Judd Hall – an alternative viewpoint

by Rex Widerstrom

More than 20 years ago now, a close friend of mine knocked on my front door (well, technically it was my parents’ front door) and asked if I wanted to come for a ride over the infamous Wainui hill. In those days any chance to get out of the valley and do something… anything… was welcome, so off I went.

At the end of our drive sat a car, festooned with signwriting promoting a major soft drink. My friend introduced me to the driver, who was clearly our age. I inquired how he came to be in possession of what was obviously a company car, and was told he was a sales representative. At that point in life so was I – and selling prescription medications to GPs, not just fizzy pop – so thought nothing more of it and piled in the back seat.

Although the driver wasn’t too bad, by the time we reached Waiwhetu (just on the other side of the hill) I’d begun to think all was not as it should be. I was considering phoning a cab from the Waiwhetu service station, where we’d stopped to buy fuel, when my reverie was interrupted by police, some with weapons drawn, demanding we get out of the car.

Turns out it was stolen – something neither I nor my friend had any real reason to suspect. And though police didn’t share the details with me, judging by the weapons it may well have been stolen somewhat violently.

Two points emerge from this. First, like Judd Hall, in my naivety and inexperience – and in trusting my friend not to put me in harm’s way – I made a momentary error; one that could easily have ended with my death. I’d be appalled to think that someone decided – on the basis of my home town and my presence in a car over which I had no control once I’d decided to sit in the back – to call me a ‘feral’ and virtually celebrate my death. Not because it would have made any difference to me, but because I, like Hall, have a family and friends, even more blameless, who should be allowed the dignity of grief without having to defend attacks on my character.    Read more »

Joe Hall in her own words, you be the judge

Yesterday Joe Hall spoke to Radio New Zealand and made several claims.

1. She hadn’t made any death threats to me
2. That I had abused her on the telephone
3. A woman on the same number she called abused her
4. That this was political
5. That no one else has made any death threats

Have a listen for yourself.

Then listen to this audio from her statement to Radio Live.

joehall "joehall". "joehall"

So one story to one media outlet and another story to another. No death threats then death threats…from her.

Ok now for some facts.

1. Joe Hall has made death threats, she says so. I have recordings of them.
2. I have not spoken to her on the telephone, nor has anyone else in my household. My telephone number is ex-directory and her claims to have called 018 and got that are wrong. She has called and abused the wrong person and their partner. I imagine the reason the person got angry is because they, like me had been deluged with abusive calls from ferals.
3. No one except me was here on the day of the calls, my family had been moved. As previously mentioned my number is ex-directory. It is for this reason it is.
4. There is no politics involved in this but she is clearly highly politicised herself attempting to blame National for all sorts of ills.
5. My Facebook wall and phone is full of death threats. The evidence is clear.

Now..as to her claims to not have called me except for that one time when another poor person was confronted by her…judge for yourself. These are recorded from my tipline number which routes to Skype.

I pass no judgement, because to do so apparently is now off limits. I simple let the facts stand and Joe Halls own words and readers can be the judge if what is true and what is not.


More good news for the economy

No doubt the Greens will be against it but for those on the West Coast the news that Bathhurst has gained consent to start mining on the Denniston Plateau will be well received.

Australian miner Bathurst Resources has hopes of gaining access to the Escarpment coal mining site by Christmas after receiving final Environment Court approval for the controversial project on West Coast conservation land.

The court’s final approval was granted yesterday. It had said on August 8 that it intended to grant consent to the Escarpment mine on the Denniston Plateau, near Westport. However, the approval may be appealed. An appeal must be lodged within 15 days.

Buller District Council Mayor Garry Howard said locals were reluctant to rely on the decision because many others had been appealed, stretching out the process for two years.

Howard said the council had been represented at many of the appeals and that had cost ratepayers. The mine would be a national resource so appeals against it should be funded by central Government, he said.

The Government welcomed the court’s decision, labelling it exactly the type of investment the country needed to create jobs and higher incomes.

Of course the Greens are upset…they always are.

The Green Party decried the sacrificing of the Denniston Plateau and its unique landscape and threatened species for an open cast coal mine.

The Greens are luddites, anti-progress in any form.

Michael Laws on the Green Taliban

Michael Laws rips into the green taliban opposed to the Denniston mining plan:

In the wake of the Government’s commonsense decision to allow opencast coal mining on the Denniston Plateau, it was no surprise that the greenie lobby would scream betrayal.

The mining will occur on conservation land – a title that means not much except that no-one lives there, and no-one wants to.

The mine will occupy less than 5 per cent of the total Denniston conservation area, which doesn’t have national park status.

More importantly, the approval granted to Australian miners Bathurst Resources will create more than 400 jobs, rejuvenate an emaciated economy and add some extraneous conservation measures like a 35-kilometre predator fence. In short, it’s a win-win.

Yes it is. Jobs, growth, earnings all in an area desperate for all three.  Read more »

Russel Norman overjoyed at Solid Energy failure

via TV3

via TV3

Green Party co-leader Dr Russel Norman said today that Solid Energy’s troubles were “the best possible result under the circumstances.”   Read more »