The Huddle


I was on Larry Williams’ show The Huddle last night with Josie Pagani at 1740.

Our topics were:

  • Ukraine and Russia shaping up for fisticuffs.
  • The Oscars, not sure what we are going to argue about on that one, maybe I’ll  Josie take the lead on that.
  • The  Cunliffe situation with funnelling money through a trust to fund his leadership bid campaign – a bit of hypocrisy!   Read more »

Whaleoil is mobile again

The Team at Cre8d implemented the new theme for Whaleoil late on Friday.  You may have noticed some small visual changes for the main site, but the objective was to fix the mobile view for Whaleoil.

We pretty much didn’t have much to “fix” – we needed something that worked, at all!

So try it out on your phones, tablets, iPads and phablets – it’s going to zoom along.

This is last month’s breakdown of platforms


It will be interesting if those stats change significantly now that Whaleoil does a better job of delivering mobile content.

Now that the Mobile Theme project is off the list, the next thing we need to focus on is to get the merchandising store up and running!  We have a supplier – next to-do is to put up a little e-shop.  Will keep you informed.

Another month gone, how did we do?


With February a short month, we still got our coveted 2 mil.  Always hard with the additional public holidays, so that’s made the Team happy.

Thank you, and goodbye… to Nick.  Nick Bird has been a faithful Whaleoil volunteer for well over a year, and it’s sad to have him leave us.  Thank you for all your help Nick, and all the best with your studies.  Whaleoil volunteers may all be doing a relatively small part every day, but add those together and it allows Cameron and I to spend more time on the meatier stuff.   Read more »


Please refer to me as “Award Winning Extreme Right Wing Hate Speech Blogger” thank you

Last night Pete and I attended the ESET NetGuide Web Awards 2013.

This is what we brought home.  Read more »

Let’s play Whaleoil Bingo

Let’s play Whaleoil Bingo…Annette King and Chris Hipkins were playing today.

Annette King went after me in parliament today, too gutless to speak to me in private, the land lady went troppo…even mentioning SOCKs and Silly First Name Syndrome (starts at 6:01)

I wonder what the police interviews with her say? We will find out soon enough.

Read more »

Cartoon of Yesterday

(Well, two days ago, but who’s counting?)

Credit: Moreu - Nelson Mail

Credit: Moreu – Nelson Mail


The Huddle


I was on Larry Williams’ show The Huddle last night with Josie Pagani.

Our topics were :

The Green’s announcing their policy platform for the election. More for schools to do in terms of looking after children in need. The Green policy is pretty much an extension of the nanny state where they think they know what is best for YOUR kids.

Then we’ve had Labour also targeting children. Paying out per baby per week. It’s also a big hand out to the so called needy – back-bench MPs on $144,000 a year will qualify. I doubt whether those in poverty will use the money to make their children’s lives better. AGAIN it comes down to poor choices by parents – who are the ones who will be getting the  money.   Read more »

The Huddle


Larry Williams is back and last night on The Huddle with Josie Pagani we were talking about the following topics:

Professional ratbag McCready’s charges against Len Brown. Regardless of Len’s conduct, this bush lawyer’s just a menace. He’s not acting in the public interest he’s acting in self interest. I’m not sure what his motivator is but frankly his wanton waste of the court’s time should be put to an end. He’s a nutcase and not helping in any way.

Then we’ve got Dotcom’s whinging and moaning about his party being cancelled tonight – if he had any back bone and the whole event wasn’t about his so-called political party then why did he cancel it at all? And why are electoral laws the government’s fault. I’m sick of hearing how he doesn’t like it here! I’m sure there’s somewhere in central Africa where he wouldn’t be extradited from and he could moan about internet speed all he likes.  Read more »

Whaleoil 2014 – part 3

This is one of a number of posts I’m doing today on the past and future of Whaleoil.  Here is Part 3, it follows Part 1 and Part 2.

Is there something stirring in you to be part of the Whaleoil Ground Crew?


But it is scary to put your hand up.  You only have so much time, and then there is that big commitment later this year, so you better not offer.

And that’s the way we both lose.

Whatever it is what you want to do.  Whatever it is that you can do.  It may just be living in the right location for that once in a year event.  You might need to go take a photo.   Or if you have the courage, an interview. Or something a lot less glamorous like go into your local council and look something up.

We need people to create, file,  and follow up on Official Information Act requests.

Training is given, support is always available, and you only offer the time you are willing to commit.

If you circumstances change, no big deal.   Read more »


Whaleoil 2014 – part 2

This is one of a number of posts I’m doing today on the past and future of Whaleoil.  Here is Part 2, it follows Part 1 (oddly enough)

One of the strengths of Whaleoil is its community.  Rather than being an observer of the media, our readers feel participants in it.

This is a critical difference.

Time and time again, our own readers do research and share the results via the Tipline or directly to the comments section.

Because of the electronic medium, we can integrate this new information as an update or a new article.

Instead of “real journalists, trained and skilled”, we have something vastly more important:  we have each other.  The skill set, experience base and resources available to us as a group far outweigh those of traditional media outlets.

The challenge will be in capturing some of it for the benefit of all of our readers.

And that, in a nutshell, is what Whaleoil is going to achieve this year.  Call it citizen journalism, call it cloud journalism, call it anything you like – there is a thirst, a need, and a deep desire for our people to see their own views reflected in the media.

TV news, current affairs and newspapers have lost a lot of their audience.   Mostly through market and channel fragmentation.  But it also is leaving an increasing number of people feeling there isn’t anything in the media left that speaks their language.

Citizen journalism is of course how journalism started.   The rawness, the honesty, the dreadful bias is all part of it.  Agree or disagree, it doesn’t matter, because either way, you can’t ignore it.

The challenges involved in making citizen journalism work are actually simple, but at the same time very hard when you start from scratch.  Luckily (really?  luck?  no luck involved)… I should say, fortuitously, Whaleoil has organically grown from a personal blog of Cameron Slater hitting out at the world to something that is much bigger than him.

Cam remains the main attraction, but you – dear readers – are are other ace in the hole.

Your need to have stories come out, to deliver research results, to do the backroom, non-glamorous, anonymous and sometimes thankless tasks that result in an article being created is now at least half of what makes Whaleoil so popular.

Critics look at Cam Slater and simply can’t understand why his audience is increasing at such an alarming rate!  What they have failed to observe (although we have reminded people of it regularly), is that Whaleoil is a community, a platform as well as Cam Slater the person.

In 2014, Whaleoil is going to focus on you.  Whenever someone says “I can do this, but I can’t do that”, we are going to be the platform to make sure someone else does “that”.  Many of you like to help.  Many of you want to see change.  Few of you will be moved to make a placard and stand outside in protest.

Whaleoil is a vehicle for change.  And we are offering it to you.

Some of the work that needs doing is going to be simple, but it needs a team of people to simply take responsibility for it.  An example:  When a political party makes a statement about policy, it needs to be captured.  What is it they said they are going to do, what are the details, when did they promise it and when are they going to implement it.  All it takes is for someone to scan the news every day and add any policy statements to a document.  Not difficult – can be job shared, and once in place, becomes a valuable public resource.   I suspect even the “real” media will end up using it.

Another example:  We don’t have the resources to fly people to locations in New Zealand to take a picture, do an interview or do some research.  But why fly people there when you already live there and are able and willing to help out?

During 2014, Whaleoil is going to organise the  “Whaleoil Ground Crew”.

We already have some of them.  Travis and I were the start of this.  We now have James, Lux, Michael, Nick, blokeintakapuna and SonovaMin, and many others that don’t seek to be in public eye but are always helping out.

But this effort, when coordinated, is going to be the engine room that will propel Whaleoil into media outlet we can all feel part of.

Ambitious?  Yes.

Could fail?  Of course.

Worth doing?  You bet!

It doesn’t matter if you help us once a month or every day.  When it is your turn to be the right person at the right place at the right time, Whaleoil is going to give you the platform and support to help you do it.

Stay tuned for part 3…