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Perhaps Labour could declare a bee crisis to help the US

Everything Labour declares is a crisis¬†miraculously recovers. It is just as well they don’t declare their party and leadership to be in crisis then.

In the US the White house has decided they need a bee task force to save the bees. The very last thing bees need is a presidential task force, in fact that has probably doomed them.

If Labour could send David Cunliffe over though and declare a crisis the problem would be solved.

President Barack Obama has announced plans to form a “Pollinator Health Task Force” in a bid to save the dwindling population of bees.

Bee populations saw a 23 per cent decline last winter, which is blamed on the loss of genetic diversity and exposure to certain pesticides. A quarter of foods eaten by Americans ‚Äď including apples, carrots and avocados ‚Äď rely on pollination, and the process carried out by the honey bee adds more than $15 billion in value to agricultural crops each year in the¬†United States, the White House said. ¬†¬† Read more »

White House visits – Compare and Contrast

Two visits to the White house, different presidents, different Prime Ministers.

The left wing didn’t think Helen Clark was sucking up when she went:

Helen Clark and George W. Bush on 21 March 2007

Helen Clark and George W. Bush on 21 March 2007

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If Phil Robertson was President…get the ducks lined up first

What would happen if Phil Robertson was president?

Wonder know more…listen to Phil Robertson explain what would ahppen if he was President

“Bibles, Shotguns and Duck calls in¬†the White House”

Now isn’t that a better proposition than the Internet Party.

Destroying global warming propaganda with a ruler

John Key has a Chief Science advisor…so does Barack Obama (Professors and Doctors, supposedly clever and sensible) …periodically these chumps come out with some prognostication on global warming to tell us we are catastrophically warming and we MUST do something…if they aren’t doing that then they are hosing down some inconvenient facts.

Barack Obama’s cheif warmist did that last week in this video:

Very early on they use a chart…that is…well..wonky as hell. it is an official White House video and the deceit is astonishing.¬† Read more »

An idea for Len

The White House has released some home brew recipes that include White House honey from their beehives. Auckland City has their on bees too, in hives at the Town Hall. Len Brown should look at doing something like this.

Not everyone can be President of the United States, but now you can drink like one.

The¬†White House¬†released its beer recipes Saturday, just days after a¬†Reddit¬†user¬†made the request¬†duringPresident Obama‚Äės ‚ÄúAsk Me Anything.‚ÄĚ

The POTUS‚Äô official residence unveiled recipes for its ‚ÄúHoney Ale‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúHoney Porter‚ÄĚ in a blog post partly entitled¬†‚ÄúAle to the Chief.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúWith public excitement about White House beer fermenting such a buzz, we decided we better hop right to it,‚ÄĚ writes Sam Kass, White House assistant chef and senior policy advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives.

Online demand for the recipes stemmed from a popular petition on¬†We the People, an official government website for submitting petitions to the president. Created on Aug. 18,¬†‚ÄúRelease the recipe for the Honey Ale home brewed at the White House‚Ä̬†garnered more than 12,000 signatures.

The Honey Brown Ale is the first alcohol brewed or distilled on White House grounds, Kass writes. Previously, Thomas Jefferson made wine, and George Washington brewed beer and distilled whiskey at his Mount Vernon home in Virginia.

Inspired by home brewers from across the United States, Obama bought a home-brewing kit for the kitchen, Kass continues. After some experimentation, staff created the Honey Brown Ale, followed by the Honey Porter. They debuted a Honey Blonde this past summer. All are brewed with honey tapped from the first-ever bee hive on the South Lawn of the White House.

Using Social Media properly

The left are screaming that unemployment is rising. Matt McCarten writes that National is doing nothing, the lap-bloggers likewise and of course Labour is wailing too.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett show how proper use of social media can help spread the message and at the same time say something that the MSM would never print because it doesn’t sit their story or the lines they are running on behalf of chosen party.

paula Bennett using social mediaClear, concise and to the point, showing the utter hypocrisy of Labour’s and the left’s whining.

If only other MPs would likewise utilise the tools now at their disposal to better communicate with fans, constituents and supporters.

Perhaps Paula’s colleagues might like to have a chat about hos she can manage to do it while they sit with their thumbs up their collective asses wailing about not being able to get the message out.


The Misogyny of the Left

Has anyone noticed that the left and I include the media are all outraged when anyone attacks the lefty woman. But then all po-faced when they all bay for the blood of a woman who doesn’t seem to fit the correct thinking ideology-wise.

I point this out because of the rank hypocrisy being shown in recent attacks on Judith Collins, Melissa Lee, Paula Bennett and Christine Rankin.

If we take Christine Rankin, there has been much made of her previous marriages but not one squeak about the rest of the Commission and their previous marriages. Not one squeak from Labour when they appointed them, not one squeak from Peter Dunne when the Commission was set up with divorcees on the Commission. The rank hypocrisy stinks.

What can it be then about Christine Rankin that so appalls the left? Is it because she is a supporter of National? Possibly. Is it because she is successful in all by her marriages? Possibly. Or is it because she cuts through the bullshit and doublespeak? Possibly. It is more likely to be a combination of all of those plus a healthy does of leftist misogyny. Just what exactly has she done to earn so much opprobrium from the left.

Some are starting to notice. Ali Ikram has a thoughful piece on the issue. Fairfacts Media at No Minister has what just may be his best post ever, noting the misgoyny of the left.

Likewise the attacks on Melissa Lee. What we are seeing here is constant attacks against successful, good looking women who aren’t in the mould of ugly by the leftwing. Their view of the world seems to want women to be in sack-cloth and ashes and to only think their way.

Meanwhile they continue the meme that the Auckland Supe City transitional authority will be filled with “Dead Old White men”. Well what is David Shearer if he isn’t grey, dead, and old and a man compared with young, vibrant, female Melissa Lee.

Who is the Dirty Rat in the Parliamentary Library?

There is a rat in the parliamentary library. A dirty filthy rat. This is an example of what he once said about one of his customers.

Spy Rat in Parliamentary LibraryIn fact, when was the last time you can recall Key saying anything positive at all? All I can think of him doing is making dishonest attacks and never, ever offering a real solution, only vague promises that he will magically make everything better.

Do you think that John Key could get impartial research prepared by the dirty stinking rat who said that?

What about Bill English?

Spy Rat in Parliamentary LibraryBill and the Tories can spit all the bile they like but the job now is to govern. We’re still waiting.

Or Gerry Brownlee?

Spy Rat in Parliamentary LibraryGerry ’sexy coal’ Brownlee has spent today ripping apart more anti-climate change laws.

Paula Bennett?

Spy Rat in Parliamentary LibraryAs if any more evidence was needed that National’s Paula Bennett is completely out of her depth as Minister of Social Development, it appears Work and Income is turning away the hungry while Paula can’t even get her lines straight

We need our civil servants to be non-partisan and especially in the key area of research int he Parliamentary Library. Right now if I was a National party Mp I couldn’t trust anything coming from there while they employ a nasty, vile, partisan rat.

Clearly Parliamentary Services staff checking procedures are lacksadaisical at best, non-existant at worst.

Salad Dodger makes shit up

The lying Salad Dodger Rebecca Milne made shit up in her beat up of the links of Paula Bennett and a youth crim.

It seems that the young fella in question wasn’t even a member of the gang that SDRM claimed. In further sensationalisation of the matter the NZ Herald is now running the headline;

PM expresses support for MP with gangster link

Of course he would FFS, she is supporting her daughter, trying to support the little toerag who has got himself in trouble and is in the slammer for it and she cops this shit from a Salad Dodger.

Good god everyone has something strange in their background, it doesn’t mean they will be fucked up for it or should be if a nosy fat-arsed salad dodger and her pathetic editor decide to make shit up.

For goodness sake John Banks had a crim for a father and a backroom abortionist for a mother. Tough breaks, John himself will admit it but he isn’t either of them he is his own successful self despite his upbringing. City Councillor Aaron Bhatnagar’s father was once a friend of Winston Peters. Shameful I know but these things happen in families. My sister married a drug-fucked wreck who hangs around with rather nasty criminals now. She thankfully has given him the flick but you could equally say that I used to consort with gang members who deal “P” simply because I used to work for ex-brother-in-law. I’ve seen the damage up close and personal and had the death threats against myself and my family to know that ‘P’ is insidious but it isn’t a reason for a headline even if I was an MP. John Key’s mother is a Jew but it doesn’t mean that John Key eats babies on Passover……oh wait.

Someone needs to give the Salad Dodger a good hard lesson in Shutting the Fuck Up. She has almost no chance of ever getting an interview with a politician, EVER, so she may as well find something else to do.

This story will only serve to make people more cynical of a lazy over paid mainstream news media more interested in the negative than the positive.

Shabby Reporting of important milestone

After reading the story about Paula Bennett’s “gang connections” I read this crap in the increasingly hopeless Herald on Sunday.

Has this paper become the dumping ground for the inept and the indolent of APN?

What a sad and miserable person Nicola Shepheard must be.

Every weekend there are queues at this junction, and on holiday weekends it is not unknown for them to be almost back at the BP service centre in the south.

This is what the fantastic new toll road has been built to fix. It has also been built to avoid sending heavey transport vehicles through quiet and somnolent Orewa. It is a great achievement, built by a very competant and capable construction team and the locals at Orewa will have peace at alst, except from cheapskates who want to save $2.00 but will spend that and more in fuel trying it on.

The misearable Herald reporter reports on the long and frequent queues as if it was something new (which it probably was to her), and caused solely by the Opening Ceremony. Us regular travellers have had to endure it for years and years.

Why does her report need to be so negative? Does she think that eating a few sandwiches, and thanking the builders, residents, 3rd parties and politicians is a bad thing.

(No mention of caviar……I have it on good authority that the food consisted of sandwiches and cold water, while the buses were provided by the local bus company as part of their appreciation)

For gods sake the thing was finished well ahead of schedule and ahead of budget. Bloody Good Job, Well Done!!!!!! Pats on backs all round are well deserved (unless you are a Herald reporter, and envious of success and competence)

Surely that can be celebrated, without some negative journalist using a poison pen. Why not emphasise the positive, and tell what a well run project it was?

One can only hope that the Herald realise the importance of these projects, and support them instead of printing negative crap.