Winston Peters

Will the real leader of the opposition please stand up

Today showed the difference between a truly gifted politician and an untalented union hack.

John Key let Nick Smith and Bill English, the men who managed to get National to 20.93% of the vote, slip the lead long enough to dream up some dumb shit about giving Maori water rights.

This is basically a free hit for any opposition politician, and anyone aspiring to be the leader of the opposition.

So what happens?

Cunning bastard and NZ First Leader Winston Peters makes the simple play and believing in taking free hits below the belt kicks Key square in the goolies.

National Ministers Bill English and Nick Smith have been holding negotiations behind closed doors with the powerful Iwi Leaders Group to carve up fresh water resources.

These discussions were forced on the Government once the Prime Minister, against the majority view, began privatising power companies whose only real asset is New Zealand’s water. Maori quickly demanded that if private interests could own our water why couldn’t they?

This is one more issue that arrogant National Ministers have blundered into.

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Winston picks another winner: Why are we having a flag referendum?

Winston Peters said his party was backing a “fight for the flag” campaign by the Returned and Services Association (RSA).

“New Zealand First backs the RSA’s call for the first referendum to simply ask, ‘Do you want to change the flag?’ If the majority say ‘no’ then that should be it,” Mr Peters said.

“We challenge all other Members of Parliament to publicly declare if they will back the RSA’s call.

“Kiwis fought, died and were buried under this flag. That has to count for something since there are some things that are beyond politics and our flag is one of them.”

It’s a fair question. ¬†It wasn’t an issue until John Key made it one of his personal projects.

Everyone can foresee ¬†time when we may choose to change the flag. ¬†Perhaps when we declare ourselves independent of Mother Britain. ¬†And certainly not at the same time as the Gallipoli Centenary. ¬†¬† Read more »

NZ First to decide if they will add a scum list MP to parliament

Of course they will.

It’s expected New Zealand First will today finally make a decision on which new MP to bring into Parliament.

Winston Peters still hasn’t resigned his list seat after winning the Northland by-election, but the is party board meeting today, and is expected to make a move.

Next of the New Zealand First list is Ria Bond, a former hairdresser who’s currently working as a parliamentary staffer.

She’s the obvious choice for New Zealand First to bring in, but could choose to decline, or be pressured to stand aside if the party has someone else in mind.

No one from the party will front to confirm if she’s in the running for the spot.

The alliance some were hoping for between Labour and New Zealand First doesn’t look to have come into fruition, with still no meeting between the party leaders since the Northland by-election.

Winston Peters upset the balance of power in parliament when he claimed the seat.

We find new methods to test MMP in ways that were never anticipated originally.

In hindsight, I think an MP should not be able to run for parliament while already an MP.   That means you have to resign before you run again.  This is what happens before an election for example.

It’s a little moot now, but would Winston have taken the risk of losing his list seat? ¬† He was in a no-lose situation. ¬†Either he got an electorate seat or he could go back to his old job.

Can you be an electorate and list MP? ¬†Logically no. ¬†But somehow Winston winning Northland hasn’t automatically triggered his resignation as a list MP, and therefore automatically triggered the next on the NZ First list to come into parliament.

Especially with the Internet/Mana party debacle still fresh in our memories, and not this dog and pony show, it may just be time to put MMP through a review.

It would make more sense than changing a flag.

Winston, again, gets to keep the country on a knife edge on his time table as he decides what to do.   The rules should say what to do.  We should not be in a position where we have to make it up as we go along.


– Frances Cook, Newstalk ZB


Happy birthday Winston

Today is Winston Raymond Peters, 70, pensioner of St Mary’s Bay and MP for Northland’s 70th birthday.

Happy birthday Winston.

NZ First leader Winston Peters turns 70 today but he wants nothing to do with it, thank you very much. At first, he firmly refuses to talk about it at all dismissing such nonsense as self-indulgent.

In his usual capricious manner, a day later he’s good to go. He is Parliament’s oldest MP and its greatest survivor.

Peters insists he’s not sensitive about the number of years he’s dispatched. Nor is he proud of it. He prefers to ignore it altogether. “I don’t think about it.” ¬†¬† Read more »

Northland, polls and polling vs final results

Arts, Lifestyle & Travel blogger David ‚ÄúPinko‚ÄĚ Farrar has a very brief post on the Northland polls.

  • Winston Peters NZF 16,089 54.5%
  • Mark Osborne NAT 11,648 39.4%
  • Willow-Jean Prime LAB 1,380 4.7%

Those polls were pretty accurate.

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And so it starts. Thanks Winston

John Key may be “relaxed” over losing Northland to Winston Peters, but it’s changed the dynamics of parliament.

Sue Moroney is having another go at getting her paid parental leave bill through parliament.

The Labour MP had the numbers to pass it in the previous parliament but the government managed to hold it up until the election.

After the election it was able to defeat the bill on a tied vote of 60-60, but Winston Peters’ Northland victory has changed the maths.

Ms Moroney could now count on 61 votes from Labour, the Greens, NZ First, the Maori Party and United Future.

The government would have 60 – National’s 59 and one from ACT.

Ms Moroney wants paid parental leave extended from 16 weeks to 26 weeks.

She’s going to update the previous one and put it in the member’s bill ballot.

It won’t get to parliament until it’s drawn from the ballot, and there are 66 others in the box.

One or two are usually drawn every second Wednesday parliament sits. Read more »

Winston does more Asian bashing (aka Same s#1t, different day)


Thousands of Indian students are “flooding into New Zealand” where they’re being exploited by immigrant employers, Winston Peters says.

“They’re too afraid to speak out as their purpose in migrating to New Zealand is to gain permanent residence,” the NZ First leader said.

“Study is just a pathway they can use… numbers have soared since the government softened restrictions allowing foreign students to work.”

Mr Peters says there are 93,000 overseas students in New Zealand, an increase of 12 per cent in one year, while the number of Indian students has risen 60 per cent. Read more »

Another 400+ votes added to Northland’s anti-National swing

Official results for the Northland by-election have been announced and Winston Peters’ majority has increased to 4441 votes.

The by-election was held on March 28 and his majority on the night was 4012.

The difference has come from the counting of 1579 special votes, which increased the NZ First leader’s total to 16,089.

Specials also increased National candidate Mark Osborne’s total to 11,648.

The Electoral Commission will hand in the by-election writ on April 14, which clears the way for Mr Peters to be sworn in as Northland’s MP when parliament sits again on April 28.

He will then resign his list seat, which will bring in another NZ First MP.

The next on its list is former Invercargill hairdresser Ria Bond. Read more »

Winston to the rescue!!!

The so-called Darby and Joan Bridge in the Waipoua kauri forest is on the list of 10 one-way bridges to be upgraded – an announcement National made during the Northland by-election.

Te Roroa Treaty settlement negotiator Gary Hooker said no one from National asked what iwi thought.

He said if they had, they would have discovered the bridge was flanked by two iconic kauri.

“The only way it could be done, as far as I can see, is for one or both of the trees to be moved, which in itself could be quite an undertaking,” Mr Hooker said. Read more »

Fat Tony on Northland

Mike Williams aka Fat Tony has a column in the Hawkes Bay Today about Steve Joyce’s Northland debacle.

MAKE no mistake, the outcome of the Northland byelection last Saturday is a political boilover of seismic proportions.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters won one of the National Party’s safest seats with an election night majority of more than 4000 votes, erasing a National Party majority of over 9000 votes in the general election just a few months before. Winston Peters’ final majority is likely to increase when the nearly 1000 newly-enrolled special votes get included in the total.

This 13,000 vote turnaround is unprecedented in our political history, but it is the internal dynamics of Peters’ triumph that should give Prime Minister John Key and National Party campaign manager Stephen Joyce pause for very serious reflection.

Apart from a governing party losing a safe seat, two statistics set this contest apart from any previous byelection. About half of the voters chose to cast their ballot before election day and the level of participation was huge.

The early voting phenomenon is unprecedented, and it exceeds a trend in recent polls.

The turnout level is a genuine abnormality. It has been a rule of thumb for years that byelection turnout levels are half of the previous general poll. The Christchurch East byelection saw 13,000 electors vote compared with the 28,000 who had voted in the previous general election.

This is the established pattern.

Northland broke that mould. With 28,000 voting in the byelection, this wasn’t much short of the 34,000 that voted in the general election five months before.

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