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Maori to have bigger say in nobbled RMA reform in exchange for first reading support only

It seems it’s RMA reform when you aren’t really having RMA reform.

But what can we really expect when Nick Smith is the minister running this debacle?

The Government will introduce its long-awaited Resource Management Act reforms to Parliament next week after securing the support of the Maori Party.

The reforms to the country’s main planning document stalled two years ago when National’s support partners refused to back them because of their potential impact on the environment.

That impasse has now been broken, and Government planned to hold the first reading of the legislation next week. The most controversial proposals around environmental protections had been diluted, Environment Minister Nick Smith said.

Dr Smith said today the bill would support business growth and housing development while also ensuring more effective environmental management.

Its main changes would be new national planning templates for councils, faster and more flexible planning processes, reduced requirements for minor consents, and stronger national direction on issues such as housing.

Controversial changes to sections six and seven of the Act, which set out environmental bottom lines, have been “pulled back”.

The only change in these sections would be to the management of risks from natural hazards.

Dr Smith said the Maori Party had agreed to back the legislation to a select committee.

He described it as a “compromise bill” because of the environmental concessions, which had “changed the tone” of sections six and seven.

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Winston comes out swinging



Mr Key recently told Paul Henry: “Here’s the silver fern. Front page with one frond coming off like a tear with Jonah Lomu and his years. Amazingly powerful, that’s New Zealand. Where was our flag? Nowhere. I’ll tell you around the world everywhere you go people know the silver fern and that’s the thing they use when we’re doing well and when we’re hurting. That’s our flag not some Union Jack…”

People can decide on the appropriateness of bringing the late Jonah Lomu into the flag debate. Suffice to say, there is a wonderful photo of Jonah and Eric Rush together at the 1998 Commonwealth Games holding a flag many New Zealanders will recognise.

Having Key push for a flag change on the back of a rugby player’s death was very, very cringe-worthy.  Peters continues…  Read more »

Judith Collins on work ethic and winning

Judith Collins has a column in the Sunday Star-Times today that mocks Labour for hating on John Key being with the All Blacks as they won the World Cup.

She then gets into the mechanics of winning where hard work beats natural talent.

Which then segues into discussing the missing talent of Andrew Little and also his missing work ethic.

We’ve seen the will to win in our Prime Minister. We saw it in Helen Clark. We don’t see it in the current leader of the Opposition, Andrew Little. That’s his problem. So far, I’ve seen nothing that tells me that Little is really serious.

Last weekend we had the Rugby World Cup final. This weekend, it is the Labour Party Conference. I’m sure the usual platitudes will result. They’re all behind the leader, all united, no factions, everything’s great. Except it’s not.

Andrew Little made a strategic error in handing over his Labour Party voters to Winston Peters in Northland. Sure, the result left National groggy – for a while. Sure, it took away a crucial vote for real Resource Management reform, but who are the losers in that? It’s all Kiwis and particularly people in Northland who want to see an even more vibrant economy.

I’m no fan of Winston Peters. He’s got the talent but not the work ethic. Tales of his unwillingness to read the fine print abound. That’s why his goal is 7 per cdent of the party vote not 50 per cent. But, right now, he is a more effective Leader of the Opposition than Andrew Little.

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Is the SAS valour thief mechanic making a run for Winston’s job?

NZ First MP Ron Mark has been accused of delivering “a borderline racial diatribe” in Parliament after suggesting National’s Melissa Lee should go back to Korea.

Ms Lee said during the first reading debate on the Easter trading Bill that when she came to New Zealand 30 years ago she had been surprised to discover shops closed at 5pm.

“That was really, really surprising… in other cities they opened till 10 or midnight, or 24/7,” Mr Lee said last night.

Mr Mark said he had a message for her: “If you don’t like New Zealand, go back to Korea.”

He also drew National’s Kanwil Bakshi into the debate, though Mr Bakshi had not spoken, saying there were numerous religious holidays in India when no one worked. Read more »

Someone needs to tell Greg he’s dreamin’

Greg Presland aka Mickey Savage, the part time flea lawyer, full time lap-blogger at The Standard thinks last night’s One News/Colmar Brunton poll is a victory for Labour…despite them and Andrew Little dropping.

His rationale:

I try to avoid commercial television and radio.  Too many egos and the commercial agenda is too transparent.  This is why I believe state media has such an important role to play. Radio New Zealand for instance does a very good job in providing in depth analytical Stories on current events.  But Television New Zealand leaves a lot to be desired.

Last night’s report on the latest Colmar Brunton poll is a classic example of its failure to report a story properly.

The written article started by saying that Andrew Little was “down to single figures (eight per cent)” while “John Key remains well ahead.”  It then reported on the party support figures.  But it did not report that the opposition parties now have a significant advantage over National and that support for National’s support parties is disappearing.

The film was even worse.  It felt like a John Key love in with video of him speaking to the UN and being a soldier boy in Iraq being shown.  What a guy.  He had the chance to make comments on various issues and even had the chance to say that National was finishing the year quite strong.

Meanwhile the only presentation of Andrew Little was negative with the reporting essentially being that he was not polling that well and how he must be worried.

But the changes in the poll were all within the margin of error for the poll.  Little going down 2% and Jacinta Ardern going up 1% suggests a marginal change if one actually occurred.  All of the movements were minor and within the realm of statistical noise.

And get this.  The one damning statistic, that on these polling numbers National would be out of office WAS NOT EVEN MENTIONED.

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One News poll spells ongoing disaster for Little as Winston draws level


Labour has declared crisis after crisis and watched them all get solved. The one thing they have never declared a crisis in is their own party.

One News has the latest bad news for Andrew Little and Labour.

The latest ONE News Colmar Brunton Poll shows Mr Little is down to single figures (eight per cent) with Winston Peters in the preferred prime minister stakes, while John Key remains well ahead.

“I’m not particularly fazed by it, I know what the task is ahead of me and I’m getting on and doing it, meeting with Kiwis,” Mr Little said.

What a retarded thing to say. He should keep on meeting those Kiwis, it is doing a world of good…for National.

The National Party remains steady on 47 per cent, while Labour is down one to 31, and the Green Party is on 12.

New Zealand First is up two to nine per cent.   Read more »

So Winston does believe in free trade after all

Winston Peters opposed the China FTA and he opposes the TPPA…but he does support a FTA with Putin’s Russia:

Winston Peters wants talks for a free trade agreement with Russia urgently kick-started, warning that we need to be on both sides of any new cold war that starts in Syria and not just cuddling  up to “Uncle Sam”.

Surely this is tongue in cheek. But no. The former Foreign Minister seriously suggests New Zealand should replace European food in Russian markets, following a Russian ban on imports from the European Union.

The EU’s sanctions date back to March last year and Russian president Vladimir Putin’s adventure in Crimea and Ukraine. Russia responded by refusing to buy EU imports. That’s one reason for global dairy market over-supply and the collapse in dairy prices.     Read more »

Winston instigates legal action alleging Colin Craig’s Conservative Party indulged in “corrupt practice”

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has gone to court to challenge the lack of action over complaints made during last year’s election campaign.

Mr Peters went to the Electoral Commission over two election advertisements – an ACT Party one, in which he said he was deliberately misquoted, and a Conservative Party one, which he said was misleading and misrepresented NZ First’s position.

But the Electoral Commission looked into them and decided not to take any further action.

Mr Peters thinks the complaints should have been taken more seriously and he’s seeking a judicial review of the Electoral Commission’s response.

In the High Court at Wellington today, Mr Peters’ lawyer Brian Henry argued that the publication and broadcast of the advertisements should have been considered a “corrupt practice”.

Under New Zealand’s electoral laws, someone who knowingly publishes false material, with the intention of influencing voters, in the last two days before the election is guilty of a “corrupt practice”.

As we all know, the Electoral Commission prefer to do very little when it comes to acting on wrongdoing.  This has led to a culture of parties deliberately breaking the rules.   Read more »

Does Winston Peters stand by all his statements?

Winston Peters has come out against the flag debate…everyone knows that…and he seems convincing that he has been against such a change since forever.

Except in 2005…there was a flag debate when Helen Clark and Labour were the government and propped up by Winston Peters…

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Tell me again what a dental nurse and a student union organiser know about free trade?

I’ve really been struggling with the opposition to the TPPA.

What would these people have us do? Sit on the outside banging an empty table demanding more like the metaphoric Oliver Twist?

Labour are particularly disingenuous.  They have signed FTA agreements before, but none this big or this involved. But like petulant school children it isn’t good enough for them, they’d rather take their toys and go play in a much smaller sandpit while everyone else is enjoying the large sandpit, under shade cloth with new toys.

We can ignore Winston Peters, he is anti-everything unless it is free mirrors for him. But Labour is more serious…they like to think they can govern, but would they have done any better? Would Phil Goff have got more?

I doubt it. New Zealand is the size of a smallish city for some of these countries. The fact that we are even at the table is an achievement in itself. But that isn’t good enough for Labour.

But then look who they have fronting this while the union boss appears to be absent.

Annette King, a former dental nurse and Jacinda Ardern, the Media Party appointed heir to Annette’s throne.

Neither of these two have the slightest bit of interest in their lives with trade. They know absolutely nothing on this yet they are being wheeled out to speak on every issue related to the TPPA.    Read more »