Could Special K help with depression

Yesterday I blogged about my battle with depression with depression medications and the destruction those drugs, forced on me for a number of reasons, which will be explained fully in a book I am planning about the ongoing battle with depression, drugs, the medical and insurance system.

I mentioned that not a single drug was effective in treating my depression, nor chemical cocktails prescribed or forced on me through circumstance. Instead they exacerbated the problem, helped destroy a large portion of my life, the legacy of which continues to this day.

Now researchers at Johnson and Johnson reckon they have possibly found a new and different drug treatment for depression…one based on ketamine or Special K.

Johnson & Johnson said it plans to seek approvals for 11 new drugs by 2017, including a treatment for patients with depression who have failed to benefit from standard medications.

The intranasal drug, called esketamine, is closely related to a pediatric anesthetic called ketamine that has been shown in academic studies to ease symptoms rapidly in such patients, including a reduction in suicidal thoughts.

Ketamine is also the active ingredient of the mood-altering party drug known as “Special K”.  Read more »

Sledge of the Day

Huffington Post

Jim Sleeper gives Fareed Zakaria a good hard sledge over his plagiarism:

Zakaria is a busy man, of course. Although he’s been judged by The New Republic to be one of America’s“most-overrated thinkers,” he was interviewed about the state of the world last year by Yale President Richard Levin before a large audience at the kick-off off Yale’s $50 million Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, the new home of “Professor” Stanley McChrystal and of what Lewis Lapham has called “the arts and sciences of career management,” including mastery of “the exchange rate between an awkward truth and a user-friendly lie.”