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David Cunliffe thinks the Labour party is like a baby

Let there be no doubt that David Cunliffe is hard left with comments about Karl Marx when he gave a patronising, badly judged but quite revealing speech to the unimpressed Young Labour members in an extended phone booth today. This is supposedly the largest ever attendance at a Young Labour conference.

Most telling were his smarmy, insulting introductory comments that set the tone for the rest of his waffle:

You know, becoming the leader of a political party is a bit like becoming a first-time parent.

Children are like pirated software: they don’t come with a manual. Neither do political parties.

As a parent, nothing can prepare you for it. There is so much to learn. Like – How many times a day do you feed or change your baby? How hot do you make your baby’s bottle? How many blankets do babies need on a cold day? What do you do when your baby gets sick, cries, laughs?

As leader of a political party, you also learn on-the-job – and that sometimes occurs on TV! You don’t get everything right; you don’t know it all; you have to deal with random events that occur with little warning and over which you have limited control.

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Inside the Young Labour war over Labour’s leadership

Some in Young Labour will be on Q+A this morning making the case for Labour to move to the left. The reality is they’re deeply divided.

Given the Young Labour National Executive is firmly in the clutches of Grant Robertson’s Wellington’s Mafia, it’s likely they’ll get in behind but not without backbiting from the Cunliffe-controlled Princes St Labour (PSL) branch in Auckland.

The factions in Young Labour are quite simple – Auckland (which backs Cunliffe) and Wellington (which backs Robertson). It’s Wellington that currently dominates the Young Labour Executive but the youth wing is far from united.

Camp Robertson

  • Reed Fleming – staffer in Grant’s office so is fighting for his job, especially after he we was eased out of the Labour leader’s office under Shearer.
  • Rory McCourt – VUWSA president and union-trougher. Elected via a nasty campaign helped by his mate Reed.
  • Arena Williams – Popular AUSA president. A Shane Jones fangirl who’s seen Robbo as a better bet. Has parliamentary aspirations sooner rather than later.
  • Levi Joule – regarded as principled third wayer. Failed AUSA politician. Tried to smear John Banks in 2011 and got exposed by this blog. Joule is on the outer in Princes St Labour because he doesn’t fit the Cunliffe mould of extremist leftism that he inspires in his supporters.  Read more »

NZ’s dodgiest LBP Nominee – Aaron Goodwin

Aaron Goodwin - Blenheim Ratbag

Aaron Goodwin – Blenheim Ratbag

The nominees are flowing in thick and fast. It seems there are a lot of ratbags and troughers out there.

I may have to post several a day until ballots are posted, then issue an award.

Here is a dodgy ratbag Blenheim.

Aaron Goodwin is running for council in Blenheim. Blenheim is a nice place that doesn’t deserve a drug using diesel thief on its council. He also changes his mind.

Mr Goodwin, 21, told Fairfax on Friday he had decided about a fortnight ago not to stand for the council because of troubles with his health and family. “I’m not really sure I can be committed to the campaign. It’s a bit of a stressful time at the moment.

Stressful time means getting busted stealing diesel.

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Cactus Kate on Young Labour’s Housing Tour

Oops, it looks like Young Labour have been out on a fact finding mission proving that their Party has Kiwibuild costings all wrong.  Cactus lampoons their one week goodwill tour where all their support can fit in just one van.

Day 2 - moved all the way to Onehunga and helped checked out a large site that could be better used by bulldozing and subdivided for housing.  Offered to “help” them with their IT system by installing Lynn Prentice’s secret code from The Standard.  Someone was on to them by the end of the day and escorted them all from the premises.

But I think the best bit was the genuine smiles and comments of appreciation from the team at the Community House when we were leaving.

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Young Labour’s plan to tank VUWSA

Yesterday I posted about Young Labour hack Rory McCourt and how he has gone negative to win the VUWSA Presidency. He’s starting to get desperate because he knows that real students see him as another nasty drone who they can’t relate to, and many won’t vote for him for that reason. He thinks it’s his birthright as a Labour Party time server to get a cushy job preparing him for greater things.

But there is something Vic students should be even more worried about if Rory becomes President of VUWSA. I understand that VUWSA still hasn’t made the hard decisions necessary to balance their budget going forward. They have free money from the student services levy in the short term, but when that runs out it’s looking like lights out VUWSA. And it appears the University is already making plans to effectively replace them.

So what does Rory think about making tough decisions? Well actually,he doesn’t possess the capacity to think at all. He just turns to blind ideology.

Yup, according to Rory ‘living within our means’ is just a right wing conspiracy. And in his time on VUWSA this year he has demonstrated his philosophy of idiocy.

All members were in favour of donating the money, but because this would be extra spending, Treasurer William Guzzo said he was unable to say where that money would come from without consulting the association manager. Vice-President (Welfare) Rory McCourt said the executive should pledge to donate the money regardless of whether they could budget for it. He argued they should take the money from the reserves if they couldn’t.

So budgeting is not a concept Rory believes in, he just spends whatever he feels like. I’m starting to question why he is running for VUWSA President at all, he could replace David Parker as Labour’s finance spokesman straight away.

Young Labour at it again

via the tipline.

This time it is Auckland where Failed AUSA candidate, Young Labour Auckland A representative and Tamaki represpentative Antonia Verstappen suggests to an AUSA tamaki representative that she will roll her if need be.  While it is mild in comparison to Young Labour’s tactics at the Victoria Uni campus Antonia will make a wonderful unionist one day with these sorts of tactics.


Youth wings support marriage equality

I guess they didn’t agree with the plea to Generation Y form the Catholic Church.

Youth urge MPs to vote for marriage equality

In a rare move of political unity, the Young Nationals, Young Labour, Young Greens, Mana Rangatahi and Act on Campus have issued a joint statement urging all their MPs to vote in favour of Louisa Wall’s same sex marriage bill at its first reading on Wednesday.

Young Nats President Sean Topham said that Young Nats from around the country had been lobbying National MPs to vote in favour of marriage equality; “Our generation overwhelmingly supports marriage equality and the Young Nats have been lobbying our MPs to support this Bill from day one. We believe in freedom and equal opportunity for all Kiwis and our generation clearly agrees.”

Young Labour spokesperson Sam Thompson said that marriage equality and adoption reform were voted as the number one policy priority at the Young Labour conference. “We believe this is a human rights issue and a generational one. If our representatives in Wellington really value equality and a fair go, they’ll make a commitment to expand the right to marry to everyone who has a partner they love and want to spend their life with,” said Thompson.

Mana Rangatahi spokesperson Ian Anderson said that “Mana Rangatahi’s policy is in favour of marriage equality and we are delighted that Mana Party Leader Hone Harawira will be voting in favour of the bill at its first reading”.

Act on Campus spokesperson Hayden Fitzgerald said that Act on Campus were long-time supporters of marriage equality, and are delighted that so many MPs will be voting in favour of Louisa Wall’s bill. “ACT on Campus has long held the view that there should be one law for all. We believe marriage equality is a key part of achieving this.”

The five youth wings, representing youth members of parties comprising 110 of the 121 MPs in Parliament believe their combined show of support reflects the over-whelming support for marriage equality amongst younger New Zealanders (76% in favour in Colmar Brunton May 2012 poll).


Young Labour silenced?

the tipline

While the Young Nats are successfully getting remits passed at National party conferences Young Labour isn’t doing so well at theirs.

Check out this remit that shows that Labour still believes in hugging criminals:

And then at the same Labour Party Auckland/Norther Region Conference this weekend Young Labour/Princes St Labour have been shutdown by the party for putting forward remits. An electorate went as far to restrict the amount of remits the party could consider.


Stark contrast to the success of the Young Nats at the Northern Region Conference.

Arena Williams who I think is a Young Labour Maori Vice President certainly thinks so:

Labour’s dirty tricks continue

Labour is betting the bank on getting John Banks. But as usual their attacks are based on smears, falsehoods and mistruths.

Sensing blood in the water, Labour has stepped up its attacks on Mr Banks, which have included leaflets highlighting some of the former Cabinet minister’s past statements, including racially charged comments and his unfavourable views on homosexuality.

Glad to see the media knows where those leaflets came from. I blogged about them days ago. David Parker tries to distance himself from them:

Yesterday, Mr Parker said he had nothing to do with the pamphlet, but he believed it was fair for Mr Banks to be held accountable for the comments now as they were “part of his political life”.

Yet the person who has been putting out those leaflets is actually an executive member of Young Labour. Make no mistake, David Parker knows exactly what is going on. Labour is front and centre mounting a dirty campaign just like they have always done.

Trevor Mallard of course isn’t far from the fray either calling on John Banks to pull out. Presumably on the flimsy basis that he once said something in 1978. Does anyone think that Levi Joule, the Young Labour Auckland regional executive could have come up with a quote from john Banks made more than 10 years before he was born without input from the Goffice?

If some thing you said in the 70s is the reason for you to resign then why is Mallard still there after getting conviction for obscene language in 1971.

Labour are pulling out all stops, watch this get real dirty. There is a reason though why Labour is desperate to see their proxies shop the murk, that is because in new Zealand voter tend to not like to see their politicians flinging the dirt, and if you fling too much sometimes you find some it gets returned in spades.

Labour has earned and deserves the reputation as new Zealand’s nasty party.

Breasel at it again

Brenden Sheehan knows no shame. Instead of apologising to New Zealand for using the death of his “relative” he is now seeking compensation to the remaining family of Fololobese Muliaga.

He says they need money for their education. Well so bloody what!

When will this corpse cuddling Svengali of the political landscape apologise for politicising the death of his “relative” especially now after overwhelming evidence presented at the coronor’s inquest showed that the only person to blame for Fololobese’s death was her and her inability to stop shoving food into her mouth.

For god’s sake she weighed 200kgs!!!, she had “no resusitate” orders on her (inother words medical staff knew she was screwed) and still Breasel calls for money.

Well fuck him and his immense “family”.