It is not an “attack” Prime Minister: Who are you afraid of offending?


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Guest Post: Cold Climate Theory ‘human mining and fool’s gold’

Until a few weeks ago I had never heard of “Cold Climate Theory”. Initially, I thought it was one of those man made Global warming things. You know, global warming causes everything so why not cold climates as well. After reading a short delivery given by Helmuth Sorensen Nyborg (in the ‘Gates of Vienna Blog’) a former professor of Developmental Psychology at Aarhus University Denmark, I was suddenly made aware of the connection between Climate, IQ., G.D.P. and welfare. Something I hadn’t really thought about before.

Nyborg a proponent of Cold Climate Theory notes that ninety-seven percent of all things scientific and artistic invented/created since the fourteenth century have been created and produced by peoples descended from a cold climate. Nyborg notes that this correlation is accepted by at least more than 50% of authoritative sources on the subject.  Cold climate humans hail principally from Europe/Russia and northern Asia (China, Japan). The theory proposes that because it is harder to survive in a colder climate than in a temperate or tropical climate humans from a cold climate evolved (Darwinism and survival of the fittest) with larger brains and higher I.Q.s. This then, of course, has translated into higher productivity and creativity. A quick glance at the globe, history and the geographic concentrations of haves and have nots seems to strongly support this narrative.

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Non, je ne regrette rien

Tracy Watkins thinks the National party may rue some of it’s moves

Assuming Labour wouldn’t take risks.

The Ardern move could have been a disaster but Labour no longer had anything to lose. When the polls hit the low 20s Andrew Little knew the only way was down. He stepped down in a last-ditch effort to try to save the party but probably no one in Labour predicted such a dramatic change in fortunes under Ardern.

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David Parkers threatens farmers with higher water taxes

Kiwiblog reports

Meet your future Labour Government. When you criticize them, they threaten to double the tax on you. That is Labour MP David Parker being quoted.

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Mental Health Break

Rebel Media victim of vicious smear by ex employee


I have read the allegations by the employee on twitter and I have read Ezra’s rebuttal. I believe Ezra 100% because there are so many similarities between what happened to him and what happened to Cam when a young man wormed his way into Whaleoil after we were hacked and started a pattern of asking for money because he was in dire straits.

The Rebel has suffered lawsuits like Whaleoil and has suffered attacks on advertising like Whaleoil. The Mainstream media smear them and attack them just like they smear and attack Whaleoil. I am not surprised that they are now suffering an attack from within.

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Map of the Day

Countries with Nuclear Submarines

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Wellington rate payers are paying for Cr Andy Foster’s tilt at becoming an MP

The Taxpayers’ Union can reveal that Wellington City Councillor, Andy Foster has made extensive use of ratepayer funded IT and communications recourses as part of his efforts to stand for Parliament with New Zealand First.

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Book Review ‘Own Your Future’ chapter three: Superannuation

Points made about Superannuation in the first chapter included:

  • Cost of the NZ First Gold card “blew out” because used more for day trips to tourist destinations rather than bus trips to the mall
  • An allegation that the idea for the card came from a lobbyist wanting to get more taxpayer subsidies into his client’s business

“SuperGoldCard for millionaires and Rich Listers to travel free to Waiheke Island is a classic example of bad government spending.”

  • The governments biggest expenditure is superannuation, not education or health or welfare.

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Bill English on poll result: ’tis but a scratch

Prime Minister Bill English has shrugged off a poor poll result, insisting “there’s nothing new about a tight election”.

National was down three points to 44 per cent in last night’s One News-Colmar Brunton poll.

Labour under new leader Jacinda Ardern has rocketed up to 37 per cent – an increase of 13 points.

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