Tuesday nightcap

Blasting a standing tree

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Theological Tuesday

In view of the struggle against Islam in our day, and the danger of losing ground in New Zealand, how about this wonderful video presentation by Ravi Zacharias who is highly regarded in the Christian world. He speaks gently and lovingly about the dilemma we face today in wishing to be both compassionate to those in need but wise in our choices as well. Maybe someone who has the power and authority to stem the flow from the UNHCR might see it and be challenged.

To understand Christine Blasey Ford, take a look at Palo Alto University

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Does this remind you a little of Massey?

Steven Woolfe MEP: Exposing the EU’s migration spending

If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to [email protected]

As the princess begins to open our borders to the riff raff.

This may be the way we will go…

Daily roundup

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Today in rock history

Today in Rock History:

Born today in 1947, Greg Ridley singer and bassist with Spooky Tooth and Humble Pie.

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Tweet of the day

Hadith for the day

Narrated Ash-Shaibani: I heard ‘Abdullah bin Abi Aufa saying, “The Prophet forbade the use of green jars.” I said, “Shall we drink out of white jars?” He said, “No.”

Sahih Bukhari 7:69:501

That only leaves red jars for the Italians.