Sue Moroney is still nasty – as is the ‘positive’ Labour party

Jacinda Ardern keeps going on about relentless positivity, pity her ex-MPs and supporters don’t subscribe to that.

See  above, the picture of a Labour supporter giving the fingers at their party last night with the old lemon Dianne Yates behind her

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Winston has rightly claimed the balance of power

Bill English has paid some respect to Winston Peters, unlike James Shaw who rather arrogantly assumed to be able to dictate to a man who loathes the Greens.

It is just as well because it is obvious that Winston Peters has the balance of power.

Winston Peters is primed to be the kingmaker again, but he won’t yet reveal who his party, NZ First, will favour.

During his speech at NZ First headquarters in Russell, he made it clear the party won’t be committing to support either of the major parties for some days yet.

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Mental Health Break

Misinformation and foul language from Wrongly Wrongson last night

As usual Martyn Bradbury AKA Wrongly Wrongson got it wrong last night on social media telling his followers that advance votes are the same as special votes.

Advance votes are actually counted first. Only around 20% of them will be considered special votes and only if the people voting had not enrolled to vote before turning up to vote. We provided a link to that information last night on Whaleoil. By 8.30pm last night over 82% of the advance votes had already been counted.

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Map of the Day

Hutt South falls to National

Chris Bishop has ended the Labour party mortgage on Hutt South, and now we know why Trevor Mallard ran like the wind from a fight with him.

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Hawkes Bay Home-wrecker takes one in the chook

Home-wrecker Anna Lorck

Anna Lorck, the Hawkes Bay Home-wrecker, has lost another election:

Former Hastings mayor Lawrence Yule is on the cusp of winning the Tukituki electorate- ripping it from longtime Labour campaigner Anna Lorck.

Yule quit the mayoralty earlier this year and announced his bid for the Hawke’s Bay electorate, coming into direct competition with Labour’s Lorck who was campaigning to take the seat from National incumbent Craig Foss.

Foss announced earlier this year he would not be standing in this year’s election, leaving the candidacy open for the first time since 2005.

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Valid questions, stupid principal

Why is it so bad for kids to ask professional sportspeople why they suck or choke so often?

Two pupils at an Auckland school were sent to “time out” and made to write an apology letter after asking visiting Warriors players why they lost so often.

Blockhouse Bay Intermediate principal Michael Malins confirmed the school’s action, but wouldn’t reveal the exact wording of the questions.

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Photos of the Day

There is more than one version of why and/or how Marilyn posed in a burlap potato sack. The story is that Marilyn was once chastised by a female newspaper columnist for wearing a low-cut red dress to a party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. According to Marilyn, the columnist called her cheap and vulgar. Not stopping there, the writer then suggested that the actress would look better in a potato sack. So, Twentieth Century Fox decided to capitalize on the story by shooting some publicity stills of Marilyn in a form-fitting burlap potato sack just to prove she would look sexy in anything. The photos were published in newspapers throughout the country. Another story was that someone just made an off-the-cuff statement that Marilyn could make a potato sack look sexy and Twentieth Century Fox took the publicity stills to prove him right.

Vietnamese orphaned babies are strapped into aeroplane seats en route to LAX during “Operation Babylift” (April 12, 1975). Operation Babylift was the name given to the mass evacuation of children from South Vietnam to the United States and other countries (including Australia, France, West Germany, and Canada) at the end of the Vietnam War (also the Fall of Saigon), on April 3–26, 1975.

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The Maori party is dead

The Maori party is out of parliament, killed off by Tamati Coffey by his winning of Waiariki.

The Labour Party could manage a clean sweep of the seven Māori seats, with Māori Party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell in danger of losing Waiariki.

If Mr Flavell loses to Labour’s Tamati Coffey, and his colleague Howie Tamati does not win Te Tai Hauāuru, it could spell the end of the Māori Party in Parliament. The party is currently far below the five percent party vote threshold needed to bring MPs in off the list.

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