Hate Speech is the new Black

How obsessed are online corporations and the MSM with hate speech? Here are some examples I found on gab.ai to show you just how bad it is. The people who get away with so-called hate speech and the ones punished for it may surprise you.

  1. A Priest was suspended on Facebook for Sharing politically incorrect thoughts about Islam.

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Map of the Day

Animal Kingdom World Map

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Is Labour plus the Greens the crazy girlfriend?

A 2016 young farmer of the year finalist has compared the Labour Party to a “crazy girlfriend” in a letter to the editor.

[…] In the letter, Mr Fitz-Herbert tells readers to “think of the Government like a girlfriend”.

“Don’t choose a new good looking girlfriend and complain in three months’ time that she has stopped smiling, put up the bitch curtains”.

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“78 year old communist dinosaur announces retirement as @nzherald columnist”

Bryan Gould appears to have announced his retirement:

The election shows that there is an appetite and a momentum for change that is likely to grow rather than subside. “More of the same” is not sufficiently inspiring to claim new adherents.  

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Labour’s big problem with negotiations

I’ve been thinking a fair bit about coalition negotiations.

Labour has a massive problem.

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Photo of the Day

Caresse Crosby and her whippet Clytoris. 1922.

The Incredible Life of the Inventor of the Modern Brassiere

She was also a pioneering publisher and, later, a princess

Every morning, millions of women around the world wake up and put a bra on. It’s an everyday task, something that few probably put much thought into.  Perhaps we should instead celebrate the greatest perk (pun intended) that bras provide: For over 100 years, women have been able to experience the joy of taking off the constricting garment after a long day. And celebrating in this manner is actually in line with 19-year-old socialite Mary Phelps Jacob’s intention when she first created the “Backless Brassiere” just over a century ago.

If you’re desperate to take your bra off at the end of the day, you’re probably wearing the wrong size bra. Sorry ladies, but it’s a fact that 75 percent of women wear the wrong size, forcing them to deal with unnecessary pain and uncomfortable breasts.

Mary Phelps Jacob was born on January 30, 1891, Mary Phelps Jacob – known as “Polly” to her family – came into a world of power and privilege. Her family were direct decedents of William Bradford, the first governor of the Plymouth Colony, and Robert Fulton, the inventor of the steamboat. Although nowhere near as rich as the Rockefellers or Vanderbilts, but Polly’s family nevertheless had enough money to own three large estates in New York City, Long Island and Watertown, Connecticut. Polly grew up in an age when a family’s name was as important as the balance of their bank accounts. Based on her last name, Polly was able to attend the best private schools, the most exclusive cotillions, the fanciest horse riding academies… even a garden party hosted by King George V in 1914.

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Remember this from January? I do

Home-wrecker, Anna Lorck

The Hawkes Bay home-wrecker, Anna Lorck, lost to Laurence Yule on the weekend. It is her second loss to National candidates and back in January my mate Simon Lusk said the home-wrecker would never win Tukituki.

Back then, Anna Lorck had a hissy fit and wrongly accused Simon of working for Lawrence Yule.

Labour’s Tukituki candidate, Anna Lorck, has accused her potential National Party opponent, Lawrence Yule, of having controversial political strategist Simon Lusk on his side.

In a Talking Point yesterday Mr Lusk said he believed National would win the Tukituki seat, which Mr Yule has put his name forward for. Mr Lusk said Mr Yule had a positive profile while Ms Lorck had a polarising profile.

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Yes, this happened in New Zealand: gay couple can’t marry in church ’cause earthquakes

via Stuff / MAARTEN HOLL

This lovely couple is trying to find a church to marry them.

A same-sex couple have been refused a church wedding in a village where they say the gay population probably outnumbers the congregation.

Alexandra Saunders, a lifelong Anglican, and Sara Rimmer, who grew up in a religious family, planned to get married in December in Paekākāriki, on the Kāpiti Coast north of Wellington, where they live.

Saunders contacted St Peter’s Anglican Church to book the wedding.

“I think when I first left a message for ‘Alex and Sara’, they thought Alex was a man’s name,” she said.

She believed the local priest and congregation were not opposed to the marriage, but the Anglican Church’s national rules forbade it.

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John Armstrong nails it

John Armstrong writes:

And so the National Party juggernaut just keeps rolling on and on and on. Who or what can stop Bill English and company rolling into a fourth term in power?

On election-night results, a Labour-New Zealand First-Greens combo is technically still alive. But only in the way Elvis Presley is still alive.

Those on the centre-left clinging to that hope are really clinging to the wreckage of what to be blunt was a hideously disappointing night for that portion of the political spectrum.

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That good old left-wing double standard rears its ugly head again

First of all, I want to make it really clear that what New Zealand comedian Jeremy Elwood tweeted is a free speech issue. If people don’t like his tweet then they can be offended all they like. They can also stop following his twitter feed or choose to not go to his shows if they don’t like his brand of humour.  Humour by its very nature is going to offend someone. I am not condemning what Jeremy Elwood said. I am simply going to point out the left-wing double standard.

All you smart cunt lefties who went Green or TOP? Fuck you with a barbed wired dildo.

—  (@JeremyElwood) September 23, 2017

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