Wednesday nightcap

The economics behind windmills

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Wednesday weapons

Falling in love with a man ten years younger

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Rise O voices of Rhodesia

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Daily roundup

Ever wonder where strawberries get their name? (This isn’t why, but it’s still a neat trick for stemming your strawberries.)


Labour party MP searching for the cost-benefit analysis, the consultation with the oil and gas industry and the analysis on whether emissions will fall that the government made before making their big announcement.

A sad little baby bear waits…



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Tweet of the day

Let’s talk

Let’s Talk


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Old white man of the day

Souda Bay, Crete

Today our focus is not on “old” or “white” or even, necessarily, “men”.  Today we remember those who never had the opportunity to grow old.

We honour those men and women of all races who fought and died under the New Zealand colours to defend freedom and the Judeo-Christian western values we treasure.

Those who may have gone on to achieve great things, those who may have, one day, featured in this series.  But they never came home; they achieved greatness where they fell, defending our freedom in countries far from home. And now they rest in “some corner of a foreign field, that is forever” New Zealand.

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