Photo of the Day

Mrs Wilde, c. 1887

Heartbreak Betrayal and the Unimportance of being Mrs Oscar Wilde

Constance Wilde was the long-suffering wife who remained loyal to her husband Oscar even after he was convicted of “committing acts of gross indecency” (that is, consensual sex) with other men.

The circulation of such stories indicated a widespread desire to establish Constance as something other than a wife crushed by rejection and betrayal. Fortunately, the evidence of more than 300 of Constance’s unpublished letters, is that she was far more interesting than this.

In some ways, Oscar and Constance were a good match. Both had troubled family histories: in his case a surgeon father accused by a former patient of raping her while she was anaesthetized, and in hers a grandfather who exposed himself by running around naked “in the sight of some nursemaids”, followed by a mother whose parenting techniques included “threatening with the fire-irons or having one’s head thumped against the wall”.

More importantly, both husband and wife were clever and ambitious, and for the first few years of their marriage, their lives ran along parallel tracks. While he lectured on the need for women to abandon constricting corsets and dangerously flammable crinolines, she put the idea of “rational” dress into practice by wearing daringly baggy trousers and plenty of wool. His theories about the “house beautiful” were supported by her designs for their marital home in Chelsea, an ordinary red-brick villa that they transformed into a temple to aestheticism. Even Oscar’s disappearances into a hidden side of London’s nightlife found echoes in his wife’s experiments with the occult.

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Salt – Another scientific shibboleth slayed

We’ve been told by our ‘betters’ that salt is bad for us. We need to cut down. Scientists say so.

Turns out that like most scientists they were wrong, which is why I challenge scientists and why they try to sue me into silence.

For more than 40 years, we’ve been told eating too much salt is killing us. Doctors say it’s as bad for our health as smoking or not exercising, and government guidelines limit us to just under a teaspoon a day.

We’re told not to cook with it and not to sprinkle it on our meals. The white stuff is not just addictive, goes the message – it’s deadly. Too much of it causes high blood pressure, which in turn damages our hearts. We must learn to live – joylessly, flavourlessly but healthily – without it, reports the Daily Mail.

Well, I’m here to tell you that all of that is wrong. As a leading cardiovascular research scientist – based at Saint Luke’s Mid-America Heart Institute, Missouri – I’ve contributed extensively to health policy and medical literature.

I am associate editor of the British Medical Journal’s Open Heart, published in partnership with the British Cardiovascular Society, and I sit on the editorial advisory board of several other medical journals.

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Cartoon of the Day

Andrew Little v. Bill English – Google Trends 2017

This graphic comes from Google Trends data of searches in NZ for the terms Bill English and Andrew Little.

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Does even one political Party address the elephant in the room?

Immigration is an important policy to many of us but are there any significant differences between the political parties for us to choose from? Does even one political party address the need to protect New Zealand from terrorism? Have any changes been suggested to help identify or discourage immigrants who do not share our values?

New Zealand First:

The parties focus is on critical skills gaps and putting New Zealand workers first. There is nothing about ensuring that immigrants share our values and are able to integrate and assimilate into our culture.

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Sorry Winston, you are wrong on this one

Winston Peters wants to commit Aucklander’s tax money to Christchurch Anglicans.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has pledged to get a project to rebuild Christ Church Cathedral started after the election, if no action is taken before then.

“The government has the ball in its hands. It has been sitting there for a long time,” Peters said in a speech at Cathedral Square today.

“It’s time to play ball. And you have my personal undertaking that if the government doesn’t start now we will start this project after the next election.”

Peters said Christchurch locals were right to call the building “our Cathedral”, given the number of events held there, including many non-religious events.

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THIS is an attack ad and it has been seen more than a 1.4 million times

The Tories have launched an attack ad against Jeremy Corbyn via Facebook and it has been a spectacular success.

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When will he be exported?

Get used to Orange fatty

Looks like Kim Dotcom is at his old tricks again:

When Seth Rich’s Gmail account received an alert this week from, attempting to start a new account on a website created by the New Zealand-based internet businessman and convicted hacker Kim Dotcom, his family knew that something was off.

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What a dead set whiny loser. Typical, he runs to the media and cries a river of tears

A dead set drop-kick and failed lawyer who absconded without paying his student loan is now crying a river of tears over how high it is now.

A lawyer says he will die in debt after a retrospective change to his student loan contract added $69,000 to the initial $16,000 balance.

The 52-year-old is considering career-ending bankruptcy to wipe the $85,000 debt that impedes his ability to travel, own property and fill up his 1998 Mazda Bounty ute.

The man, who cannot be named without jeopardising his job, pays 18 per cent of his $52,000 salary towards interest alone.

He wishes he never came home after 18 years in the United Kingdom.

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No more money for Dodgy Socialist Dam

The Dodgy Socialist Dam is being squeezed out of existence.

With less than a week until a decision is made on the future of the Ruataniwha Dam, the regional council chair has said he doesn’t “want another penny spent” on it.

This outburst from Hawke’s Bay Regional Council chair Rex Graham came during a corporate and strategic committee meeting this week, when councillors spent several hours in a robust discussion on the next steps of the scheme.   Read more »