Tuesday nightcap

A good explanation of Trump’s China policy.

The terrible truth about the UN Migration compact

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A video from Stefan Molyneux regarding the truth behind the UN migration pact to be signed by NZ next month might be of interest to your readers.


Theological Tuesday

Confronting Jihadis at Islamic terror site

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Fight hate speech with more speech, not censorship

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Daily Roundup

Okay, let’s get a family photo. All smile.

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Today in rock history

Today in Rock History:

Born today in 1942 singer, songwriter and guitarist Norman Greenbaum.

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Hadith for the day

Hmmmmm ….

Obviously there are a lot of lone wolves who didn’t read number three and a lot of protective communities who don’t read number four.



I love settled science

Seismic activity at the Mariana plate is dragging far more water into the Earth’s mantle than previously thought(Credit: Yarr65/Depositphotos)

Actually, the whole point about science is that it should never be settled.  Everything should be tested, proved, checked, and advanced as new discoveries are made.

It is not up to politicians like Al Gore or anyone else to declare and decree that “the science is settled”.

The science is of the global climate is most definitely not settled regardless of what the media might parrot. Exciting new things are discovered all the time and many of these have a bearing on global ocean current circulation patterns, cloud formation, glaciers and all manner of stuff.

The latest one, as published in Nature, and reported by New Atlas, is that the Mariana Trench is drinking the ocean and doing so faster than they previously knew.

Might this affect sea-level rise?  No, of course not. The science is settled, remember. Quote. Read more »