Two founding documents: The Treaty of Waitangi and the Second Amendment

Guest Post:

Not wanting to turn this into a Gun Blog but while solving the world’s problems over beers a mate of mine says, ‘the yanks should just ban guns‘ problem solved.

I said, ‘It’s not that simple: the 2nd Amendment gives the right to self-defence and firearms ownership. It’s US Law.’

He says ‘then just change the Law.’ Besides the impracticality of this, many Kiwis just don’t seem to realize that the US is not a Democracy but a Constitutional Republic and the Amendments are part of its founding documents.

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View from your window

Where do you think today’s photo was taken?


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The blogger versus the bull: Who won?

PHOTO: Whaleoil Cam and Colin

I am relieved to report that the blogger won and as I type this late at night he is on his way home with over 500 kilos of meat in the back of his awesome ISUZU D-MAX ute. He will arrive around midnight and today first thing will deliver the meat to a butcher.

He has plans for the hide which he hopes to turn into a huge rug for the log cabin that we plan to retire to one day. He is also looking into getting the head to a taxidermist.

Look at the horns on Colin, he was a nasty adversary that’s for sure. The bigger they are the harder they fall I always say. If you have ever wondered what an angry bull can do to a man then a quick google search of Spanish bullfights will leave you with images you would rather forget.

If you are squeamish do not read after the break as I have included some horrific images of bullfighters being gored.

The difference between them and Cam is that Cam shot to kill quickly and humanely and in order to eat. Bullfighters injure and torment the bull to entertain the crowd and only finish him off when he is exhausted. In both situations, there is a risk but certainly, if you are going to torture an animal that risk is increased massively.

**WARNING graphic photos over the break.

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Cartoons of the day

Fake TVNZ News

On 14 March 2018 TVNZ aired this clip:

Virtually the entire media complex megaphoned a 2017 report by Soros-backed news outlet ProPublica, and to a lesser extent a similar report in the New York Times, claiming that Trump’s new pick to lead the CIA, Gina Haspel, oversaw a “clandestine base” in Thailand.[…]

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Southern Autos: Deal of the Day – Isuzu D-Max LS 4x2A


Cam’s comment: The LS is my favourite ute, brilliant bang for buck and a tray in the back for your dogs, and hunting gear. I’ve carried five Sika deer in tray of these utes, plus the gear of four burly men. I’ve been able to get 1000km on a single tank of gas when doing long haul trips. Car-like comfort, ute-like toughness and all from the good bastards at Southern Autos. This one is a 4×2 but I’ve driven my one all over a slippery dairy farm with no problem at all.

Stock Number: 4509

Model: Isuzu D-Max LS 4x2A $37990

Colour: White


Transmission: Automatic

Seats: 5-Seater

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Our Labour government is racist and our National government was too


A reader contacted me yesterday and said:

Just looking at the talk about Oz taking the Southth African farmers… surely would that not be a great idea for New Zealand too? As has been said, they will want to move to rural areas, places our current migrants definitely do not wish to head to, bringing development etc to rural “regional” New Zealand. […] Is anyone thinking of this stuff here in New Zealand?

My short and simple reply was that it will never happen because our government is racist. They will never choose to take in white refugees when brown refugees are in plentiful supply. This policy-based racism is no different to the White Australian policy in the past where that country only brought in immigrants who were white and who came from a culture with similar values.

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Remove the child and lock ’em all up!

Credit: BoomSlang

Yet another innocent New Zealand baby has suffered horrific abuse at the hands of family members: family members who are now refusing to co-operate with police. Last time this happened the abused child had been killed and even then the family members protected the perpetrators.

This kind of behaviour should not be tolerated. If the family members refuse to assist the police then the family members should be locked up until they talk. The baby and all other children should be removed from the so-called caregivers until the abusers have been identified.

Come to think of it, if the family members are putting the adult abuser/s before the welfare of the baby then they are all clearly unfit to be caregivers and all children should be removed from the family permanently. This is the strong message that must be sent to the public. Abuse, or protect abusers, and you will be locked up. No ifs, no buts, no maybes.

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Incite Politics

How to stroke the electoral cat without getting scratched

The greatest mistake in party politics is to confuse the needs of one’s staunchest supporters with those of the entire electorate. Unfortunately, it’s an error to which political activists are notoriously prone. Staunch supporters care the most; attend the most meetings; make the most noise. Worse still, they’re the sort of people political activists are most inclined to agree with – the people most like them. It’s always difficult to avoid the errors of our own ways!

Simon Lusk’s rejection of Social Investment as the prime policy vector for National’s re-election, in favour of . . .

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Is there media bias?

In response to my post on Friday about ‘What is the worst thing about the Labour Youth camp scandal’, Poppa pointed out that there was a glaring omission from my list: the MSM’s coverage on this has been abysmal. Poppa is right of course. I did a facepalm at my stupidity, and in penance spent a few hours trawling through the mainstream media to find articles relating to the scandal.

Then I thought it would be interesting to compare coverage of this Labour scandal to something of a similar nature involving the National party. The obvious thing to target was the John Key ponytail debacle.

There are really very few similarities between the facts of both stories.

The Labour party camp scandal involves allegations of sexual assault, and may also involve illegal activities such as supplying alcohol to minors, not having an alcohol licence for the venue and questions have been asked about whether there was any illegal drug use.

The John Key ponytail pulling did not involve any illegal activity, he apologised as soon as he was aware that he had offended the ponytail wearer, she was not a minor and there was no cover-up, perceived or otherwise.

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