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Socialists are just grown up ratbag kids

A study has recently found that ratbag kids tend to grow up to be nasty socialist scumbags:

Badly behaved children are more likely to grow up to be left-wing, a study has shown.

A study of 16,000 British people in their 30s found those with troubled childhoods were more likely to favour radical socialist policies.

The study was a follow-up to research conducted when they were children at the ages of five and seven.

Those whose parents reported they had ‘conduct problems’ at in primary school were more likely to favour radical socialist polices and to smash the status quo.   

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Cartoon of the day by SonovaMin

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Credit: SonovaMin

Book review of the day: The Girl with Seven Names

This is the end of the series of book reviews. Thank you to all who have contributed so far. I personally and sincerely hope that this exercise has brought some joy and help alike to those who have used it. This is NOT the end of it though. Just the end of the first series. At some point we will start again.

You can still send your book review to [email protected] and we will put it up when series two starts. Probably in the cold of winter.

Please set your submission out with the name of the book, then the author and then describe in your own words what the book is about. Also if you happen to be a commenter please include your username.

Each post is set out as comprehensively as possible with the name of who submitted it, the name of the book and author and a short review in the form of a comment from whoever submitted it.

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Southern Autos: Deal of the day – 2017 Isuzu D-Max LS 4×4

Cam’s comment: The LS is my favourite ute, brilliant bang for buck and a tray in the back for your dogs and hunting gear. I’ve carried five sika deer in tray of these utes, plus the gear of four burly men. I’ve been able to get 1000km on a single tank of gas when doing long haul trips. Car-like comfort, ute-like toughness and all from the good bastards at Southern Autos.

Stock Number: 1808

Model: 2017 Isuzu D-Max LS 4×4 $43,990

Colour: Nautilus blue

Mileage: 18,000km

Transmission: Automatic

Seats: 5-Seater

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Labour’s list Liz is dismayed

Image supplied: Labour list MP Liz Craig with members of Young Labour

A Labour MP at a party summer camp during which teens were allegedly sexually assaulted says she had gone to bed thinking the youths there were being looked after and was “dismayed” to hear about the claims weeks later from media.

So reports TVNZ:

The camp, in February, was organised by the party’s youth wing and reports of under-age drinking and the alleged assaults have been a major embarrassment.

A 20-year-old man is reported to have put his hands down the pants of at least three of the teenagers, aged 16 to 18.

Police have started an inquiry and Labour has also launched its own investigation into its running of events, along with introducing a series of tighter rules.

Today, a Labour MP who had been a speaker at the camp but wasn’t involved in organising it, Liz Craig, told reporters when she went to bed before the alleged attacks, it appeared things were in order.

“I’m a non-drinker myself but there was alcohol at the quiz event that had been brought by the participants.

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Question of the day

Phil Twyford has no answers to Judith Collins’ questioning:

Question No. 10—Housing and Urban Development

10. Hon JUDITH COLLINS (National—Papakura) to the Minister of Housing and Urban Development: How many KiwiBuild houses have been built in the 145 days he has been in Government?

Hon PHIL TWYFORD (Minister of Housing and Urban Development): The KiwiBuild programme kicks in on 1 July this year, with an appropriation of $2 billion and the ambition to build 100,000 affordable homes in response to the national housing crisis. The first houses will begin to reverse the deficit of over 71,000 houses, inherited from her Government. The number of houses built so far is the same as the number of cars that she crushed. But don’t worry, there are thousands more on the way.

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Incite Politics

The philosophical side of politics

It is worth noting that politics is interesting only in as much as it pertains to philosophy, for it poses an important question:  in what way should people be governed? Note the should. That word automatically supposes a value judgement about the topic.   

It seems that in our time, philosophy is too hard a subject matter for people to be much enthused about.  Politics is often the only branch of philosophy where regular folks feel comfortable vociferating about the ‘rights and wrongs' of ideas or issues as they come up in the world of public opinion.  But human beings are . . .

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Two wombles think we need to ban importation of vehicles with internal combustion engines

Jonathan Boston

These two wombles obviously live in the city. They must do because they are divorced from reality with their proposal to ban the importation of vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICEs):

Bold and decisive actions are necessary if New Zealand is to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions substantially.

The new Labour-led Government has committed to introducing a zero carbon bill later this year. But how should the aims of such legislation be achieved?

One option is to rely primarily on an expanded and improved emissions trading scheme. This approach will, many argue, ensure a higher price on carbon and this will, in turn, reduce emissions.

Yet recent evidence, both here and overseas, suggests that governments are unwilling to impose a sufficiently high price on carbon to secure a large fall in emissions. If this reluctance persists, other policy instruments – or so-called complementary measures – will remain essential.

Of such measures, perhaps the most effective would be a ban on the sale of all new or imported used vehicles with internal combustion engines. Such a ban could take effect, say, from 2030. Many developed and developing countries have already introduced or are seriously contemplating such bans (see the accompanying table). New Zealand should follow suit.

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Rates dodger and serial pest, Penny “Not Too” Bright, set to lose her house

Penny Bright protests Cameron Slater’s High Court Bid to block media from publishing information hacked from his Gmail and Facebook accounts including exchanges with accountants, doctors and lawyers and personal communication with his wife.

SB did this mad old bat as ‘Face of the day’ but she has constantly run plenty of defamatory comments against me so I get to put the boot in too.

I’m glad this veteran rates dodger is finally getting her comeuppance.

An Auckland activist’s home will be sold to recover more than $34,000 unpaid rates and penalties dating back more than 10 years, but she’s not moving.

A High Court judgement ruled Penny Bright’s Kingsland home would be sold by tender on April 24.

The decision followed an unsuccessful appeal by Bright and a statutory six-month stand down period.

In December 2017, Auckland Council asked the High Court to commence the sale process.

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