MediaWorks new audience claims “fake news” claims TVNZ

Oh golly.  It’s handbags at dawn as MediaWorks keep trying to stop their brand from going down the gurgler.

A war of words has erupted between senior TV news executives after a TVNZ boss accused rivals MediaWorks – who broadcast channel Three – of “fake news”.

A new MediaWorks marketing campaign promoting Newshub as “New Zealand’s number one news source” has TVNZ’s head of news and current affairs John Gillespie crying foul.

In an email sent to the TVNZ news team, veteran newsman Gillespie called the campaign “a new low” for MediaWorks, adding, “they’re now in the business of putting out fake news”.

Pot, meet kettle.   But let’s not be precious.   Read more »

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” Don’t fund terrorism” sign owner forced to take it down

The British police have successfully bullied a British corner shop owner into removing his ” Don’t Fund Terrorism!” sign by threatening to remove his liquor license. The complaint about the sign came from the Muslim shop owner up the street.

The corner shop owner had put up the sign in response to the arrest and trial of two corner shop owners who laundered more than £41m. He was originally visited four times in one night by police who told him that if he didn’t remove it or change the wording he would be arrested. When those threats failed they threatened to remove his liquor license and he was forced to remove it.

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Map of the Day

World Map Showing Location of WWII Shipwrecks

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The better we get at selling our stuff overseas, the more expensive life becomes for us

via RadioLive

A supermarket basket of essentials costs 37 percent more in New Zealand than it does in Australia, and a litre of unleaded petrol costs 43 percent more.

Richie Leef, 49, is a member of the ‘Kiwis in Aus’ Facebook page. Having moved to Sydney’s west two years ago, he came home for a visit this week and said he “absolutely” was frustrated by the costs.

“Milk, you know, the basic essentials that your children need for their morning breakfast, butter, I also noticed the meat comparing to Australia is probably twice as much for the value that you get here,” he said.

Indeed, buying online a trolley of the same 11 basic goods – bread, butter, cheese, milk, eggs, flour, sugar, weetbix, spaghetti, pasta sauce, and mince – cost $35 in Australia and $49 in New Zealand.

That’s choosing the cheapest option each time from Countdown in New Zealand and Woolworths in Australia.

Even the weights were the same, but the cost even after accounting for exchange rates was $13 more in New Zealand.

“My girl went to weigh up four apples and it cost her nearly $7 – you know, like, four apples, I mean, come on,” Mr Leef said.

“I told her to put it back.”

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Come on mate, give Trump a fair suck of the sav’

via RNZ: Scott Brown

Scott Brown, the new US Ambassador handpicked by US President Donald Trump, says New Zealanders should give Trump a “fair go” before criticising him.

Brown arrived in New Zealand four days ago and held his first media appearance after presenting his credentials yesterday – an afternoon that included doughnuts and a session on the guitar by the guitar buff.

Brown, an attorney who was Senator from 2010 to 2013, said he had known Trump for seven years and found him “direct” but willing to listen.

Asked what he would say to New Zealanders who were sceptical about Trump or opposed to him, Brown said “I would ask them to give him a fair go.”

That used to be the Kiwi ethos.  A fair crack of the whip.   But the Media here don’t subscribe to it, and the harpies on the left have thrown out reason some time ago.   Read more »

Whaleoil #SlaveLabour exclusive: The limited liability company that doesn’t exist

Whaleoil reader idbkiwi has done some sleuthing into Matt McCarten’s “Movement for Change Ltd”.

This is what the plans were in setting it all up:

So a clear plan to ring-fence all the legal and financial risk in a throw-away Limited Liability Company.   So did they register it?   Read more »

Photo of the Day

Sally on the telephone after being rescued. A little girl of 13 told police today she accompanied a 52-year old man on a two-year tour of the country, in fear he would expose her as a shop-lifter. The girl, Florence Sally Horner of Camden, N.J., was found after she appealed to Eastern relatives “send the FBI for me, please?”

The Chilling 1948 Kidnapping That Inspired Lolita

The story of 11-year-old Sally Horner’s abduction changed the course of 20th-century literature. She just never got to tell it herself.

History remembers her as “the real Lolita,” because young Florence “Sally” Horner’s grim ordeal helped inspire Nabokov’s novel. But the author drew on multiple sources for his famous tale, so it’s not an exact retelling. And Sally’s real-life kidnapping was much worse than the fictional version.

Acting on a dare from some of her fifth-grade classmates in June 1948, Sally was clumsily shoplifting a notebook when a man who claimed to be an FBI agent caught her in the act. He was decades older than the 11-year-old was, and he frightened her. But he let her go … until the next day when he appeared as she was leaving her New Jersey grade school. This time, the “FBI agent” had some odd new instructions for the girl.

Without warning, the rules had changed: Sally had to go with him to Atlantic City—the government insisted. She’d have to convince her mother he was the father of two school friends, inviting her to a seashore vacation. He would take care of the rest with a phone call and a convincing appearance at the Camden bus depot.

His name was Frank La Salle, and he was no FBI agent—rather, he was the sort G-men wanted to drive off the streets, though Sally didn’t learn that until it was far too late. It took 21 months to break free of him, after a cross-country journey from Camden, New Jersey, to San Jose, California.

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Do you really believe in Freedom of speech?


There are some things that you can only do 100% like being a virgin or being pregnant. It is not possible to be 30% a virgin or 60% pregnant, you either are or you aren’t. It is the same with free speech as you must defend the rights of others to say things that you don’t like and to have views that you disagree with no matter how horrible. As Whaleoil reader Hans said in the above comment it is better to debate bad ideas and to challenge horrible views rather than to silence them.

Milo Yiannopoulos is an excellent example of what happens when you try to silence someone. Despite losing his job, despite violent riots and activists shouting him down wherever he speaks, despite his book publisher dropping him, despite the restaurant where he booked his book launch backing out, his book’s pre-orders have already reached $65,000 USD.

Milo is a genuine Free Speech activist as he has always said that he wants to debate his opponents’ ideas not silence them. The problem is that there are now people on the right who claim that they defend Free Speech but when push comes to shove they act no differently to the Lefties that oppose them.

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