Metiria Turei for Kiwi of the year. No, he’s serious ……

fraud metiria turei

Guy Williams, the partner of Golriz Ghahraman, has written an opinion piece promoting Metiria Turei as Kiwi of the year.

That’s right, the partner of a Green MP who mislead the public about her representation of war criminals is promoting a Green ex-MP who lied about her circumstances to claim more benefit than she was entitled to.

OPINION: I often wonder if I would “risk everything” for the chance to do something amazing? It takes a lot of courage to risk your life savings to start a business or make a film. Or risk losing your job to stand up for something. […]

What did she stand up for?  Benefit fraud.  She told everyone it was ok to commit benefit fraud.  She justified it.  She was proud of it.

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Why they didn’t advertise plus sized tights using plus sized models

Maybe not the most effective way to advertise plus-sized tights.

These plus-sized tights aren’t expensive, at $3 each, but the way they’re advertised may cost an awful lot in good will.
Online shopping site is using photos of thin models standing in just one leg of the Plus Size Ultra Elastic Tights Stockings Women Sexy Shaping Pantyhose Socks, with one pulling them up to her chin.[…]

[…] stretching them over a model’s whole body to emphasise how big the tights are isn’t the most effective way to reach your target audience. It also gives no real indication of how they will look when worn.

I couldn’t agree more which is why I scoured the internet to find a photo of a real plus size woman wearing tights so they can see for themselves what they really look like.
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Student who missed out on Dux an analogy for the National Party

When a male Onehunga high school student came second and missed out on winning Dux he had something to say about it which some will see as sour grapes. He was beaten by a female student who used strategy in her choice of subjects in order to keep her subject average high.

An Auckland high-school graduate who came second to Dux despite doing what he says were “hard” academic subjects has written a passionate appeal saying subjects like art and cooking don’t compare.

Filip Vachuda, who was runner-up to this year’s dux at Onehunga High School, calls for adopting a common American system of weighting “hard” academic subjects, such as physics and calculus, as worth more than the dux’s “soft” subjects such as media and drama.[…]

“But while I had completed Level 3 English and a Scholarship exam in Year 12, and studied difficult subjects like physics or calculus, the Dux recipient had exempted herself from any math, science, or indeed, scholarship exams and extra subjects.”

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Oral Questions – 12 December 2017

Credit: Woolf Photography via

Questions to Ministers

Rt Hon BILL ENGLISH to the Prime Minister: Does she stand by her Government’s policy to “create more jobs”; if so, can she confirm that over 245,000 jobs have been created in the last 2 years?

WILLOW-JEAN PRIME to the Minister of Finance: What recent announcements has he made regarding the Reserve Bank?

Hon PAULA BENNETT to the Minister of Transport: Which statement does he agree with: his statement in the House last week that “no existing and funded roading project other than the East-West Link has been altered by the Government”, or the Minister of Finance’s reported comments, in relation to roading priorities, that “there are other priorities around New Zealand as well, in terms of investing in rail and getting coastal shipping going, improving our regional roads”?    Read more »

Photoshop of the day

Gerry schools Cindy

Gerry Brownlee has schooled Jacinda Ardern over her now almost constant war against Australia:

National Party Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Gerry Brownlee has urged the Prime Minister to concentrate on getting her own government in order, rather than continuing to interfere in the domestic politics of our neighbours.

“The Australian Government is again having to defend its approach to dealing with illegal asylum seekers after Jacinda Ardern used a meeting with the Australian Opposition Leader to force the issue back onto the Australian political agenda.

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Cartoon of the Day by BoomSlang

Credit: BoomSlang

Bill English is still in denial

Bill English is still in denial. He clearly thinks Steve Joyce’s master plan of governing alone is a winner.

National leader Bill English has scotched speculation National could help create a new conservative party as a potential future support partner, saying it would be a waste of time and would not work.

On this I agree with Bill English. Frankly, Harman’s speculator was a joke. Someone in Bridges’ team sold him a pup.

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Diversity Smersity

On Trademe’s job hunting guide there is a whole section devoted to diversity where it claims that:

Diversity in the workplace is the subject of increasing focus for employers and recruiters in New Zealand. More employers are realising that by embracing diversity, they will attract more highly qualified candidates.

“Oh, there are too many straight white males working for that company. Even though it is a highly paid vacancy that I am qualified to apply for I will give that opportunity a miss,” said no woman of colour/lesbian/homosexual/transgender/Hindu/Muslim/disabled person ever.

Employers are also recognising that a diverse workforce is an important factor for job hunters, with 67% of active and passive job hunters saying that they feel diversity is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers*.

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‘Australia is lapping us on refugees’

Bernard Lagan gives Jacinda Ardern a factual slapping on the differences between her virtue-signaling and Australia’s reality when it comes to refugees.

When Ardern and her Australian counterpart, Malcolm Turnbull, met on a rainy Sunday in early November at Kirribilli House, his official Sydney residence, Turnbull displayed a studied warmth that lacked any flashes of entitled impatience. The New Zealand Prime Minister returned the love. But not for long.

Ahead of a second meeting between the pair, in the Philippines in the middle of the month, Ardern let fly over the 600 male refugees and asylum seekers Australia has shipped to Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island, declaring “harm is being done” and “we don’t see what’s happening there as acceptable”. She said New Zealand would give $3 million to aid the men, most of whom are refusing to leave the island’s now-shuttered Australian detention centre. Why? Three new centres in the nearby town of Lorengau, built at the expense of the Australian taxpayer, are ready to receive the asylum seekers. They are all open facilities, where no one is detained.

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