First earthquakes now flooding in the Village of the damned

Many years ago before the terrible earthquakes in Christchurch Cam always referred to Christchurch as the Village of the damned which he thought was really funny. At the time both my brothers lived there but luckily both had moved to Auckland before the earthquakes hit. One brother missed the earthquakes by only a few weeks. It was a very close shave.

The poor residents of Christchurch have experienced ongoing trauma from the loss of life, homes and livelihoods. They have had to endure terrible living conditions for long periods of time. They have battled insurance companies and councils and they have rallied together and supported each other, even holding a best outdoor toilet competition, finding humour in a very difficult situation.

Now they are enduring flooding as well. It is so unfair. Cam’s name for Christchurch seems pretty apt right now. When will the residents of the Village of the Damned catch a break? What’s next? A swarm of locusts?

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Map of the Day

Face it love, your Mum is a fraudster and you are entitled as she is

Piupiu Turei, 9 middle, with grandmother Ann Hartley and mother Metiria Turei in 2002.

Self-confessed fraudster benefit fraudster Metiria Turei has rolled out her daughter to stick up for her now.

Normally I leave family members alone, but she’s spoken in public about her fraudster mother, so the rules no longer apply.

Apparently she would have starved if her mother hadn’t been a fraudster…I’m not kidding.

Metiria Turei’s only child believes she would have gone hungry had the future Green Party co-leader not misled WINZ over her benefit status.

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Hey Bill, what’s the point of doing something when it doesn’t fix anything?

Home buyers will pay higher rates and water bills under a new $600 million scheme to address Auckland’s housing crisis.

The Government today announced a new investment vehicle to bring forward construction of 23,300 new homes in the north and south of the city.

Prime Minister Bill English launched Crown Infrastructure Partners with $600m to fund transport and water infrastructure for big new housing developments which cash-strapped councils like Auckland Council cannot afford.

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The idiots in charge of National seem to be backing down on immigration changes

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse

The voters are calling for changes in immigration, and the idiots running National want to roll back legislative changes in immigration:

The Government seems likely to back down on changes to immigration law due to come into effect next month.

The proposed changes to the skilled migrant visa would set a minimum median annual income of $48,859 for jobs that are currently considered “skilled” and make migrants leave for at least a year after three years of working.

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Photo of the Day

Bo Bowencamp then aged 72. Ken Rex McElroy was found guilty of second-degree assault in the shooting of grocer Bo Bowencamp.

Death of a Bully

Ken Rex McElroy – The Most Hated Man in Missouri

Ken Rex McElroy shared something with the townspeople he tormented, something beyond the years of accumulated tension. McElroy most likely didn’t see who shot him from behind in broad daylight near the town’s major intersection. To hear Skidmore’s citizens tell it, neither did they.

Thirty-six years later, their stories remain unchanged.

Ken Rex McElroy was a big, mean jerk of a bully who was allowed for years to wreak criminal, mental, physical and sociological havoc on his community of Skidmore, Missouri. And then somebody shot him dead in front of dozens of witnesses in daylight. Everybody knows who did it. But everybody shut up. And the town kept silent. Apparently, McElroy was mean enough to unite a town of plain, good people to do murder. He had terrorised Skidmore for years.

Many trucking towns across the United States have died a slow death since the railroads’ heydey in the late 1800s. Few small towns, however, have seen the level of tragedy that Skidmore, Missouri, has. Within a generation, the town has seen an unsolved killing in front of at least 60 witnesses, a pregnant woman stalked and killed for her baby, and a young man go missing from his backyard.

Skidmore, Missouri is a very small town. In the ’70s, there was only one bar, one grocery store, and one bully. Ken McElroy was so ruthless and intimidating that even law enforcement looked the other way. He terrorised the town for decades until they finally fought back. Ken Rex McElroy, 47, was an awful, burly man with bushy sideburns, cold eyes and an ever-present gun.

Small towns are reputed to be close. Almost like family. Residents stick together. They have your back. They protect you. They keep your secrets. In 1981, in the tiny farming town of Skidmore, Missouri, Ken McElroy was gunned down in broad daylight, in the middle of the town’s main street, in front of as many as 60 witnesses. In spite of three grand jury investigations and an FBI probe, no indictments were ever issued, no trial held – and the town of Skidmore has protected the killer with silence.

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Someone is going to get his arse kicked in caucus this week

Kelvin Davis is probably going to get his arse kicked in caucus on Tuesday.

He’s come out just two days after Labour announced they are ditching charter schools, as a pay off to their teacher union bosses, and said he will resign from parliament if Labour kills off two charter schools in Whangarei.

I promised on MARAE this morning that I will resign from Parliament if the next Labour Government closes either of the charter schools in Whangarei.

It was an easy promise to make because those schools will definitely still exist under the next Labour Government.

They just won’t exist as Charter schools and students and whanau will not notice any difference.
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Cartoon of the Day

Guest Post – Germany is going Green, right? Wrong!

Germany has developed a reputation as a green-energy superpower, but in many respects it isn’t. Of all the energy used in Germany in 2016,

  • 34% came from oil,
  • 23.6% from coal,
  • 22.7% from natural gas,
  • 7.3% from biomass,
  • 6.9% from nuclear,
  • 2.1% from wind power, and
  • 1.2% from solar

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Living with stress and depression

Cameron isn’t keen on writing about depression anymore. Many readers found his regular posts on depression very helpful and some have mentioned they would like to see more posts on it as talking about it and sharing experiences can help. There are many articles on it on Whaleoil and if you are new to Whaleoil I suggest you type the key word depression into the white search function box at the top of the page in order to find and read over a decades worth of articles on the topic.

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