Culture blamed for Immigrants being unaware that domestic abuse is wrong

I don’t know much about the Hindu religion but I know a lot about Islam. The article below blames

” culture” for the domestic violence within “South Asian” communities and totally ignores the religious aspect of it. Islam’s holy book the Koran specifically prescribes domestic violence by telling husbands that they should beat their wives. I know of no other religion that has a holy book that actually tells husbands to discipline their wives with violence. This fact is a glaring omission from the below article.

Immigrants unaware domestic abuse is illegal in New Zealand

A group of three young professionals are urging southeast Asian women to report domestic violence, despite cultural pressures not to. From left, Jay Randhawa, Sarkaw Mohammad and Shakti Singh.

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Mental Health Break

The NZEI vultures are circling partnership schools

It seems that teacher’s union NZEI’s first priority post-election is to try and kill off partnership schools instead of focussing on the schools in the state system that are failing the kinds of students currently being successfully educated in Partnership schools.

I fail to see how closing down or hamstringing a set of schools that are doing a great job for kids and families that have otherwise had poor outcomes is going to improve education.

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Map of the Day

US climate with equivalent cities from around the world

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The Speech [with apologies to John Clarke]

Guest Post

Ahem. Quiet please; ladies and gents, a bit of quiet, please. Settle down. Settle Down!

Thanks very much. I thought I’d say a few words on this auspicasich…aucspictitious…ah, on this bloody big occasion. The occasion of course, and as you well know, being the stunning, and not-in-a-nice-way, miracle of success by the Coalition Of Losers On-the-Night, which, ah, of itself, is a bit of a mouthful, I think you’ll agree, so we’ll just call it the COLON.   Read more »

Run Cindy, RUN!

via Stuff, Kai Schwoerer

The expectations of Labour and Jacinda personally are huge.  It doesn’t help that she talks of the “First 100 days” and “legislation already drafted”.

Jacinda Ardern has won the election, but it’s what she does between now and the end of the year that will set the tone for her Government for the year ahead.

Ardern spent the weekend cloistered with her advisers and kitchen Cabinet allocating portfolios and nailing down the details of coalition agreements. She is not sworn in as prime minister till Thursday so understandably kept a low profile.

But once installed, Ardern will have to move with urgency to bed in her Government and make the most of the honey moon period.

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The most politically incorrect movie to be released since” Blazing Saddles” is “Special Unit”

The comedian who wrote ‘Special Unit”, Christopher Titus had to fight for years to get his film made. Every motion picture studio he approached agreed that his script was incredibly funny but they were all too concerned about pushback from SJW’s because it uses actual disabled actors.

pilot show was filmed many years ago for a possible TV series long before Titus finally got his movie made.

What so many people fail to understand about brilliant comedy like “Blazing Saddles” and “Special Unit’ is that the very people the SJW’s think are being made fun of are actually turning the tables in both movies and the message about them is overwhelmingly positive.

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Photo of the Day

George Metesky – New Yorks Mad Bomber.

The Mad Bomber of New York City

It was the first criminal profiling case is U.S. history … and it all boiled down to a disgruntled Con Ed employee. He stuffed rudimentary pipe bombs inside wool socks. Over 20 exploded across New York City, injuring 15 and terrifying the public. Despite a manhunt for the bomber, authorities were stumped – until a psychiatrist provided an eerily exact criminal profile that led directly to the culprit’s arrest.

The Mad Bomber, later revealed as being a man called George Metesky, terrorised New York City for nearly sixteen years between 1940 and 1956. He planted a total of thirty three small bombs in theatres, phone booths, train stations, libraries and other public areas.

Metesky also sent letters to the police and press — in these it was evident that the primary motivation behind the attacks was a grudge held against the Consolidated Edison energy and utility company. In one of his letters, written entirely in block capitals, he said:


Fingerprint, bomb, handwriting and other forensic experts working alongside the New York Police Department toiled to apprehend the bomber to no avail. Criminal profiling had been used in previous cases — most famously, to profile Jack the Ripper — but it was by no means the standardised practice it was to become.

Nevertheless, nearly out of options, investigators approached psychiatrist and criminologist Dr James Brussel to create a criminal profile of this mysterious madman.

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Green Party out of the loop and impotent inside new government

The Kermadec Trench and archipelago were set to become New Zealand’s largest marine sanctuary.

When NZ First came up with policies that Labour and the Greens liked they simply stole them and made them their own. This was obvious during the election when I wrote articles comparing their policies.

The National Party when led by John Key had a stunning policy that was great for the environment but our new government instead of embracing it, making it their own and taking the credit for it have stopped it much to the surprise of the impotent Green party.

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Cartoon of the Day