Swing and Miss: New Zealand’s gone barking mad

Since the book’s launch last Tuesday the authors conceded they might have got the location of the villages within the Tirgiran valley wrong after Defence Force chief, Lieutenant General Tim Keating, said on Monday the SAS never visited those villages but did carry out an attack on Tirgiran village, more than two kilometres away.

NZDF on Thursday released maps pinpointing the homes they say were raided, and accidentally set alight.

The NZDF maps also set out different helicopter landing sites.

“None of the houses identified in [Hit and Run] were destroyed by NZDF or coalition members,” the maps note.

“Only positively identified armed insurgents were targeted. No personnel were targeted at any of the locations identified [in Hit and Run].”

Mr Hager and Mr Stephenson maintain that confusion over the location of the villages shouldn’t detract from the civilian casualties.

The NZDF fired two rounds at one person.  He died.  He was confirmed as an insurgent.  He was running at NZDF personnel, armed, and firing at them while doing so.

Why exactly do we need to look any further?   Sadly, the politicians are piling up behind Hager.   Read more »

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Ex-National MP Wayne Mapp has outed himself as one of the quality and unassailable sources of Nicholas Hager’s Hit and Run book.   Read more »

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Britain First’s Jayda Fransen on London terror attack: ” there is no point waving a candle”


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