Big Tax Debate….Big Tax yawn

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I watched the big Tax debate on ONE tonight…..In desperate need of some action I also kept a weather-eye on Ultimate Force on UKTV.

Captain Smarmy was…..well…..smarmy. Rod Donald blathered on about lightbulbs….for pete’s sake. Some pommy git really sincerely believes that the gummint can be trusted to spend his money….yeah right!!!

Roger Kerr was sensible as usual and Andrew Little even though he is a Unionist at least talks sensibly.

DPF and John Key didn’t have much to say, but what they did say told.

And hey! what about the Maori party. Aaron B. summed it up by describing them as Te Act!!!

The one over riding thing that comes to mind is…How come the left think they can say that National is “spending” the surplus on Tax cuts?

Isn’t the real position that National et al are saying sorry but the Government has been taking too much, and we will stop taking too much by giving you tax cuts.

Over all the debate breaks down like this:

Tax and Spend Lobby

  • Labour
  • Unions
  • Pommy Git, who if brains were dynamite wouldn’t have enough to blow his nose.
  • Idiot girl who wants to give up tax cuts if her cost of living doesn’t go up duh!!! Cost of living would improve with more money in your pocket.

Cuts all round

  • National
  • ACT
  • Guy who wrote a letter to the editor
  • Business Round Table
  • All the so called experts
  • Maori Party
  • United Future
  • Progressives (who woulda thunk it)

No idea which planet we are on, let alone what a tax cut is

  • Greens

I say cut away….


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