Cullen continues personality attacks and slurs

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Cullen continues his snarky, spoilt brat approach to Tax and the National Party proposal to give all NZer’s a tax break. As usual he has resorted to the politics of envy and jealousy.

Not surprising from someone who has never employed anyone out of his own pocket, only ever attended school (including University) and Parliament. Get a grip pal….look at Singapore.

Singapore has a flat tax system (Fair), has almost no tax evasion (because it isn’t worth it and the system is fair). Their view is that it better to get 10% of lots than 39% of not much.

The biggest mistake Labour has made was (to quote George Bush) “misunderestimating” the impact of the higher tax bracket…..what a rort, they said no more than 5% of taxpayers will pay it…well no almost 20% do. It is that extra 15% that is hurting Labour. Trouble is they can’t really do a flip flop now without looking stoopid.

Oh wait, they already do look stooopid, so flip flop away Mike and Helen.


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