Cullen resorts to form

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Fresh from his “bended knees” apology to Michael Barnett, Cullen has now attacked Don Brash and showed his true form as a snarky, spoilt academic with no more than book learning. He even accuses Brash of being an “old man”. From where I am looking from they are both old men, Cullen being 60 and Brash being 64.

As my missus says “You are only as old as the woman you feel”, so I guess that makes Brash quite a bit younger than Cullen.

But back to the snarkiness, I is really quite unbecoming for a minister of the crown and indeed his peers (Goff) to resort to petty personal attacks to make up for their dismal budget delivery.

One thing I learnt in Sales is that “perception is reality”. Thus if the public thinks their budget sucked, then it did, regardless of what the learned ones think…..and guess what the public thinks they stink.


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