My, My, How the righteous fall

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

I see in the news this morning that Graham Capill faces another rape charge.

I find it ironic that that the more righteous a person is the more there is lurking in their past. Capill is a prime example, banging on about not smacking children, marriage, sex and any other thing the religious bigots want to bang on about, while quietly performing disgusting acts behind closed doors. Nothing wrong with performing disgustings acts, just so we are clear on that, it is the hypocrisy that sickens me.

I have a friend who is lovely, caring for her children, and also conicidentally goes to church and proclaims herself to be a christian. And I have no reason to believe otherwise. However she has a story about once a week where some creepy, married member of their church has overtly or covertly hit on her, even asking her over for a spa while his wife is away……and they call themselves christian…..

IMHO, those who are the most christian “do” and those who would like to think they are “say”. There is a big difference. I prefer the “doing”.


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