The Smarmy Army attacks

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Bereft of any good ideas themselves Steve and his Smarmy Army have labelled Nationals policies releases thus far as a rehash of policies that failed in the 1990’s.

Failed? Who said they failed?

Are these the same policies that set up Labour to have an economy that boomed despite all the privations placed upon it by their wasteful and wealth destroying policies.

I say again why, oh why should the electorate listen to people who have never employed anyone from their own pocket. Most of these wastrels went to school, then to university, then to the Unions, then to parliament, some even went back to school and university to work because they couldn’t find real jobs.

Book learning never surpasses reality. As the Cullendar is finding out.

Expect more smarm, vitriol and arrogance from an embattled and bitter Labour caucus….who knows we may even see a Mike Moore episode here.


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