Three Strikes policy to cut crime….Yeah right

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So, ‘Three strikes’ policy will cut crime, says ACT …perhaps but I don’t think so.

The reason there are criminals is that they don’t follow the rule of law. Also the thinking behind this does not provide any analysis of the 131 murders since the last election. How many were “crimes of passion”?, how many were drug/alcohol related? These are important questions, in both cases reason and consequences do not factor in the decision to kill. That is the main point in order to stop crime you must make the criminals reason….the single factor behiond why they are criminals in the first place, they can’t.

OK, sure, “Three Strikes” means they get locked up and don’t come out and given that statistics prove time and again that 50% of people are generally law abiding, 45% of people are moderately law abiding and will only break the law if they think they can get away with it and the last 5% are hardened criminals, are we now prepared to have almost 5% of our population imprisoned. Thats 200,000 people, cycling through our prison system.

Now you won’t find me objecting to no parole periods, and I used to be a “hang ’em high” type of person, but I have come to believe that our prison and justice system of punishment is not working. Now don’t accuse me of being a wimpy, liberal namby-pamby because I am not. But we need to face facts. The system is not working….either for criminals or for the victims or the general population.


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