A case for a defamation action

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Having just driven past a Labour “Gone by Lunchtime” sign I had a thought….Don Brash could probably sue for defamation as not person party to the meeting that this line was supposed to have come from has said that he said it….in fact they all said the words were never used.

This is clearly more evidence of the lengths, lies and false-hoods Labour is prepared to espouse in their desperate bid to retain power.

Having missed out on being the first woman Prime Minister, Mrs Peter Davis is now trying to be the first Labour Prime Minister to get three terms. The public it seems are enamoured with the “get out of jail early” policies of Labour and are giving them parole at two thirds of our sentence to Hard Labour.

Another interesting juxtaposition is Mrs Peter Davis’ title of her biography Portrait of a Leader. I wonder if she actually “painted” that portrait?