Acting Mayor "Mother" Hubbard tries another coup

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

The Acting Mayor “Mother” Hubbard is trying to oust the actual mayor Bruce Hucker in another coup attempt. The Herald has extensive coverage of this as does the erudite Aaron Bhatnagar.

Apparantly the Acting Mayor ” is concerned that perceptions of being a lame duck mayor are seeping into the public consciousness and shaping public opinion, which is hard to shift.”

Welcome to politics, DORK….it’s not like running your own privately held company, where you are the boss no matter what the minions say. Oh and you’re not a lame duck mayor, you’re a dead duck mayor.

If you are going to mount a coup you don’t do it through the newspapers…..silence is a virtue possess it if you can…..Now the actual Mayor can fight it…..DOUBLE DORK!!!


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