And the vitriol continues

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The Cullender and his attack pooch Mallard Duck are now getting really nasty regarding National and Don Brash.

Labour are raising the spectre of United States involvement in National Party policy and fundraising. This despite themselves recieving funds from overseas interests.

Further it was the left that still uses “politics of inclusion”, “we’ll be running a clean campaign” and “it is all about honesty and integrity”

Frankly the left is becoming desperate and the public know it.

Mallard Duck says “What we do know…is the campaign structure and the campaign lines are being run by people who are based in the United States.”

SO WHAT, I have friends who live in the states and are Kiwis, is what they say/beleive not valid? Are they not allowed to participate in their democratic rights?


  • Labour and it’s Union buddies think it fine for them to get money off of the back of working “unionised workers” whether or not those workers support Labour.
  • Labour thinks if it is short of funds for bus shelter ads they can steal from the public purse, then when they get caught and told to pay it back twist the speakers arm up her spineless back to get away with it.
  • Labour is deperate. Their polling must be showing it, the focus groups must be slaying them.
  • Nothing is as viscious as a cornered socialist.
  • Things are really bad when the Prime Minister is booed at a football stadium in “Labour” Wellington and then gets a snowball hiffed at her arse.

Frankly, New Zealanders are saying enough Socialist and PC wiffle waffle. They are saying “Hey when the company I work for makes a profit the union shouts about how the workers are being ripped off and we need to share in the profits and the country has really just made a profit (surplus) so where is our share or aren’t you just ripping us off as bad as the bosses.”

You’re better off with Labour, Yeah Right!!!


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