Defining this election

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Below is a list of the Five things that will define this election, as proposed by the Herald. Check out the issues, it seems that the Herald knows more than anyone else as they ask us to watch for Labours third pledge on August 21….We haven’t even seen the second pledge so HOW come they know to watch for the third pledge?


The leaders

  • Will Helen Clark, with 24 years’ experience as an MP, outperform Don Brash, with just three, or will her attacks on his trustworthiness rebound? A bit rich focusing on his trustworthiness considering fraud, Doonegate, Kyoto etc etc

The issues

  • Tax cuts, foreign policy and education so far. Watch for Labour’s third pledge card on August 21. What third card? Where is the second? Do you know more? Is the Herald in the pocket of the Labour Party? Is there a deep dark funding secret in Labours camp? Are they being funded by Irish nationals? Is Ireland dictating our foreign policy?

The messages

  • Subtle and sophisticated will get Labour nowhere if it is to answer National’s bold billboards. Exactly

The unpredictable

  • Remember Corngate, and the Worm in 2002 that threw the polls? This time, who knows.

The Peters factor

  • The party that wins on the night may not be the winner in the end.

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