Ideology and the real impact

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David Farrar has a really good dissertation on Ideology. He goes on to talk about the decision to pass a law effectively sacking the private sector managers of a prison, despite the fact they are doing a fantastic job.

I too have a personal opinion on ideological stances.

My Brother in Law is intellectually handicapped and lives in a sheltered community where they have workshops to occupy their time, to give them skills and to above all provide some self worth and self esteem.

Some work on the farm, some (my BIL) work in the woodwork workshop making toys etc. The workshops, farm and whole community is run as Not for Profit.

My BIL used to get $50 per week for his “work”. He now gets nothing because Labour rammed a law through saying that people in sheltered workshops should be paid the minimum wage at the very least, this despite almost every family of a person in any sheltered workshop opposing this union driven ideological stance.

This ideological stance has now closed his workshop severely distessing my BIL and his friends in the process. The NFP cannot afford to pay the minimum wages to people who are not capable of working without close supervision, sometimes in a one on one situation. The toys are sold to cover expenses and the farm provides food to the community, yet they are now forced to pay minimum wages. The solution for this and other workshops has been simple. Close down.

His one reason for enjoyment and self worth has been stolen from him by this government….

And how many people do you think this law was designed to protect but in actual fact destroyed their lifestyle….4500.

That is 4500 of New Zealands most vulnerable, shat on by this government for pure ideology.

There are many wastrels out there who are less deserving than my BIL that get heaps more than him. It is time that the welfare state became a saftey net rather than a trampoline, and a safety net for those in genuine need.


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