Jim Hopkins write letter to Mrs Peter Davis

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Jim Hopkins in the Herald has written a brilliant letter to Mrs Peter Davis.

Some excerpts are here for your enjoyment.

“If I put my tongue in your ear and murmured sweet nothings, would you tell me? If I nibbled your lobe and caressed your alabaster surplus, would you share your most intimate secret?”

If you could but tell me I would gladly plight my troth – and you might even get your snout back in it, you lusciously unblighted apple!”

That is my pledge, sultry hippo, and I trust it might soften your heart. No fiscal temptations will lead me astray, fairest crop of industrial hemp. My income belongs to you and only you, my little crustacean. “

If I made such a smitten pledge, would you finally flutter those cover-girl lashes as only you can (once every three years) and yield that thing which I desire?”


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