Labour has more spin than an Indian cricket team

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First up the Herald reports that despite its election promises in 1999 spending on consultants in the public service has risen.

So what does the Cullender’s spokeswoman say?

the increase had been at a slower rate than it had been under National.”

But HELLO!!!! This is what the Cullender said in a letter to the finance and expenditure committee

“general trends showed spending on consulting services rose 4.2 per cent a year on average over the decade, peaking in 1998-99. “


“between 1999-2000 and 2004-05 spending rose at a “more moderate rate” of 4.2 per cent a year.”

So what is it Michael 4.2% or 4.2%????? How is 4.2% slower than under National when it was 4.2%????

Secondly Mrs Peter Davis now has a pat line that she has used on two radio programmes (one in Auckland, and one in Wellington) that the National Party is digitally distorting her image to make her look mean and nasty on their billboards.

Newsflash: Mrs Peter Davis IS mean and nasty.

This photo is not digitally distorted in anyway, surely, no can’t be, thats the real Mrs Peter Davis.

Thirdly, the Herald has taken the Labour spin that Mallard’s ugly “attack on National last week, including claims its campaign was being financed and run from the US, is understood to have been unscripted and enraged Prime Minister Helen Clark.”
There is no way in hell that she didn’t know what was going on, funny how it coincided with their rabid attack signs demonising Brash….

I love the smell of BS in the air….so rural, so quaint.


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