Looks like we have a new Teletubbie – DumDum

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

In the face of clever blogging evidence and the overwhelming assault of the truth Mallard has had to admit that it has exaggerated the savings to students from its interest-free loans policy.

I think he means lied, fibbed, rorted and deceived, but hey!! lets accept “exaggerated”

I supposed he “exaggerated” his scurrilous accusations about National’s funding….still waiting for the evidence Trev.

I suppose Kyotos benefits were “exaggerated”.

I bet the Mrs Peter Davis will now say she “exaggerated” her actual input into the painting and her photos are only a slight “exaggeration” to the essential Mrs Peter Davis.

I also wonder if perhaps the Surplus that isn’t there was “exaggerated” as well.


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