People see through the smarmy army

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A new poll out today shows that people have had a gutsful of smarmy lefties tell us how to live our life.

Clearly they do not by Mrs Peter Davis’s line that Working for (someone elses) Families is a tax break.

Jordan and the rest of his leftie apologists who have been gloating all week will clearly have choked on their Hubbard cereal this morning as they see the smarm offensive is exactly that to the voters….offensive.

Full results are:

National 42% (+4)
Labour 37% (-3)
NZ First 8% (-1)
Green 6% (+1)
United 2% (nc)
ACT 2% (nc)
Maori 2% (nc)
Progressive 0% (nc)

In terms of seats in Parliament this would be:

National 52 (+25)
Labour 46 (-5)
NZ First 10 (-3)
Green 8 (-1)
United 2 (-6)
ACT 0 (-9)
Maori 2 (+1)
Progressive 1 (-1)

Total 121 (+1) but possibly 125 as I believe the Maori Party will clean sweep the Maori seats.


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