Sick of all the fuss over Iraq

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I am heartily sick of all the fuss over Iraq. Whether Brash would have or would’nt sent troops.

Forgive me for being blunt….on second thoughts don’t, but what exactly the point of an Army, Navy and a couple of propellor driven planes along with all the things that go bang if you don’t ever intend to use them unless a bunch of useless bureaucrats at the UN say so.

As an ex-soldier and a friend of a few other ex-soldiers I cannot understand this prediliction of the left in not using the forces we have to do good. Further no-one surely can deny that ridding the Middle-East of Saddam Hussein was a good thing.

I for one believe our military is largely toothless now, despite rather expensive buy-ups of pretty much discredited equipment. I would use let alone own any of the Infantry weapons. There are much better assault rifles, LMG’s etc than the Army is currently equipped with and don’t even get me started on Vehicles, APC’s, artillery pieces or Armour.


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