Top Ten Election Slogans rejected by Labour

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Thanks to St Molesworth

Mike Williams comments in brackets

Top 10 election slogans rejected by Labour

1. Just tax it. [Too Honest]

2. I liked the flight so much I nationalised the company. [I prefer Qantas, because they still have business class]

3. Tax! Cackle! Pop![Mrs Peter Davis doesn’t really cackle, it is more of a shrill, shreik, so not accurate]

4. You’ve never had it so Smarmy. [Mrs Peter Davis is the focus of the campaign and Maharey doesn’t airbrush that well]

5. Do the crime, do a little time, get back into cabinet. [again the honesty issue]

6. Tough on success and the causes of success. [hard to define, voter don’t identify with it after 6 years of labour]

7. Not everyday people. [liars, cheats, drunks, speeders, forgers, fraudsters and thieves…mmm perhaps not]

8. Have a break, go on the dole. [stay there a while get sick then move to the sickness benefit thereby reducing unemployment]

9. Absolutely, positively, desperate to stay in Wellington. [theres that honesty thing again]

10. Taxpayer funded advertising: millions; extra spending in the budget:
billions; state funded media: priceless. [Do you think we got away with it?]


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