Vietnam Vets win Battle

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Finally after 30 years there is to be a compensation commission to look into the health impact of Agent Orange.

This is somewhat personal for me as I know a good friend who was in his own words “soaked to the skin” in Agent Orange. He constantly found it amazing that the government continually denied that any New Zealand troops were sprayed with Agent Orange.

His description of what happed with this chemical defies belief….He has explained to me that they would be out in the boonies and plane would fly over, then they would suddenly be covered in the spray that would soak not only the surrounding jungle but everything they had themselves, their packs, equipment, right down to their boots and socks, including the drinking water. They could stay covered in that for days until they returned to base.

To deny this ever happened has been a travesty for all concerned.

These guys know all too well what the health effects were and are, the pity is that some of them have already succumbed to the health effects or left a legacy that has gone unattended for 30 years.


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