August 2005

Is this the kiss of death for Winston?

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The extreme right-wing National Front says it is backing New Zealand First in the election campaign.

According to their new national director Sid Wilson National and labour are Tweedledee and Tweedledum so therefore they will be supporting Winston First.

And what would quite possibly qualify as the stupidest thing I have ever heard he also added “Multiculturalism will destroy the white race. And that’s genocide.”

Some thoughts on the VRWC

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After reading many of Labours missives over the past few days I get the distinct impression that they actually know f88l-all about almost everything including the so-called Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Here are some extracts from various Labour press releases;

which programmes it will cut from education in order to fund another Business Roundtable policy – bulk funding of schools.

suspicious of National’s real intentions

from cuts to existing education spending

slash $350 million from elsewhere in the education sector will send shivers down the spines of school principals, teachers, parents and students alike.

or the full hidden Business Roundtable agenda will be implemented with the decimation of health, education and superannuation spending.

come clean on who is influencing National party policy, what they want and whether they paid for it

Get the picture….and that is from just 3 press releases. Futher it raises some serious questions about the left.

  1. Where do they get off thinking they have a monopoly on good ideas? I mean it is seriously arrogant for the left to assume that they are the font of all knowledge and only their ideas are the right ideas. It seems from their constant press releases that more money always equals better. The right however likes to focus on outputs not inputs. Like most business people the right wants to see that the capital is privding the best possible outcome and constantly searching for ways to improve. the left sees the answers as a “bigger engine”, forgetting the chassis and the wheels were provided from the carthorse days.
  2. Why do the left think the right want to slash and burn? I don’t get this one. It goes along with my comments above. It isn’t about slashing inputs but achieving better output. Duh!
  3. Why do the left think the right want to hurt New Zealand? and why would they do that anyway? I have always been struck by the lefts need to control what we think and the rights wish to let us run our own lives…and somehow the right are evil and the left knows best. if you are the lefty ask yourself this question Why would the Business Roundtable (or insert any other right wing noun) want to destroy New Zealand as labour says they will? Try to answer with sound logic, I know that will be tough to not resort to standard lefty form and say something totally usually like “So they can make a profit”. But really even if you do say that my reply would be What is wrong with that? Business needs to make a profit to survive, countries are little different. Cullen fails to see that, mainly because he is a closeted intellectual who has never run a business. Business borrow for infrastructure and use profits to pay it off, allowing them to expand beyond their current cashflow capabilities thereby growing the pie.
  4. What is wrong with an independent party providing input to policy? Enough said. the answer is obvious….Nothing!!
  5. Why is ok for Unions and academics to have policy input to Labour and not ok for business people, industry leaders and other academics to have input into National Policy? Same as above.

I for one am heartily sick of Labour carping on about hidden agendas and the VRWC thing. The right is not about destruction it is about freedom and building.

Get over it and debate the issues.


If you ever needed proof

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If you ever needed proof that the Maori Party are nothing but greedy little f**kers, check out their latest wailings at the Herald.

It beggars belief the drivel that is uttered these days from this party. However it appears that they think treaty settlements have not been big enough.

There are two schools of thought on this one.

Firstly, give ’em nothing why should we anyway. Now I don’t atually go along with this one, itis reactionary and neglects the fact that there are some greivances.

Second option is to Give ’em heaps. When I say heaps i really mean heaps, like if the Maori Party said 2 billion would settle it then give ’em four billion. What ever number they come up with double it. Make it full and final. and I mean full and final.

Now I can hear all you rednecks out there saying WHAT!!! give them heaps, over our dead bodies. But stop and think about it for a bit. How fast do Maori chew through the cash? Think Tainui for an answer.

The economy would get its cash back real and I mean real fast with GST added in. It settles the greivances and for some will actually help (Think Ngai Tahu on this one).

Think about…oh and I know some w88ker out there will point to inflationary pressures blah blah blah, whatever!!

Bertrand Bargolias is still a sook

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It seems that Anonymous aka bertrand bargolias aka michael Wood the sooky la-la Labour candidate in Pakuranga is getting upset with Cathy and crying about being picked on by her. Of course he hasn’t blubbed to me yet and i don’t know if Insolent Prick has had a whimper either. He gets a regular old bashing from Cathy, Spooks, IP, TooRight and of course me.

Cathy however slams him back with this little beauty

Cathy Odgers said…

Dear Michael

Stop posting anonymous comments on my blog.

Your blog is boring crap, the only interesting comments on it are from insolent prick and several other right wing commentators.

You write like an intellectually handicapped dyslexic one legged mouse and you are so serious that I am sure even your own mother finds you dull to be around.

I am trying to get you more readers by referring those who do not like an interesting blog (ie.mine, IP’s or Aaron Bhatnagar’s or Dave Farrar’s) to your blog, but alas there have been no takers.

Quite simply – you suck. I am honest enough to just tell you.


31/8/05 5:17 PM

UPDATE: Insolent Prick is having a crack at poor wee Michael as well.


Mallard treading fine line between fact and fiction

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Mallard has issued another missive, this time berating National’s education policy.

Most of it is typical nasty vindictive personalisation of the issue and typical socialist directives.

The worst line that may in fact lead to a spot more bother is at the bottom where he says

* For the source of National’s education policy See Reform Directions: Schools in Policy Directions for New Zealand Education, by Norman LaRocque of the Business Roundtable, October 2004

There is no link to that document at the Business Round Table now is there any proof that this is indeed the source of the policy. Mallard is simply speculating, unless of course they have more “borrowed” documents taken illegally from Don Brash’s laptop by a so far unnamed Labour supporter.

If it is true, then so what!! At least National sourced policy input from proven leaders and successes rather than Labours sources of union bosses.

Anyway, a comphrehensive search of the Business Roundtable site for the document proved fruitless as did a Google search, however I did find a Powerpoint on the subject matter that was presented to an ACT meeting in October 2004. I even searched the Education Forum and found nothing there.

The developments over the last few days coupled with Mallards previous statements regarding funding of the National Party ushers in a sinister new turn in politics where illegal activity appears to have be either instigated or condoned by the Labour Party who are also now implicated by possession of the documents.

Clearly the world is not as Jordan and his apologist pals see it, Labour is not fighting on policy and substance they are fighting with personal denigration and slander. So much for the “positive” campaign that Labour so often says it is going to use.

If this is positive I would hate to see when they turn negative. i mean tonihjt they are ridiculing Don Brash and John key with their Don/Key ad.

I mean, I ask you, Who do want in charge of the economy in the this country?

A bunch of broken-arsed nobody’s that probably don’t have a Million between them and who have never employed anyone from their own pocket ever or held down a job that wasn’t paid for by the state or a Union.

Or, a party with a couple of self-made millionaires who have sacrified the cushy life to give something back to the country that enabled them to do well.

I know what my answer is I follow the Leaders and Wealth Makers not the Dictators and Wealth Takers.


New Kiwi Vocab

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v. clarked, clark·ing, clarks
v. tr.

  1. To time, as with a stopwatch: clark a speeding driver.
  2. To register or record with a mechanical device: clarked the motorcade at 180 kilometres per hour.

So Mrs Peter Davis wants to work with the Greens

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Mrs Peter Davis says she can work in coalition with Greens.

Does this mean Deputy Prime Minister would be Jeanette Fitzsimons or Rod Donald, or both as Joint-Co-Deputy-Vice PM?

What about other ministerial apointments that the Greens may seek?:

Energy: Jeanette?
Transport: Tandor? ( he is good on trips!)
Foreign Affairs: Keith Locke?

This is why people can't be bothered reporting crime

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Hamilton police are no longer automatically attending burglaries, as part of an initiative to “streamline” investigations.

“Streamline investigations” = Can’t be Arsed

How ridiculous is this? The Police are “streamlining” investigations!!! How exactly does this streamline investigations into burglaries where all the evidence is at the premises. This is just a rort to say they have “responded” to the report of a burglary.

Hamilton is currently being hit hard by burglars, with 213 homes robbed in the last month, compared with 197 in August last year.

So much for the drop in reported crime.

“The police can only do so much about burglary,Burglary is a community problem and police cannot tackle the issue alone. We need people to be vigilant and to do as much as possible to prevent their homes being burgled.”

What he didn’t say was because if you do that we won’t have to deal with it and the crime will have moved on and more importantly it won’t have been reported..

Winnie is in trouble

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As pointed out by Aaron B, Tauranga is definately in play.

This morning the Herald has the results of the famous Tauranga Boys College political poll. it is famous for accurately picking the local results.

The poll predicts National challenger Bob Clarkson will win 40.9 per cent of the vote and snatch the seat from the New Zealand First leader with 36.5 per cent

The poll also has some bad news for Labour, which also predicted a win for National in the party vote, with 42.4 per cent, followed by Labour on 27 per cent and New Zealand First on 14.7 per cent.


Which is it minister? Dropping? or not Dropping?

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Even the Police are in line with the the rest of mainstream New Zealand in not believing the Crime Statistics.

The problem is clear to all, the statistics are for recorded crime, but Kiwis are now becoming so used to cops not turning up that they don’t even bother “recording” crime anymore.

Senior Constable Craig Prior of Christchurch said he had criminals in his car admit to carrying out 100 car break-ins in a night, but only three complaints arose.

Mark Leys, a Police Association representative in Counties Manukau, told of a man linked to 15 burglaries in Manurewa who admitted carrying out a further 60. Most had not been reported.

Mr Leys himself had not reported two thefts of property from his car, and an experienced Christchurch officer, whose vehicle was hit three times, reported none of them.

“I know there’s so little chance of catching the person. I think that would be the line of thinking for many people,” he said.

This is in line with drops in recrded crimes like burglary, I know for sure that the Police in Counties Manaukau have discouraged the local business associations from reporting suspicious activity etc so their stats don’t blow out.

Hhowever the galring statistic which no one except astute bloggers have reported on was the increase in violent crime.