Are the Greens Corrupt? and is Labour in cahoots?

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Gooner has pointed out some clear hypocrisy by the Greens over at Sir Humphrey’s. He quotes from Deborah Coddingtons piece in the HOS.

How ever he has missed out some vital information.

It seems that not only is Jeanette Fitzsimons a major shareholder in Windflow Technologies but has also as a Green had a major influence in some key areas that would benefit that company. In particular;

  • Project Aqua. Canned with considerable help from the Greens
  • Dobson Dam upgrade. Resource consents opposed by DoC with the Green Party lobbying hard to make sure the extension is never approved.
  • Kyoto Protocol, A “key plank” in the Government’s climate change policy is the Projects to Reduce Emissions – giving internationally tradeable carbon credits to businesses that cut greenhouse gas emissions. (Don’t forget they stole those credits from forest owners in the first place)

Deborah goes on to say about;

Project Aqua
“It went to the environment select committee, chaired by Jeanette Fitzsimons, and emerged with impossible delays for Meridian Energy, who promptly cancelled the scheme. Fitzsimons claimed the committee had “restored proper RMA processes and the importance of broad ecological and amenity values”. On the Green Party website, under “achievements”, is the boast: “Jeanette secures Select Committee changes to the proposed Waitaki Bill that make the ecological needs of the river paramount. A week later, Meridian Energy cancels the massive power scheme.”

Kyoto and Carbon Credits
“And lookee here, who’s one of the first outfits to get $10 million worth of carbon credits from the Government? New Zealand Windfarms, a subsidiary of aforementioned Windflow Technology, to set up a 60-turbine farm in the Manawatu. Just the sort of state-sanctioned confidence vote relished by a corporate to boost its share price and increase its bank balance. “

I have some questions;

  1. Has Jeanette Fitzsimons or the Green party received any funds for creating Parliamentary obfuscation?
  2. Is this a case of Lobbying for Loot?
  3. How about cash for votes?


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